gmo-wheatWell, it comes as no surprise to use that Monsanto’s illegal wheat is found growing in yet another state.

When will the madness stop?

From the article about Monsanto’s scandals

APHIS launched an investigation into the Montana discovery on July 14, said Bernadette Juarez, director of investigative and enforcement services for APHIS.

The wheat was found growing at a research facility for Montana State University in Huntley, where field trials of Monsanto’s wheat were conducted between 2000 and 2003, she said in a news conference.

After conclusion of field trials, crop developers like Monsanto are obligated to inform regulators of any “volunteers,” or plants that grow on their own following a previous harvest, Juarez said.

USDA officials said there are no health and safety concerns from Monsanto GMO wheat, and that they do not believe the wheat has entered commerce. The area where it was found primarily produces sugar beets and barley, not wheat, Juarez said.

GMO Wheat gets a Hall Pass?

So they launched an investigation and the wheat was found growing at a research field at the University and the USDA says there are no health concerns while other nations halted the purchases because of fears of the dangers of this wheat. What is wrong with the land of the free? We cannot get the food labeled and not only does the government have way too much control- obviously so do companies like Monsanto who have them in their back pocket. (gee, you think former heads of monsanto now being heads of the government isn’t a clue?) Then we have the USDA with their latest sex scandal that I wrote about.  Yet people actually trust these government agencies. It blows my mind at the level of corruption and greed with Monsanto and the US Government. Another quote below.

The varieties of wheat in Montana differ significantly from Oregon’s, but both contain Monsanto’s herbicide-tolerant trait.

There is no commercially approved genetically modified wheat. The wheat in question was developed by Monsanto to withstand treatments of its Roundup weed killer, but the company never commercialized the “Roundup Ready” wheat. International buyers threatened to boycott U.S. wheat if the product was introduced to the marketplace.

Monsanto said in 2004 that it was ending efforts to commercialize the GMO wheat, and the wheat was supposed to have been destroyed or stored securely.

Monsanto and several other companies are still trying to develop a biotech wheat acceptable to the market. APHIS said on Friday it was stepping up oversight of those field trials.

Word of the wheat in Montana comes after last year’s discovery by an Oregon farmer of the GMO wheat in his field. That discovery prompted South Korea and Japan to temporarily halt purchases of U.S. wheat due to fears of contamination.

APHIS said on Friday that despite a “comprehensive” investigation, the agency has not determined how the biotech wheat came to grow in Oregon. No field trials were ever authorized on that Oregon farm.

Let’s not even get into how this wheat is mysteriously growing but do we really think it cannot get into our food supply? It scares me too that Monsanto is STILL trying to develop a “biotech wheat acceptable to the market”

How ironic that when I travel to Europe to visit relatives there that they’re food is either labeled or GMO’s banned altogether.  Maybe one day in America we’ll see the same… Until then, stay awake and informed!

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