Researchers have identified one more important reason flu shots don’t usually work  — it’s because they are grown in chicken eggs. (Yes NBC said that- see footnotes at the bottom!)

Back in 2017 researchers understood that flu viruses were mutating even more than normal because of the methods used to make the flu vaccines they were creating and shooting into people.

Scott Hensley of the University of Pennsylvania, who helped lead the study said, “How you prepare the vaccine can have profound effects on how humans respond to it.”1 And for that reason, it’s time for us to move past “…the antiquated production model, which the egg is,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

But the bigger issue, as I see it, is that vaccine makers, doctors, immunologists and other experts have known for years that the way flu vaccines are made is slow, clunky and prone to errors. 2 So if that’s true, why are they still doing things this way?

Check out the video below of a famous MD in NYC who explains a.)the flu shot doesn’t work and b.) that it’s dangerous:

“Every flu vaccine is a cocktail, aimed at either three or four of the most common flu strains. It’s reformulated every year, because flu viruses mutate constantly. That’s one problem — the constant so-called drift of flu viruses that makes it hard to keep up with them.”3

So we have one problem that’s enough of an issue on its own and our response? We compound the issue by growing the vaccines in eggs, “a slow and tricky process, one that takes weeks or months and that can go wrong easily”4 and one that normally ends up making them mutate.


ABC: Experts say flu shot potentially caused the flu epidemic (Shocker, in mainstream no less)

The story above, the one Snopes wanted to try and disprove, is anything but incorrect, “Any influenza viruses produced in eggs have to adapt to growing in that environment and hence generate mutations to grow better,” said Ian Wilson of the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California.5

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