Study shows Cannabis Use Causes 45% Reduction in Bladder Cancer (& with...

Study shows Cannabis Use Causes 45% Reduction in Bladder Cancer (& with breast and liver cancer)


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The National Cancer Institute recently released its report on medical marijuana. The overview of their conclusion is, THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) caused a 45 percent reduction in bladder cancer, remission in breast and liver cancer and more.

They have determined that there is no lethal dose of marijuana. And addictive potential is considerably lower than any other medicine available.

Among their findings, they have found that cannabis is not associated with adverse pulmonary function and does not cause lung cancer or any aerodigestive tract cancers. Cannabis does not cause other types of cancer either.

They found cannabis has great anti-tumoral activity. Through their testing they have determined that cannabis is more effective than conventional antiemetics (drugs that ease nausea). And inhaled marijuana was more effective in chemo-induced nausea than any other currently available treatment.

(Editor’s note- this article is written by Wyoming News which serves an entire state. We talk of the bottom of alternatives to inhaling marijuana.. But yes, it’s true about inhaled marijuana. Granted, you can also take cannabis in other forms medically prescribed by your doctor which we describe below.

Some of their other findings are: Cannabis appetite increase at 75 percent compared to the most effective medicine that has a 49 percent increase; weight increase at 11 percent compared to the most effective current medicine that has a 3 percent increase.

In opiate resistant cancer pain, marijuana had significant pain intensity relief, substantial analgesic effects, antiemetic effects and appetite simulation.

They also proved THC to be more effective then codeine. Some 10 mg of THC was more effective then 60 mg of codeine. There was no increase of the THC dose needed in long-term pain management.

Inhaled THC was shown to be more effective in neuropathic pain than current medicine. It also showed improved sleep quality and sense of well being and less anxiety.

These are just some of the findings of the National Cancer Institute.

The federal government has made it so no state can be prosecuted for implementing a medical marijuana program. That is why the 23 states (and our nation’s capital) with medical marijuana programs are still around.

Editors Notes: This is a guest piece by one of the bigger online papers for the entire state of Wyoming. We just spent many days in Colorado learning that most medical marijuana patients who are prescribed cannabis by their medical doctors and have their red cards for medical dispensaries and pharmacies actually get tinctures (aka “CBD oil” or cannabis oil)  Depending on their illness – the ratio of CBD: THC varies. We’re doing a documentary which will be out soon. We don’t sell any products on the site (but do have links to some things on Amazon) but we may recommend some of the higher quality legal CBD oils out there that we have used ourselves.

This is a guest piece by 

MORE INFO FOR THE DOUBTERS who don’t believe science! 🙂

Since SO many are skeptical. Here’s the article from the DAILY CALLER. The gov site has worked on and off (big surprise) but they, one of the most mainstream sites on the internet, have done an in depth piece on this as well for all those who don’t believe science. : )

Cannabis users were 45 percent less likely to contract bladder cancer than their more abstemeous peers, according to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) – a branch of the National Institutes for Health.

The NCI study examined 82,050 men of different ages and socioeconomic backgrounds from 2002-2003 with the purpose of discovering any links between smoking tobacco and smoking marijuana and the risk of bladder cancer. Researchers followed up with the respondents 11 years later.

Just over 40 percent of those surveyed said they had used marijuana compared to 57 percent who said the same of tobacco. The report found that “cannabis and cannabinoids may have benefits in treating the symptoms of cancer or the side effects of cancer therapies.” (RELATED: Teen Marijuana Use Has No Link To Mental Health Problems)

Tobacco smokers were found to have higher rates of bladder cancer. The NCI, however, wasn’t wholly positive about the effects of cannabis use, with paranoia and low blood pressure listed as potential downsides of excessive marijuana smoking.

As both the recreational and medical marijuana industry continue to grow doctors and scientists will likely increase the exploration of positive and harmful effects of cannabis.

In 2013, speaking to the American Urological Association, Dr. Anil Thomas said:

We know that tobacco smoking is the best established risk factor for bladder cancer. But to date, there are no epidemiologic studies accurately characterizing the association between cannabis use and bladder cancer.

The study was careful not to draw direct causation from the results but it may open the way for further studies investigating the impact marijuana could have in reducing the risk from various cancers that scientists have had limited success in understanding.

Marijuana for recreational use is legal in Alaska, Oregon, Colorado, Washington and the District of Columbia. In total, 23 states have legalised marijuana for medical use.

A few more sources on medical cannabis: – Yes just again, for those of our readers who weren’t seeing this link, we’ve made a note!


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • guest

    I knew it! As more and more information becomes available, we will look back at this time in history and think….what fools have we been? This stuff has been around forever. I can’t think of a more useful plant.

  • Lars K Tennyson

    We weren’t fools. The US Government and Pharmaceutical Corporations have kept this PLANT from the people willfully. They’ve spread lies and misinformation for decades.

  • Duke Snider

    You better read closely and research.. THC KILLS SOME TYPES OF CANCER CELLS… when it is injected into the tissue and not smoked. Cannabis by itself does not cause cancer — THE TAR IN IT THAT GETS ON YOUR LUNGS — JUST LIKE TOBACCO DOES — AND IT IS FAR STICKER THAN TOBACCO. You are being fed a half-truth here… not the full truth but pro-dope sites tend to lie in favor of their drug of choice to remove stigma. THIS STUFF ISN’T A CURE FOR ANYTHING…

  • @dukesnider:disqus – First of all this is a scientific published study- not half truths. Scientist and doctors have already proven this. You can’t argue it .. It’s already scientifically proven in mainstream all about the healing benefits of cannabis (and who said anything about smoking it?) I’m trying to read through your caps and make sense of what it is you’re *trying* to say. I just spent many days going around the state of Colorado making a documentary on the legal medical cannabis dispensaries, cannabis pharmacies, grow houses and professional kitchens (with chefs who help prepare the tinctures for cannabis oil) I visited all of them. If you knew anything about medical marijuana you’d know most patients who are prescribed marijuana (yes PRESCRIBED- one cap word) by their medical doctors- that 99% aren’t smoking it for cancer, seizures etc. People truly in the know are using what is known by most as cannabis oil so there is no smoke.. Sorry to burst your bubble. Experts formulate a certain CBD to THC ratio depending on the health challenge of the patient. I think if you look through this site with the hundreds (thousands?) of articles- there isn’t one “pro dope” article. There are a few that discuss a child overcoming 800 seizures a day because of cannabis oil (don’t worry Duke, kids aren’t smoking pot or getting high) or a cancer patient using CBD oil which they claim cured their cancer where western meds failed.

  • Vijaya Stern

    There is an herb, calamus root or Vacha in Sanskrit that is used in Ayurvedic Medicine, to block the THC and tar from sticking to the brain. It is important to understand the Dosha (in Ayurveda) before treating and then it will help one to determine if you need the THC, CBD, indica or sattiva…

  • Anyone who trusts and follows the government and their pharmaceutical industry is a fool.

  • Don Newcomb

    He can’t help it, he’s been lied to and made to live in fear of this plant his entire life and just can’t see the benefits FAR outweigh the negatives (of which there are few negatives).

  • Rob

    I’m not sure if you are just ignorant or a liar, but either way, you are wrong. It’s already long since proven that Marijuana is the most medically sound plant on the planet with over 200 different medicinal uses. You have been fooled into believing fallacies at best, and at worst – you are just a bad person attempting to fool others.

  • Matt Ruiz

    heres a question, lets say you smoke pot from a pipe.. how come residue builds up inside the pipe having to clean it every so often… wouldnt the inside of the pipe repusent a persons lungs that cant be clean?…. all these researches done by cool-aid sipping puppets

  • I just spent many days doing a documentary in Colorado with the top growers, kitchens and medical dispensaries and pharmacies for cannabis in the US. 99% of people (if you know medicinal uses and prescriptions) are using tinctures (aka cbd oil with a certain THC ratio) No one is smoking it anymore for health benefits. That was back in 1975… Erin

  • lol Don.. I know. I feel sorry for him 🙂

  • So true Rob… You have to wonder if these people are just really brainwashed or not paid by big pharma (whole articles written about people who are!) to try and discredit plants they cannot control like cannabis and it’s incredible uses 🙂

  • Beyond Befleaf

    The only method mentioned in your article is “inhaled.”

  • paulmagillsmith
  • paulmagillsmith

    Within 6 month of stopping smoking (cigarettes) the lungs have cleaned themselves back to healthy tissue.

  • Barbara, if you looked closely – this is a guest piece by a HUGE news site for the entire state of Wyoming called Wyoming News. I’m sorry you’ve insulted their newspaper like that. I’ve added my own comments on the bottom, but I didn’t write the piece. The headline was directly from the other national piece written on it and sure – I’ll change one word. 45% remission to 45% reduction. The fact that there is a 45% REDUCTION in the incidence of bladder cancer is pretty amazing. I’m guessing you’re not a fan of cannabis (or this large newspaper’s guest piece) and that is your prerogative. But we’d suggest in the future asking if people are high and calling a newspaper’s piece (WITH links to their large site) “crap” be written in a less rude and more constructive mature manner please? Thanks.

  • Hi Beyond Beleaf (great name) The article is a guest piece by a huge newspaper callled I’ve given them credit. I’ve added notes IN the article now about how the majority of medical marijuana patients have moved to tinctures (better known by the layperson as CDB oil or cannabis oil (or edibles) Though yes, some will still smoke for pain… But with most patients I saw being underage kids with seizures and the elderly? They are doing oils and edibles and not smoking pot. You are correct that the only example WP made in the piece is inhalation- hence my notes added at the bottom.

  • Barbara Ruth

    I will apologize for my rudeness. I read the NCI article – don’t know why the link is no longer there on this page, and btw, in the Wyoming News, the link to that article doesn’t work. It’s precisely because I think cannabis has so many important medical aspects that I get frustrated with articles which are imprecise. I thought you wrote the piece because your name was under the title. Regardless of how huge Wyoming News is, they didn’t quote well from the actual research. There is some indication in the NCI article that cannabis is promising in preliminary research re: breast cancer. And yes, it has important anti-emetic, analgesic and in some people anti-anxiety effects, all of which are important for people with cancer. For that matter, treatment of seizures in people with brain cancer is another avenue of research I hope will be pursued. I believe there was some mention of liver cancer in mice and rats. No percentage was given. I still find your title misleading, and factually incorrect.Wyoming News article title:”Medical marijuana does well in national study” is fine. I wonder why you chose to change that. It’s just not necessary to make up numbers. The actual research is encouraging and exciting.

  • Barbara, It’s ok. No worries. First, as a few people pointed out (or they did on FB – maybenot on here- NCI Is the DEVIL and doesn’t want to admit ANY thing beneficial about Cannabis and I’m sure they were not at all happy to admit what they did (which now looks like page has changed- i don’t trust them and my folks over at despise them : ) Secondly, I thought you were one of the anti cannabis people who have come here (there aren’t many thankfully!) I had to take the link down because it stopped working. I couldn’t get it to work when i looked again and I see it doesn’t on Wyoming’s page now either. sigh. I write the majority of the pieces on my site (which isn’t easy as i’m an investigator researcher) but I did change the title from word remission to reduction.. even though it was not my title. This article is on other big sites too. IT was the title from another site that posted the piece which now can’t be found (More mystery) and didn’t erase your comments (nor anyone else’s) I hope the treatment of seizures for people with brain cancer is researched too. I have used it successfully for help with seizure activity. Also the experts I smoke to (doctors included) tell me they believe it shrinks brain tumors reduces chance of cancer in the first place and all sorts of other great info… It’s so strange as the comments on EVERY other place I’ve seen the article posted (no matter what the title) are positive but here. I’ll not be paranoid and believe you’re pro cannabis. I have millions of visitors a month and sadly some paid trolls to try and discredit things (especially about my series of doctors who died in holistic medicine) Thanks for your post. I’m researching the dispensaries further and even my partner of 6 yrs- Dr Mercola- has been posting articles on the great benefits of cannabis (heck even CNN and mainstream is doing so) It’s 3am so hope this makes sense… i’m thrilled with the news about bladder cancer specifically and will try to find the link again that is now not working.

  • Ed, sorry for the move here. GE brings good things to life. This one setback has left a huge rock I simply Am not able to track. The area, Watsons Hill and surrounding areas. Quiet, pas mad takk. If you have info on this elusive person, I would sure appreciate it.very much.
    Steve Downey
    Ballarat, Victoria,e

  • Jack Carone

    The govt link in the original article doesn’t work. Do you have the correct url? Thanks!

  • JanetS

    As we start down this road, as with all roads, education of the masses is key. Most non-users don’t know a thing about the different properties between THC and CBD. I hope that will come out. I want healthy people, but not high people. I believe those highs still damage brain cells, especially in people under 26 (when the brain is fully formed). I’ve seen too many young minds lost because of pot.

  • Gary

    Where are the facts? This is an opinion piece by a reporter. Why did they not attach the original study and summary by the researchers??? Makes me wonder…..

  • Markus Sande

    It will be difficult to prove that this is true when discussing with those that are against legal cannabis use. We need you to attach the facts by providing the links to studies and so forth.

  • Although I hope this is all true and documented, those reading should note there is not a single link to any of the studies, nor are any of those studies named or dated.

    As much as I hate to pull back on this, the lack of corroboration or links or study names makes me very cautious.

  • WW- You just have to click on the link as this is from one of the largest newspapers for a whole state. Granted the .gov link has been working and then hasn’t (wow a surprise- our government?) BUT here’s more info on the well documented proven this has the most details until the gov can get their own link working again study..

  • Markus Did you not click on the link? 🙂 It takes you to a newspaper for an entire state in our union. .They have a cancer gov link which has worked on and off (that’s the government eh?) but here’s more info on the study which DID show a 45% reduction. end of story. We have links right on the site – not sure if you clicked or not. I have one of the top 20 websites in the world for health. i don’t make this stuff up. here’s a link that is right in the article. i cannot control a government website. thanks

  • no it’s written by one of the biggest newspapers for en entire state if you clicked on the link. IN that link is the site to the gov but that site is down. SO here’s more info as i cannot control our lousy US gov’s websites. Sorry this is proven fact. not opinion. I don’t write made up articles as i’m on of the top 20 sites on health world wide. thank you

  • wow now i see the link to DC is right in the piece. I’m not sure why people are missing this. it was there all along even if the guuuvment’s link is down

  • Janet i just finished making a documentary out in the state of Colorado with the biggest medical dispensaries and pharmacies in the nation. I also met with the kitchens who prepare the tinctures. I’m quite familiar with the CBD:THC ratios. Also CNN was there filming and major networks. Guess who the CBD THC oils were helping the most. Children. With Seizures. Thousands of prescriptions are written every year for little children- some 1 year old (Angelina was the one whose case I studied under the pharmacy who supplies to her family) and it cuts her seizure activity from 800 to 2 seizures a day. We’re not talking about teenagers smoking pot (I agree- wait til they’re adults…) But for children like Charlotte (certainly you’ve heard of “Charlotte’s web- named after a little girl who uses CBD and THC from cannabis (where else?) and it saved her life and is becoming law (it is a law) around this entire nation- even here in Florida. FYI none of them are getting high and like the head of one of the largest medical dispensaries said “Anyone who knows ANY thing about medical marijuana knows that they do edibles or tinctures and are NOT smoking it and most aren’t “getting high” (Wow I cannot wait until the ignorance in this country is gone and the myths dispelled on Cannabis….

  • Jack you’re right – the guqv’ment’s link has been up and down (big surprise!) BUT here’s the daily caller’s story with more info until that link is fixed to show this scientific study done by real doctors. Bladder cancer is the 4th leading cancer in men and causes many deaths per year… good to see you here! E

  • good to know thanks! : )

  • It sure has! Many are still doubters and there are people saying they don’t want high people on this thread lol. Most know little about medical marijuana. no need to be high 🙂

  • thanks : ) so true!

  • Jack Carone

    Good to be here. 🙂

  • JanetS

    I look forward to your documentary. You probably know that National Geographic’s cover story this month is also on Cannabis. I agree that cannabis has a lot of wonderful properties and it was a huge mistake to outlaw it (all of it) and lose the fiber, seeds, and medicinal benefits because of illegal drug fears. From the people I’ve known who have lost a lot of motivation and brain power due to smoking pot I have to say that it is not a harmless drug and we need to figure out a way to test for it when the cause of auto accidents, etc, but I’m all for using it medicinally (assuming they can limit the brain damage effect), as fiber/cloth, and the yummy seeds. Real farmers wanting to benefit society with tangible products (not getting high to escape reality, or growing pot to get rich illegally ruining our beautiful environment) will be benefitted as well. You might be interested in one of our local magazines, which the current issue has articles on both the medicinal and drug-crazed uses of cannabis: theemeraldmagazine. com/

  • JanetS

    OK, I just read this article again. So they look at 82,000 men and notice that the 57% of them that smoked cigarettes back in 2002-2003 were 60% more likely to develop bladder cancer than the 40% of them that smoked pot back in 2002-2003. Really, this is a scientific study to prove the effectiveness of marijuana? Perhaps it’s just correlating the use of tobacco with bladder cancer! Statistics are worthless unless you understand what they’re referring to or how the actual study was set up and carried out.

  • Phil

    “Cannabinoids have been found to have antioxidant properties, unrelated to NMDA receptor antagonism. This new found property makes cannabinoids useful in the treatment and prophylaxis of wide variety of oxidation associated diseases, such as ischemic, age-related, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.The cannabinoids are found to have particular application as neuroprotectants, for example in limiting neurological damage following ischemic insults, such as stroke and trauma, or in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and HIV dementia.”
    The patent was obtained in October of 2003.

  • Phil

    Patent #6630507

  • guest

    “no cause-effect relationship can be determined using data gathered from them, meaning that another factor (besides cannabis use) may be the true cause of the observed results. Therefore, these results do not necessarily provide valid or reliable information to support the claim that “whole-plant cannabis use prevents bladder cancer”. Geesssse, read the Entire article ! Get a grip on reality. All smoke is bad for you, shall I start with your children or yourselves. Studies have shown that the smoke from marijuana can lower, yes lower children’s IQ by 10 points ! Studies have shown that smoke from marijuana causes lung cancer just as cigarettes do.

  • Galindo Marquez

    I used it for one year and my A1C diabetes went 11.8 to 5.3, no insulin, no diet, no exercise, and I ate and drank what I wanted, thank you.

  • Michael Stenz

    id like to see those studies, and many cannabis patients ingest, both in raw form as an anti inflammatory which does NOT get you hi, and in baked form, which does not effect your lungs as smoking. They also use a vaporiser, as for your lowering IQ, you have more damage from fluoridisation of your water supply where Harvard University stated a 25% loss in IQ points before reaching the age of 6.

  • Steve, Sorry I don’t follow you… (Maybe Ed does- whoever Ed is 🙂

  • I’m sorry. I have obviously mixed up where things were supposed to go. It’s now been a couple of days so figuring it out now will be hopeless. I appreciate you bringing it to my attention. Signed, Ancient, Arterially strangled and happy in my fog of a memory.

  • Shine

    why no links to the original report by the NCI? It’s numbers are referenced extensively in this article.. it would be nice to read it for myself.

  • Phil

    “limit the brain damage effect”

    People like you are the problem. Even though I showed that our own government has said that THC is a PROTECTOR OF THE BRAIN,(that is what a neuroprotectant is!) They have even patented it. So please stop with the stereotypes!

  • Phil

    “to block the THC and tar from sticking to the brain”

    Please, this statement shows you have no idea of the mechanism where by THC enters and then interacts with the varying systems. “Tar” does not “stick” to the brain. Please show a proper understanding of biological systems and how they work or your posts come off as old wives tales.

  • Johan Fajka

    No it doesn’t read the fucking article, from the NCI article :” No clinical trials of Cannabis as a treatment for cancer in humans were identified in a PubMed search”

  • Johan Fajka

    all the more what difference does it matter you still die from the 55 % of the cancer that is left. What a bunch of false hope bullshit from the MJ proponents (and this is from someone who thinks ALL drugs should be legal)

  • Johan Fajka

    remind yourself of that when you need a tetanus shot or an anti biotic for a lung infection…

  • because their lovely site link stopped working. I’ll try to find it and add it back. If it works- we keep ALL links up – until they break

  • Johan Fajka

    obviously a little truth hurts lets see if my comment gets deleted again….. No it doesn’t read the fucking article, from the NCI article :” No clinical trials of Cannabis as a treatment for cancer in humans were identified in a PubMed search”

  • Johan Fajka

    a claim without a valid link is useless and potentially dangerous.

  • Duke Snider

    I bet you are a pot head convincing yourself smoking this crap is going to save you from all these monsters….lol… It isn’t safe and it isn’t the cure all you claim…

  • Duke Snider

    Show me the evidence… you can’t… it doesn’t exist … and none of it is proven… take the buzz of it and no one would touch it… lol..

  • Duke Snider

    Do some more research… I live not to far from where CBD is grown and yes I know what it is supposed to do … it doesn’t … and your science is flawed and since has been proved flawed. But nice try. I have no problem with the YOU DON’T GET HIGH use of the plant but let’s face it… 99% of the users use it for the high and nothing more. It’s a placebo at best and excuse to get stoned. The post was about marijuana not cannabis oil. Hemp oil or cannabis oil has been around a long time and is sold in local stores legally. Yet no cures are seen from it… lol… nice shot at attempting to bolster your article but we both know its hogwash. You might believe it and probably want to believe it, but you are wrong.

  • Andrea Wrote

    As above it is a true story that marijuana can cure cancer.