Since measles season began this year (September/October) there have been 760 cases of measles in the United States, the highest number in 25 years. There have also been no deaths. And yet, the fear mongering remains strong and constant. (It helps that the mainstream media continues to refer to the illness as a “disease” and trout out the lie that it had been eliminated in the U.S. in 2000. These bugs exist in the world. They are never gone.)

But perhaps because of that fear, survivors from cancer, like Deb Horning who had a rare form of acute leukemia, aren’t leaving their homes without “hand sanitizer, wipes and a face mask.” 1

“Horning was diagnosed with the blood cancer in October 2014, and was told the type she had has a 25 percent chance of survival. Following intensive chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant, her leukemia is now in remission. But the treatment wiped out her immune system, leaving her ‘like a newborn,’ she said.

As a result, Horning, 47, has no natural protection against contagious illnesses, and is susceptible to getting a more severe case of whatever she catches. Measles, a systemic infection, could kill her.”1

And yet, studies have shown a connection between leukemia and vaccinations. And again, she has zero immune system because the chemotherapy she used, which can and does cause secondary cancers, wiped it out.


Horning was previously vaccinated but her leukemia treatment wiped any memory of that. Although she plans to get fully revaccinated she cannot until she finishes a course of immunosuppressant drugs. (“Those drugs mean she cannot get live vaccinations like the MMR, because unlike a healthy person whose immune system will respond to a small dose of a disease by creating antibodies against it, her immune system would not. Her doctors say she must wait two years after she is off the immunosuppressants before she can get such vaccines, and they are not ready to take her off the drugs yet.”1)

What is missing in Horning’s concern, and others like her, is not the unvaccinated alone. No, the recently vaccinated are also shedding the live MMR viruses and yet no one is discussing that. Even though this is a well known fact that the medical community also concedes. Just try and go into a NIC unit after you’ve been vaccinated. They won’t let you.

We are thrilled that Horning is in remission and hope the best for her. However, this type of fear mongering and half truths presented by NBC and other outlets like them, isn’t helping the situation and is, quite frankly, sowing further division in our nation.

Please remember that the measles is a highly contagious virus and is spread through respiratory droplets when infected individuals talk, sneeze or cough. It can also stay suspended in the air for a couple of hours once an infected person leaves the area. So, if you are sick, please stay home and get better. 



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