Cancer Cured By Cannabis

33 year old David Hibbitt from Staffordshire cured by cannabis oil (which cost £50 a gram from a local dealer)  after he refused chemo. Now he’ll live to get married to his bride to be and start a beautiful life together.

We are so excited to see this being carried in the mainstream news.

Cancer Cured By Cannabis

From the Metro article which talks about David’s miraculous recovery:

‘Friends had told me about cannabis oil and I dismissed it at first. I’ve never been into drugs,’ the father-of-one said.

‘I felt like the chemo was killing me and I had nothing to lose. I could not really accept I was going to die.’

He had underwent grueling  sessions of chemotherapy and radiotherapy before having surgery to remove his large bowel in March 2013, which were all unsuccessful.

But after his cannabis ‘cure’ he is now looking forward to the future after tying the knot with his partner of six years Heather Martin, 26, at a registry office earlier today.

What great news! He’s been with his partner 6 years (who has stood by his side) and now can finally stand by her side to walk down the aisle!

For years now parents of kids cured with cannabis or stories of people like David were squelched by the mainstream media but finally, people are realizing that chemotherapy so often fails and cannabis is a safer alternative with fewer side effects -and in cases like David’s (and countless others) it’s working. It’s really working!

We’re thrilled that it’s becoming more readily available and only hope that they’ll pass a law in the state where I live for the use of medical marijuana. We see pregnant women prescribed oxycontin like it’s candy, yet people suffering with cancer cannot get marijuana to help them? The good news is cannabis oil is available to most people now, but it’s still got a way to go so that everyone can it. We’re also happy to see Cancer Research UK supports clinical use of the drug (or plant as most people call it) but wonder if they’ll ever really admit how it can cure cancer.

I’ve been going to NORML meetings since my teens starting in 1990 and hope that someday it will be completely normal for folks to walk into a store and get cannabis oil for them, their family and loved ones. Bravo David. We love stories like this!





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