Well done to the mother who filed a federal lawsuit against a child behavior services center in Mississippi, the Canopy Children’s Solutions, for forcibly vaccinating her daughter against HPV. Without sounding alarmist, this is the type of behavior that’s coming for us. We’ve seen it with all the medical kidnapping and we are going to continue to see it as our unvaccinated kids wind up in emergency rooms and doctor’s offices. Know your rights. Be prepared.


Canopy issued a statement about the lawsuit:

“A recent allegation was made regarding this facility, an allegation which Canopy Children’s Solutions takes very seriously. Canopy is committed to best practices in all aspects of our care and prioritizes continuous performance improvements as a cornerstone of all of our programs,” the statement said. “We have maintained the public trust for over a century; we have rigorous processes for investigating any allegations, and are committed to doing so as this case moves forward.”1 

On February 2nd, while the then 15-year-old was being admitted, her mother was asked to provide consent for her daughter to receive immunizations. She refused- which was WELL WITHIN HER RIGHTS. The mother alleges in the lawsuit that she specifically refused consent for the HPV vaccine because of its associated side effects. The lawsuit reports that her refusal was noted in her daughter’s medical records by a nurse.


However 43 days after her admission, the lawsuit says that the case manager demanded the girl be vaccinated. The teen reminded them her mother had not given permission but the case manager insisted and “said the girl wouldn’t be allowed to otherwise see her family that upcoming weekend. The lawsuit says the girl became distraught and upset by the threat, physically resisting efforts to be taken by van to the Health Department to receive the vaccination.”2

The teen cried, screamed, and physically resisted the staff for two hours. She also requested that her mother be contacted to confirm that she was not supposed to receive the shot but no attempt was made to contact her:

“Ultimately, the defendants wore down the will and ability of B.L.G. to resist, and defendants’ staff forcibly placed B.L.G. in a van and transported her to the Harrison County Health Department,” the lawsuit says. “The defendants’ staff then forcibly caused B.L.G. to be injected with Gardasil 9, a human papillomavirus drug against her consent, against the consent of her mother and guardian, against the Notice of Rights provided at the time of admission, and against Mississippi law.”3

(She was able to be vaccinated once there because the center lied to the Harrison County Health Department saying both the girl and her mother had consented.)

The lawsuit alleges assault and battery, negligence and breach of standard of care, violation of the Mississippi Vulnerable Person Act and failure to supervise. GOOD.

Throw the book at them. I cannot even imagine that poor teenage girl, what she must have been going through, what she may be going through now. Our hearts go out to her and her poor mother.


We will let you know what happens with the lawsuit. Again, we hope they pay. BIG TIME.

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