Hey guys, late last night I was sent some info and asked to send it out to the masses. Forward this to everyone you know (I’m reporting this in the early AM after arriving to Orlando).
Looks like the two organophosphates used in mosquito control are up for re-evaluation under a special provision of the Endangered Species Act. Both are being evaluated to see if they cause harm to endangered species.  If they do, they’re banned.  Unless of course there is massive political pressure… 
Malathion: https://www.federalregister.gov/articles/2016/04/11/2016-08279/chlorpyrifos-diazinon-and-malathion-registration-review-draft-biological-evaluations-notice-of
They haven’t reviewed Naled yet but they’ve reviewed malathion and it doesn’t look good for malathion: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/apr/07/endangered-species-protection-animals-plants-pesticides-epa-insecticides
If only they had some means to pressure politicians to keep them…
I had to share the news right now so we can get the word out. Funny that this huge Zika “hubub” (as our local Volusia County Director of Mosquito Control called it on video I filmed) is happening suddenly right at the time this stuff could be made illegal.
It’s bad enough that the brand is Dibrom (which is morbid spelled backward) and Naled is the active ingredient. Remember, the mainstream media has already admitted the studies show it’s linked to AUTISM, birth defects and microcephaly (see video below at minute 7:30 to learn more).  I’d rather be bitten by a mosquito here in Florida while pregnant than be sprayed with Naled. It’s pretty clear which is worse.
Skip in to SEVEN AND A HALF MINUTES  to hear about Naled.  It’s time to put the pressure on them to stop using this known poison on us, like other countries have already done (including all of Europe)!

Let’s spread the word.