Video: Mom’s going strong breastfeeding 8 years straight


This is the second story we’ve done about Mom’s who breastfeed toddlers. But, given the fact that very recently the CDC recommended mothers actually DELAY breastfeeding to boost vaccines (which is absolute rubbish) and another report suggested we stop referring to breastfeeding as “natural” I figured we still needed to talk about this important topic.


Leanne Allerton is a mother who has a youtube channel where she regularly shares her feelings and opinions on breastfeeding. And the video below, which is an update, has gotten over 1 million views.

“I post breastfeeding videos when I feel like talking about things, because there will always be someone out there who is going through the same thing.You get a lot of nice suggestions but also a lot of abuse — those I tend to block and delete.”1

Many of those watching her videos are supportive but she’s also been called “sickening”2and a “slut”3because people don’t feel she should be breastfeeding her 3-year-old daughter Poppy.


However, Leanne believes that breastfeeding should stop when a child is old enough to understand what’s happening. And, the American Academy of Pediatrics believes breastfeeding toddlers is fine, too. They recommend that the mother and child breastfeed until they decide to stop.4 One thing we all might be able to agree on- it’s up to the individual parent. It’s their choice.


What is your take on breastfeeding an older toddler? Just remember to be kind when sharing your opinion.

XO- Erin

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Erin Elizabeth


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • Susan

    I think it is great! I think a mother should breast feed as long as she and the child want. It is really no one else’s business.

  • Britt

    It’s weird that people find this “sickening” or “slutty”… wtf? Boobs are made for producing milk to feed our children! Its important to remember this … We have been socially engineered to view breasts strictly as “sexual objects” and to me, THAT is sickening!

  • Gopal Frank Cohen

    My opinion is that my opinion on this is irrelevant. I’m not the one breastfeeding nor being breast-fed. Why can’t people just mind their own business? Whatever these moms are doing isn’t hurting anyone. Let them do as they see fit.

  • Ginger

    My daughter nursed until she was past three years old. It’s about nurturing our children.

  • Elizabeth Luft Desrochers

    There is a reason why all of God’s creatures stop breastfeeding within a certain time period. No animal does this for multiple years… why?

  • Susan Marie Dickerson

    Anthropological studies show we’re intended to nurse for years–not months. Years, people.

  • Christina Kalix

    Funny you say all God’s creatures as if you missed that the one time a mom in the bible mentions breastfeeding she said she breastfed for 3 years. It’s also a nice debate over the weaning age of Issac since the bible says Abraham had a party for him after he was weaned. Some people believe Issac could have been as old as 5 or 6! Around our world now the average age to wean is between 3-4. Only Americans are backward.

  • Elizabeth Desrochers

    When I referred to God’s creatures, I meant non human such as the animals, birds… dogs, cats, birds, lions, tigers, bears do not do this for multiple years… and I ask why ?
    as innocent question, not attacking anyone for their choice. just a serious, question… why don’t they do it for years and years ?


    My record was 5 years for one of mine. The day of his fifth birthday he moved into a bunk bed in his brothers’ room and that was the end. He never cam back-never, not even during storms.

  • Shannah

    I breast fed my last one until after he turned 4. He is a victim of a divorce and every time I tried to stop he would get sick and with just one feeding he would show significant health improvement. Wheather it was for his stress or health I couldn’t stop until he stayed healthy. It wasn’t easy on the body but was good for his health. I love to see women take care of their child as God intended it to be.

  • Kelz

    Look at lifespan and see if you see a more relatable weaning time for mammals, as opposed to looking at actual time. For example, Humpback whales live 40-50 years and can nurse their young for up to two years…

  • Becky

    Elephants nurse their babies until they’re 3-5 years old – generally not weaning until they’ve had their next baby (they don’t have babies every year). Baby gorillas nurse for 2-3 years. And orangutans! Some have been known to nurse for 8 years (off and on)!

  • Obama’s son

    NUTJOB WOMAN. If she wants someone to suck on her tit, I’ll do it if she gives me a HUMMER.