Mom Still Breastfeeding Her Six Year Old Vaccine Free Daughter


There are times when we post stories because we love our community and want to inspire conversations- this is one of those times.


Australian Mom, Masha Al Musa, 52, breastfeeds her six-year-old daughter and encourages others to do so as well. She’s also a fervent supporter of normalizing breastfeeding in Australia.

Musa says she will continue to breastfeed her daughter anywhere and anytime, as long as her child requires it because it is both her natural right and good for her child. Not surprisingly, her daughter has never received any vaccines because Musa believes in the power of milk.

What do you think? Did you breastfeed? For how long? Do you support women feeding their children past toddlerhood?


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Erin Elizabeth


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  • Joel W

    Me thinks mom has a mental disorder. Its almost certainly some type of co-dependency, or a reverse Munchausen’s Syndrome. And it will most certainly cause some issues with the daughter as well. As for how long is too long to breast feed? If the child can verbally ask for it, it is way too long.

  • ElizaB

    I am all for nursing as long as it is of benefit to the child. I have one caveat for all nursing mothers out there. I nursed my 1st child one year, second two and third for three years. They are all pretty healthy today, but sometimes I think the first one is the most disease-resistant. Could it be because our breast milk is a great detoxifier as seen in the nursing mothers of Bhopal who survived the disaster while others did not? Unless we live in a pristine environment we will be passing on toxins through the milk. So I will advise my daughters to keep this in mind while deciding how long to breastfeed.