The recently publicized outbreaks of measles have evoked strong emotions within the hearts of parents across the U.S.

With cases being reported in 19 states (including Florida), many parents are afraid that the virus will continue to spread and that fear has created a great divide (especially given that the number of unvaccinated children has risen slightly).


Still, there are many who prefer a holistic approach and are standing firm on the belief that vaccines do more harm than good.

“England Miano is a mother of three whose family enjoys an organic approach to living. As a holistic practitioner and nutritionist, she tells us it has done wonders for her children.

‘You’re here on this earth to protect your child first and foremost, always that’s the number one responsibility as a parent,’ she explained.

This Safety Harbor mom says she was hesitant to have her son vaccinated when he was a baby, and when he did receive the shot, he had a severe and immediate reaction, one that she says led to an autism diagnosis later in life.

‘I went completely against my gut and let myself get bullied into a situation I knew was wrong for him,’ she admitted.”1

England is one of many, including moms, in a growing community of holistic healthcare providers who focus on immunity through diet and lifestyle.

There are also those who choose to vaccinate on the grounds of religious beliefs and those who have personal beliefs, too. But, regardless of anyone feels about the issues surrounding vaccinations, there is one thing that every parent can agree on: the fierce desire to do what they believe is best for their children.


Because ultimately, it’s a personal choice for each family. We will never tell you what to do we will only suggest you do your research, read everything you can, and ask questions. Then make your choice.

And there must be choice because where there is risk, there must be choice. 


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