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Monsanto advocate/doctor says glyphosate safe to drink in interview- What happens next is priceless

Monsanto advocate/doctor says glyphosate safe to drink in interview- What happens next is priceless

Monsanto advocate/doctor says glyphosate safe to drink in interview

UPDATE: We’ve discovered more about (SPIN) Doctor Patrick Moore. Turns out that some say he is the worst of the worst when it comes to PhD’s who big corporations could have in their back pocket. From the Newsweek article that just came out

In 2010, Moore became a controversial figure for his work on an environmental sustainability report for Asian Pulp & Paper, an Indonesian company derided by groups like the World Wildlife Fund for, among other things, threatening endangered Sumatran orangutan and tiger habitats.

Moore’s report came back glowing. APP, he said, was “engaged in world-class sustainable forest management,” according to the Guardian.

“[Moore] is seen by some environmentalists as the most brazen of the spin doctors they face,” the Guardian wrote.

Yikes, I’ve talked to a few PhD’s who are working to save this little planet and one called him “scum of the earth” not worthy of the title “Doctor” (tell us how you really feel!) Also Monsanto felt it necessary to say (despite he being an advocate for them and several mainstream news sources saying he works for Monsanto) they say he’s not a paid lobbyist for them and seem to want to make that very clear. I’m curious if THEIR lobbyists would sit down and drink a nice tall glass of glyphosate. Is that the distinction? I’m not a huge fan of the Onion, but think this is a satire worthy story.

For instance (WARNING SATIRE!) “Monsanto spokesperson said today Dr Patrick Moore (who refused to drink a glass of glyphosate)  is not and never was a lobbyist for Monsanto” Had it been one of THEIR lobbyists they surely would have agreed to a toast as their cup runneth over with Roundup… (Ridiculous but funny!) As the passion against Monsanto grows (and the study came out that World Health Organization and United Nations now classify glyphosate as *probably* being a carcinogen (that means causes cancer) maybe it’ll be the utter collapse of this corporation who brought you Agent Orange and has such a dirty deadly disgusting history I won’t even elaborate on it today.

My original post from my phone:

We are posting from the first time from our cell phones. We have never done an article from here before. Who am I kidding? It’s really just me and I am traveling and just arrived and they said the internet went down minutes before I got here. That’s always how it goes. But you must see this #Monsanto  lobbyist doctor when he says that he could safely drink glyphosate and nothing would happen. Watch what happens next. It might be the most awesome video I’ve seen yet this year 🙂 feel free to share. Oh. I’m using voice to text to write this because I’m exhausted and can’t type it all out on my phone. This is a first of its kind post here on health nut news.



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me before and after (I'm still like the after pic now : )

me before and after (I’m still like the after pic now :

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