For almost 20 years Janice Lorraine, the 74-year-old former psychologist from Australia, has been competing in bodybuilding competitions around the world. And she’s been busy, too. Even though she didn’t start her bodybuilding career until she was 55, she won 10 world titles between the ages of 57 and 70. She’s utterly amazing. 1


“A woman my age, 74, is expected to be a certain shape and a certain degree of frailty and the idea is to show, no, you don’t have to fit that stereotype. I’m trying to set people free from the idea that a woman should be a certain way at a certain age.

Rather than being 74 and feeling awful and embarrassed, I feel good. Head up, strong, I strut along the street. I’m probably the oldest female by far who is competing at the moment.”2

Lorraine starts her day at 5 a.m. to do dozens of pushups and other workouts, then she gets in an up to five-mile walk, and three times a week, she visits the gym. She’s a busy gal.


The bodybuilder also has a blog you can follow; in it, you’ll find topics about her journey, her “gym family,” and having a positive self-image.

In 2017, she won a gold medal in the iCompete Natural in New South Wales, competing in the 50- and 70-plus categories and still has no plans to settle down.


I hope I have half the energy she does now, next week! Go get em’ Lorraine.

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