It is with heavy heart today that I share the following breaking news:  Dr. Mary Yoder, a holistic doctor in NY, was actually poisoned and did not die naturally, as we thought back in July of 2015.

We had so many doctors dying back in July. In fact, some days we had more than one found dead in a mysterious manner (see the full timeline of over 70 doctors with pictures here).

I read about Dr. Yoder back then, but they said it was natural causes. So, despite the fact that she was “holistic”, I opted not to include her in the series.

Now today, nearly one year later, breaking news is developing that her close employee (who was even listed as a daughter on her obituary) allegedly poisoned her with a drug commonly used to treat gout.

Please see the video for more details and we will keep you updated as this story unfolds.

My heart goes out to her friends, family and husband, who reports say was a holistic doctor himself.

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