Dr Oz Promotes Human Microchips To Millions Of Viewers


In September 2016, Dr Oz did a story on RFID chips. He was interested in the story and asked his producer to do a little digging. What he found were only benefits because you could now be tracked “like your pets or your phone.” However, given what we KNOW about government surveillance and snooping, we should be worried.

In spite of that, apparently, 10,000 people have already had microchips embedded in their bodies. Expecting the chip to function as someone’s driver’s license, keys, passport, wallet and credit card, etc., the chip will effectually hand even more of your privacy, autonomy and independence over to banks and the government.

The producer was also elated that the microchips would allow government officials and doctors to instantly, “with just a swipe”, see our entire medical history, date of birth, insurance, blood type, allergies, medication list, and much, much more.

Scary? End of Update.

Just last week, an NBC News report aired touting the benefits of microchipping children and stating that it would happen “sooner rather than later”. Sadly, many Americans will accept the process as something normal and follow right along. However, the idea sounds simply preposterous to me. I think most moms reading this would agree- they don’t want their children microchipped.

The NBC report goes on to detail a mother of three, Steffany Rodroguez-Neely, who briefly lost her daughter after she hid behind a rack of clothes (something I’ve heard from friends is terrifying but totally normal). Reacting out of fear, she now believes, “If it’ll save my kid, there’s no stuff that’s too extreme. Micro-chipping would be an extra layer of protection, if something bad does happen,” according to Info Wars.

Many experts feel that microchipping children is both safe and inevitable; there is no concern that “big brother” is tracking their children, the technology is merely an upgrade on the traditional barcode.

Electronics expert Stuart Lipoff: “People should be aware that testing is being done right now. The military is not only testing this out, but already utilizes its properties. It’s not a matter of if it will happen, but when. When barcodes first came out in the late 1960s, people were appalled. They were wary of them and did not understand the concept. Today, it is so commonplace, we don’t even notice it. A microchip would work much in the same way.”

Regardless, just because some people think drinking 4 diet sodas a day is ok, and they are technically “fine”, doesn’t mean I’m going to do the same thing. I wouldn’t want a chip in my kids and I don’t want a chip in myself either. I’m not sure how free we are if someone knows where we are at all times, knows what we are eating, how much we are sleeping, when our last sexual encounter or bowel movement was. This technology has merit built out of fear and that’s no way to live.

Source: Info Wars and Your News Wire

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Erin Elizabeth


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • spirouline

    They are trying to float the idea right now, by using a straw man such as the ‘handicapped child’ or the ‘dementia patient’.

  • Cheryl

    The next emerging layer of egg-bearing humans will have been thoroughly brainwashed before they even start reading Bride magazine. That’s how insidious these (for the good of the people) programs are.

  • Ryan Gajsek

    Yet another American solution to solve a problem with a sledgehammer! What happened to watch over your kids, discipline your kids etc. We got Ritalin to control them and now people want to absolve themselves of the responsibility of keeping an eye on them while they do their own thing. That’s ok, they have a GPS gadget that lets them know where they are at all times. Another American ploy to make money! Not to make light of people who actually have lost their children. I feel for you but to have this implanted in every child when this situation may happen a miniscule percent of the time just smacks of American corporations using fear to make money.

  • ask me

    Screw the coming NWO!

  • UptownLady

    October, 2005…..took my dogs to be microchipped. Was just then able to return to New Orleans after Katrina. I half-jokingly asked my vet if he could microchip me as well. After what we had all been through, I sometimes didn’t know where I was…..or much else. We laughed, and then the conversation got somber quickly. He had stayed behind to rescue pets and take care of the ones in his charge. He’d walk, take a boat, whatever to search, to help. He found far worse than pets…..toddlers wandering the streets, crying, looking for their families……perhaps children and microchips, we broken-heartedly mused. He was surely wishing at that time that they could have had them.
    Know this much please. A microchip is NOT a GPS. A microchip cannot track a person, can’t show what they’re up to on a daily basis……we do that to ourselves with facebook. It physically takes a hand held scanner to retrieve any information at all. This same info for a microchip can be erased as well, and to feel really safe, a person could update it with bogus information.. At legal age, a child could have that done if parents unwilling. I do have very mixed feelings…..but so many things could happen, I’ll play devil’s advocate here…..and I’m sure some people will read that literally. Disasters, kidnappings, runaways, and heaven forbid, war time.
    For all those who will readily jump on the “mark of the devil”, well, we already have social security numbers……….

  • Arlene Brown

    i will not be chipped and either will my grchildren, it is the beginning of the NWO check it out

  • Uptown lady, I feel for you with hurricane Katrina. I too went through the storm and 20 something others in a very short amount of time living on the coast. One a tree smashed through the house and injured me and we lost our home in a tornado which killed my pet cat, dog and our neighbors. I was missing (this was in the 90s) and my photo was on the news and I was presumed dead. With all that said- no one is going to microchip me or my family for instances like that. The articles I’ve posted by reputable vets and scientists on how these chips can cause cancer is enough for me, not to mention the slippery slope we’d be on if all citizens were chipped. I think there has to be a better safer (less Orwellian) way to look after children or even pets. My last 2 pets lived until recently to the ages of 19 and 20. Both were indoor outdoor and neither chipped. The 20 year old we adopted (as a young cat) to replace the kitty killed in the twister in the 90s that took our home and animals.

  • Susan Ford Keller

    Hmm….everyone says the microchip is benign. Of the 5 pets we’ve had over the years, the 2 who were microchipped seem to have more fatty tumors.

  • Christi Harvey La Salle

    There is no way I would microchip one of my kids with a tracking device, like people do their pets and livestock!! This is a sick, sick world that is in need of a cleansing!!

  • yuriy33

    So long as it doesn’t go on my forehead or anywhere near my right arm, then I see nothing wrong with it on the religious ground. My beef is that it can be used to keep track of your location. Hackers can sell the info to anyone willing to pay, and that is something I don’t feel comfortable with.

  • genesis667

    Just like Arron Russo said the Rockefeller family were planning to do…
    He also said if you speak against what they are doing to the people they
    will simply turn off your chip and you will not be able to do anything
    that involves money…They can take their chip and SHOVE IT!

  • April Reeves

    And we all know this is only about safety? No NWO or government control? No hidden agendas. Not the beginning of bigger issues? Playing heavily on people’s fears should be a huge trigger but sadly, it is not. Of course our government looks after us. Am I wrong? No way on this planet will I be chipped for anything.

  • genesis667

    First comes the chip, then comes chip readers in all of the stores, on the street corners, at the banks and they will track your EVERY move…Everything is done in increments, they did the animals FIRST to get people used to the idea, their NWO plans are done in decade intervals, a step here and step there, until they have achieved their goals…

  • UptownLady

    I’ve read many of those article on how a chip can cause cancer. That being said, I am a volunteer foster with an animal rescue that has literally rescued over a thousand pets in the past 10 years. All chipped with no instances of any cancers that could be traced to or formed near a microchip.

  • the one

    An RFID chip cannot cause cancer unless it was made out of known carcinogens. They do not produce a signal of their own but react to a signal sent to them via reader. Whenever you pass a reader all your info will be uploaded to a central computer database. Far too easy to steal vital info and track peoples movements as well as identify them. You can bet that you will have no control over what data is set on the chip. I for one will not surrender that much of my freedom or that of my children for a false perception of safety. Those who do deserve neither…

  • the one

    You will not be able to buy nor sell without it once it becomes the norm for identity…

  • the one

    Now they want to chip us like livestock? You need to ask yourselves some serious questions as to why? It would seem we are owned by the government. That’s why it’s illegal to kill yourself. We are farmed like cattle by the Power Elite for their own amusement and profit. The Power Elite own the governments of the world who in turn own us serfs. We live or die at their whim. Freedom is a lie you were taught as a child to control your mind. Free range cattle are so much more productive and ask fewer questions because they think they are free…

  • UptownLady

    Most cell phones manufactured today have GPS. This is what you need to be worried about. You can be tracked now, today, this minute, from a remote location, as long as your phone is turned on. Not so with a microchip. As an aside, who is “they”?

  • Spiffy Marie

    Nope, not putting a microchip into my children, special needs or not, wouldn’t do it.

  • RiseUpShineDown

    They have iris scanners being used in Syria right now. People have their eyes scanned to use their welfare benefits. Look it up. If you don’t take the chip, they’ll find another way.

  • Marsha Gill

    This is ridiculous an yes it is the government’s way of watching tracking an overstrpping!!! Not to mention something else being stuck into your body that leaves u open to more problems. I say Hell No!

  • Malinda Sherwyn


  • virgo1956pb

    Anyone that believes the government properganda that it is in the best interest of your child/children are government sheep. A absolute SPACE CADET. For some reason or another it’s aways in the best interest of the government.

  • UptownLady

    I do agree with you. A microchip is encased in bioglass, which is a common product used in surgeries already. The reader would have to be far more technically sensitive than todays scanners as well. A scanner has to be passed over/around a pet now, slowly and in close proximity to the skin surface. Sometimes it takes a while to locate one. I don’t want a chip either, to be clear, but I do see some advantages.

  • the one

    The sensitivity of the scanner depends on the application Dear Lady.
    Persons and their precious “info” are of far more importance to the state than our beloved pets. We, unfortunately are the not so beloved pets of the state… Peace,

  • scouch

    Before they learn how to read.

  • Ken McGuire

    Turn the chip off and turn you off.

  • Vikram jeet

    I m just a college student i don’t have any experience on being a parent but in future i will work hard and if necessary i”ll leave my job to teach my kids to stay away from trouble rather then microchiping them and taking away their freedom

  • mikrat

    They can bring their microchip “gun” and I’ll bring my .45 – Lets see who wins.

    I remember telling people about these biochips back in the late 80’s when they were first talked about in the Spotlight News Paper – I was called a nut. Then i photographed them for the company that made them for “pets” along with the reader. When I said “See! they do exist…” I was still looked at like a retard.

    Well here we are and the willfully ignorant sheeple are mostly going along with whatever comes their way.

    Accept the chip (or whatever else) and you deserve all you get.

  • the one

    They shall reap what they have sown.

  • Halfadozen

    OK, I know some people will get angry about this and I’m sorry. The Bible tells us what will happen in end times. Not being able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast. Peoples skins breaking out in sores and lesions. Acceptance of sins by the majority. Is this what we are seeing now? Is the Mark of the Beast a implanted microchip that you pass over a scanner to buy something? Skin sores from unprotected chips poisoning your body? Acceptance of Homosexuality and other Biblical sins? I don’t know. And please, I really don’t care if you are atheist and don’t believe any of it.

  • Debbie Mullins

    If it has no GPS there’s no reason on earth to do it. It won’t find a missing child if the child isn’t ‘scanned’ Don’t fall for this garbage. It’s satanic. The Bible tells us so.

  • Cindy Hoffman

    Your social security number is not implanted in your body.

  • bev

    no way…more intrustion into our lives

  • Mary

    You are talking 11 years ago…. technology has grown since then. They are able to put more information on an even smaller chip. They could have already created a new one with greater and more expansive capabilities. Do not put it passed them. Social Security was supposed to be a temporary thing and it was not supposed to be used for ANYTHING else- and yet look at us…. can’t go anywhere without it you re just not a person.. you don’t exist. And they steal your identity with it. Once a system is in place…. such as Verizon and our iPhones… it WILL be used for other applications, inventions and creations. In the Corporate world even…. when an executive is ordered to create and implement a system, unless they are a “1000 company” with leading edge tech, he goes out first to see what other leading edge companies are already using, and they adopt that and even copy their customization and documentation and policies. That is always their strategy. Well the government already does that. (A simple example is how all websites’ blueprints are designed – very few are different, until recently, but now there is another trend that is similar to eachother, if you notice). It’s like law. Once a law is tested in court, then all other cases after that follows its precedent. And once that first case is pronounced, it’s hard to prove another perspective of the same loose law. That will happen to the chip. And the Banks want to get rid of the use of money…. if you haven’t noticed…. if you try to withdraw all your money (about 4,000 at one time) you will be told they do not hold that much cash, to come tomorrow. Many stores do not take cash now. Many stores only take credit cards. If we depend on a chip for everything – it CAN and WILL be shut off. …………….Just like the police used social media photos to find the Boston Bombers, then shot the guys before a trial – guilty before innocent. The Patriot Act allows that for any reason. You can now be detained for any reason, for any length of time without a call to your lawyer. Thats the facts. : (

  • Craig Reynolds

    Suicide being illegal always cracked me up. The only ones that can be punished are the ones that fail and then it’s off to the crazy house with you…

  • Craig Reynolds

    Your phone does not have to be turned on to track you. On non smart phones some carrier updates can only be sent when the phone is powered down. It’s never really off unless the battery fully discharges or is removed.

  • Craig Reynolds

    How will you stop them from chipping your kids? Maybe it will happen in the hospital delivery room. Maybe it will happen when you are forced to vaccinate them for school. How do you know they aren’t already chipped? The government has been known to do things without telling us. They could do that again.

  • Licka Lotapus

    The first place they ought to check for missing children is Comet Pizza, then Podesta’s house and down the line. Certainly don’t forget about Biden.

  • Licka Lotapus

    I don’t mind pets, that is not a totally bad idea for irresponsible adults. Although, I would argue against it for the emf. But the dog’s food is based upon my ability to feed it, and not the government. That’s the main issue. They won’t be turning off the dogs ability to buy food.

  • Carletta Cullen

    Beware….the mark of the beast is among us. The devil is running rapid on this earth and ready to devour souls. Do not take the chip!

  • Jock Doubleday

    Cancer will begin to form immediately at the site of the chip.

  • Asha Abubakar

    Soon they will try forcing parents to chip their babies just like vaccinations. All my kids are fully vaccinated but i do feel that parents don’t have much of a choice anyway. We carry our babies for nine months and go through the struggle and pain of child birth. Wake up at night when they are ill. No one loves our kids as much as we do but these random strangers in suits come out of training and think they have more say in what happens to our children. It’s crazy.

  • Jack Swafford

    are you people crazy? I would never let anyone micro chip me. stupid idea. why would you give all your information to the government or anyone else? wow really stupid

  • Badass773

    Google cell phone gps, microchips, all apps needing to access your info? Nothing will be secret anymore

  • Josie

    Our family will not take the chip. You are giving up your freedom and being tracked like an animal. It’s the Mark of the beast. How can anyone not believe in the bible, it’s all there and coming true…

  • Jeff_Bell

    Not only is this an insane invasion of privacy and a horrendous surrender of what’s left of our autonomy, but we have no idea what the ultimate health consequences may be. There are plenty of people who are sensitive enough to subtle EMF signals that they cannot even wear a digital watch on their wrist without becoming ill. so what might this do? That’s the problem – no one really knows.

    Further, I find it shocking that so many people are already conditioned to be slaves that they would even consider volunteering to have one of these evil devices permanently placed inside their bodies. Wake up, people! There are enough evil SOBs in the world who will do just about anything to take your freedom and make you into more of a compliant slave. No need to help them in their thoroughly evil agenda.

    Lastly, I’ll just say this, if anyone doubts where Dr. Oz’s loyalties lie, this former champion of real health has made that perfectly clear. By advocating microchipping human beings, he has declared that he has truly gone to the dark side. What a shame! I wonder if they paid him, threatened him or both.

  • MelissaW

    True … hopefully it will never come down to having to microchip your kid or else they can’t be in school, like with the vaccinations.

  • that was more than a year ago.. any new updates?

  • Kathleen Kahl

    This is the beginning of the end times. Read the book of Revelations.