MSNBC loses connection to reporter as he goes off on oil industry for robbing locals of infrastructure funds


On Wednesday Shihab Rattansi, an Al Jazeera reporter, make the mistake of discussing the damage that the oil and gas industry has done to the regions hardest hit by Hurricane Harvey, live on the air. But justice was rather swift because shortly after Rattansi said, “You can’t make a connection between the oil and gas industry and climate change much clearer. In the past, oil and gas companies have gotten away with sort of covertly losing their toxic waste in emergencies like this,” 1 MSNBC “accidentally” lost their connection to him.  to shut him up. Or maybe they really did just lose his line after he said,

Or maybe they were just afraid of Big Oil and needed to shut him up.

Speaking with Ali Velshi, Rattansi expressed his frustration about all the damage that fossil fuel companies were doing; that despite the amount of money coming out of the Golden Triangle, not enough had been spent on infrastructure; and that officials hadn’t adequately warned people about the situation.


What do you think happened? Check out the video below:


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