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NBC: Alabama, Georgia declare state of emergency after pipeline spill – Expect Gas Price Hike

NBC: Alabama, Georgia declare state of emergency after pipeline spill – Expect Gas Price Hike

It’s unclear when the line started to lose fuel but Colonial Pipeline Co. said Friday that its primary gasoline pipeline wouldn’t be operational again for at least a week (it connects refineries in Texas and Louisiana with 13 states spanning from Georgia to New York). This pipeline supplies the region with nearly 40 percent of its gasoline. They are currently unsure what happened to cause the issue.

The governors of Alabama and Georgia have already declared states of emergency.

While the mainstream media have tried to call this a “leak”, even though they admit they don’t know how much leaked or for how long, over a quarter MILLION gallons have been spilled into pristine waters (see video below of local land owners talking about the ground water being ruined).

Experts expect gas prices to climb across the Southeast and the company warned that parts of Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and North and South Carolina gas markets would be affected first by the “disruption in supply.” Translation: service stations won’t have fuel to sell.

From the article:

“Prices have yet to move much. They’re are only up a penny or two in the last week in states such as Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee, according to AAA.

But gas prices could spike by as much as 15 cents per gallon or more in those three states, as well as North Carolina and Virginia, in the next week according to analyst Patrick DeHaan.”

Ships have already been dispatched to respond to the crisis and will carry fuel from Texas to New York. It is likely that there will also be far more tanker trucks on the road carrying gasoline than normal.

Although gas prices normally fall at this time of year, people are going to see a 5 to 10 cent a gallon increase in the areas affected.

There MUST be a better way. We have to start using sustainable, renewable, clean energy. We continue to do the same thing and expect different results (although I suspect the oil companies expect spills and see them as necessary collateral damage) when we should just bite the bullet and use solar, wind, ANYTHING else.

We are slowly killing this planet. We’ve got to do something else and fast.

Source: KFOR NBC 4 and

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