On Monday, three Oregon medical organizations suggested Republican gubernatorial nominee Knute Buehler walk back a statement he made during a televised debate, about vaccines, “As a physician I certainly believe in the benefits of vaccination, but I certainly believe that parents should have the right to opt out.” 1)


Almost immediately, leaders from the Oregon Academy of Family Physicians, Oregon Pediatric Society, and the Oregon Chapter of the American College of Physicians called on the nominee to reverse his position because the AMA and other medical organizations “accept the scientific consensus”2 about the current vaccine schedule. (Then they cited some garbage about herd immunity.)


However, that same day, Buehler responded by standing by his statement.

It should be noted that for those living in Oregon, incumbent Gov. Kate Brown believes the opposite and even commented that parents probably have “too much leeway” with regards to vaccine exemptions.


Heads up when you go to the polls; given the current climate about vaccines where politicians are concerned, I’d be voting for the person who didn’t want to take my freedom away. (Under current Oregon law, parents can exempt their children from any or all vaccines if they watch a video online about vaccine benefits or to a medical provider.)

This is an election we will be watching closely.


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