measles-vaccine needleScience Magazine reports it first:  A fully vaccinated 22 year old theatre employee was released from the hospital without quarantine since she was… well, fully vaccinated (way to go hospital!)

You can be fully vaccinated and still contract measles and infect others. Just an FYI.

From the article:
Although public health officials have assumed that measles immunity lasts forever, the case of Measles Mary highlights the reality that “the actual duration [of immunity] following infection or vaccination is unclear,” says Jennifer Rosen, who led the investigation as director of epidemiology and surveillance at the New York City Bureau of Immunization. The possibility of waning immunity is particularly worrisome as the virus surfaces in major U.S. hubs like Boston,Seattle, New York, and the Los Angeles area.

This is frightening as the health officials were (once again) wrong.


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