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Minnesota lawmaker introduces new bill mandating vaccines for children, including homeschoolers

Minnesota lawmaker introduces new bill mandating vaccines for children, including homeschoolers

(Note from Erin: Pinterest has completely banned us and YouTube is censoring us. Please get on the update list today so we can keep a lifeline. It’s so sad to see what a lapdog the Star Tribune is on the new bill in Minnesota. One doctor I know said, “It would appear it was written by pharma themselves.” To which I responded, “You have to wonder who their advertisers are…  bingo!”)

Rep. Mike Freiberg, DFL-Golden Valley, has introduced a “sensible bill” (according to the Tribune) that “offers a step forward and a chance to find common ground.”1 If it passes, HF 1182 will establish “a two-year grant program to support outreach about vaccines’ value.”1 (The bill is linked at the bottom of the page.)

But there’s just one problem: It would also, we are told, require children who are homeschooled to be vaccinated.

That means, parents couldn’t pull their children out of school in order to protect them (like many parents did in California after SB277 passed); the state would be making a visit to the house to make sure your kids were vaccinated and if they weren’t it would have to get done. The overreach and trampling of human rights are staggering. (It’s also a violation of the 4th Amendment according to many.)

The Star Tribune, like many mainstream news sources as of late, claims there’s some “urgency to ensuring that as many Minnesota kids as possible”1 get vaccinated. Whether Mom or Dad like it or NOT. The Tribune is sowing fear among people and asking for basic, human rights to be stripped away. Pay attention people. This is happening in 2019.

And lest you think that there are millions of unvaccinated kids running around Minnesota, according to data provided by the state Department of Health, that’s just not true. In fact, 100 percent of kindergartners in three counties are fully vaccinated against measles, mumps, and rubella. But it’s the other places that are so bothersome:

“The percentage of kindergartners in these rural counties who have had both of the recommended measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) shots falls below 90 percent. Sadly, the same holds true for polio, diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough. An even deeper look at the data suggests this is not a health care access issue.”1

That’s right, it’s an issue of choice. Something our government is taking more and more issue with. And that should move us to action.

“About 10 percent of kindergartners in Wadena County, located in north-central Minnesota, have parents who obtained a “nonmedical” exemption for all shots required by state school immunization laws. In southwest Minnesota’s Renville County, it’s about 11 percent.”1

However, the statewide average is only 2 percent.

But, that’s evidently not enough for the Star Tribune Editorial Board who say they have “long argued that lawmakers should change the law and allow exemptions only for medical reasons.”1


“Are the Star Tribune editorial board communists?” asked one reader…

The tribune went on to say:

“Doing so has become especially critical as vaccine conspiracy theorists wage disinformation campaigns. Regrettably, lawmakers have yet to take that step, even after a 2017 measles outbreak here, with the reluctance perhaps tied to political influence.”1

As you’ll remember, back in 2017 the state’s Somali-American community became the epicenter of a measles outbreak (NO ONE DIED!!!), something they don’t want to let happen again because “Vaccination rates can lag in immigrant or religious groups, such as the Amish.”1 (The Amish? Those are some of the healthiest people around and none of them are vaccinated!) But it seems to be more than just that. Recently, prominent vaccine skeptics were appointed to a new state autism council launched by state Sen. Jim Abeler, R-Anoka, who chairs a key health committee (What’s so controversial about folks not into forced vaccines?), and that’s got people riled up, too.

Let me just say quickly:

Dear Tribune,

     NO one died in the little measles “epidemic” you keep whining on and on about. Furthermore, the idea that you, as a NEWSPAPER, have the right to suggest that all exemptions except medical be taken away-  like you are God or even medical authorities- is laughable. You are a disgrace as a newspaper and in my mind and the mind of millions of my readers you are not real journalists, either. 


Erin Elizabeth

On Monday, several advocacy groups sponsored a talk in Minneapolis by our friend Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (they were there to talk about vaccine side effects and the benefits of raw, unpasteurized milk) it is things like this that Freiberg’s bill would attempt to squash.

Lastly, I’ll just leave you with this little gem. “Republican legislators in particular should support the bill. This is a chance to counter growing concerns that theirs is the anti-vaccine party.”1 That’s right, it’s the Tribune’s contention that Republicans are becoming known as the party of “anti-vaxxers”. However, here’s the deal, Mr. Kennedy is a Democrat and vaccines do NOT discriminate. They injure Democrats and Republicans alike.

Stand up. Let your voice be heard.


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