(Editor’s note: We are so truly sorry for the loss of at least 15 children because of a botched measles vaccine. Sometimes we feel the whole world has gone crazy.)


At least fifteen children under the age of five have died in a botched measles vaccination campaign in Sudan, where mainstream claims children as young as 12 years old were administering the shots. NPR’s interviewed a top MD who said he didn’t think there were any 12 year olds giving out shots, so mainstream cannot get their story straight. 1

In total, about 300 people from the village of Nachodokopele (which is in Namorunyang state, borders Ethiopia, and is part of South Sudan’s Equatoria region) received inoculations against measles during the four-day vaccination campaign.

“The United Nations said the children died of ‘severe sepsis/toxicity’ from the contaminated vaccine, and the health ministry blamed the deaths on human error. One syringe was used for all the children during the four-day campaign, and the vaccine was stored without refrigeration the entire time.2

Even though 15 children died and another 32 suffered fever, vomiting, and diarrhea, the World Health Organization decided to continue the campaign, which will target more than two million children across the country.3


The country’s WHO director even went so far as to call the campaign, “lifesaving.”4 I wonder if the dead children’s families feel that way. UN data from 2016 lists South Sudan as having around 2,294 measles cases and 28 deaths attributed to the vaccine- but as far as we are aware, no deaths from measles.


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