Residents in Claiborne County, Tennessee are upset because Powell Valley Electric Cooperative sprayed herbicides under power lines that killed their plants, trees, and gardens and poisoned the soil on their property- and all without warning.                            

Andy Partin’s backyard used to be full of fruit bushes but they’re all gone, he said, “I’m not going to eat nothing off of it. I’ve been told it’s been 3 to 5 years before I can eat anything off of it. They come through and just sprayed, never gave no one no warning or nothing, they cut trees.” 2 The teams are supposed to spray directly under the middle power line and apply the poison 20 feet on either side. But, it seems they just weren’t careful. At all.


The electric company doesn’t have to notify residents when they are spraying on private property underneath power lines. However, they should be careful. Should being the operative word.

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    The herbicides that Powell Valley Electric uses to control the wooded plants that grow underneath their nearly 3,600 miles of power lines are all are approved by the Department of Agriculture and are also used by several other companies.1WBIR, July 7, 2017