If you are still eating at McDonal’s and Taco Bell- stop! Especially if you are in the Miami, Fl. area. Former Miami Heat player Ray Allen and his wife Shannon have opened Grown, a new take on “fast-food”. Grown is, “real food, cooked slow, for fast people.” Using the farm-to-table concept the restaurant uses organic, local, and nutritious ingredients and then puts a fast spin on it.

From the Miami New Times article:

To help conceive Shannon’s idea, The couple used a team of experts to build Grown, including, “Michael Rose of Rose Capital Advisors; Tara Mardigan, director of nutrition at Fruit Street Health and former team nutritionist for the Boston Red Sox; Asha Loring, executive director of Health in the Hood; Faheem Mujahid, a trainer and holistic lifestyle coach; Sally Sampson, founder of ChopChop, a family-oriented cooking magazine; and Gabriele Marewski, founder of Paradise Farms Organic in Homestead.” Their executive chef, Todd Kiley, helped Ray and Shannon craft a menu that highlights organic and locally sourced foods.

The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner plates with prices ranging from $4 to $18 and all made from scratch- every day. Some of the menu items include gluten-free baked goods and customizable cold-pressed juices and fruit smoothies. Click here for their full menu.

We were also excited to hear they will have an urban rooftop garden, which will provide fruits and veggies for the restaurant!

I cannot wait to visit Grown. If you are in the area and you’ve had the pleasure of trying it out- let us all know! It’s so great to see this concept coming to life, we hope it will spread like wildfire and spring up all over the US!

Source: Miami New Times