MD Found Murdered Inside Florida Home Today. This makes 6 in 30 days with 5 still missing.

Dr. Schwartz, MD

MD Found Murdered Inside Florida Home Today

Yet another doctor was just found murdered inside his home here on the east coast of Florida. This makes six doctors to be found dead in the last month, from this region of the country alone. Four out of the six were found dead here in Florida. We lost the holistic Teresa Sievers, MD, who was found murdered in her Florida home just weeks ago. We lost the alternative doctor, the beloved Jeff Bradstreet, MD, who was found in a river with a gunshot to his chest. And we’ve also lost the osteopath Dr. Riley, who was found in Georgia at her home just a few hours from the Florida border; she was found with a gunshot wound to her head.

Now we’ve lost Dr. Schwartz, who was found murdered in his home, on Sunday, July 19th, 2015. This was four weeks to the day after the death of the first physician: Dr. Bradstreet. His family is still seeking answers as to what happened to him and they’re some of the kindest people I know. The latest MD, Dr. Schwartz, in the picture above, lived just north of the fit, healthy, holistic Dr. Hedendal, who was the second doctor to be found dead this past Father’s Day, in Boca Raton. This was the same day that Dr. Holt died at the age of 33. Both were fathers and again, both men died here in Florida on June 21st, 2015.

From the article on this doctor’s murder:

Police are investigating, after a doctor was found dead in his Jupiter, FL, home on Sunday. (July 19th)
According to the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, authorities were called to the home of Dr. Ronald Schwartz, 64, in the 9700 block of Mockingbird Trail, to perform a welfare check. Deputies determined through investigation, that Schwartz was the victim of a homicide. No other details were immediately released. Anyone with any information on the incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers at: 1-800-458-TIPS.

We have no other details at this time except to say Dr. Schwartz was an MD and gynecologist, who practiced in Jupiter, Florida. There are many other doctors who have died around the country in a few strange accidents lately but I’ve only really been focusing on the ones in this area, which have happened in such a short amount of time. Please call the number above if you have ANY information on this murder. Our heart goes out to his family, friends, and loved ones. Interestingly, while authorities say they are looking for tips, they’re saying neighbors shouldn’t be concerned. We’ll update you on that as it develops.

I’ve been contacted several times now by mainstream news, and I suspect this frequency will increase with the publication of this story. I have declined a few interviews before, but at this point I will do whatever it takes to find the killer, or killers, out there. I also want to find the missing doctors who have vanished without a trace. If you click on this article about the missing doctors, I’ve included a link that came out today which states authorities are searching for one of the missing doctors I have mentioned in previous stories. The press is asking if there are any links in these deaths. I see one of the missing doctors in my article was featured on GOOD MORNING AMERICA today, as well.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of these doctors and their families. I’ve never said the deaths of these doctors is anything beyond a giant coincidence (we never know), yet it always pays to be safe. I’ll be doing the same as well with my better half, one of the better known doctors in the country.

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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  • John Bitna
  • Nikki Garrett

    did not want to read this tonight…just heartbreaking. the poor families. I hope the docs out there will start to take precautions…and be vigilant. very scary.

  • Marco

    Why not contact John Perkins, the author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, to ask him to do some investigation? All these deaths look highly suspicious to me.

  • aingeal88

    FDA taking out any DR that actually practises proper health care

  • Tj Fisher
  • Carrie Oakie

    It is so sadly obvious that the lives of these wonderful people are being taken by greed! This has got to stop!

  • Terall Weideman

    So why not?…. Contact him, go for it

  • mary patrice kinnavane

    This is all very dark and frightening. I just cannot believe this can happen in a civilized society.

  • helen gambon

    Have these doctors angered the pro choice people in any way. Are they on their hit list?

  • Leonidas SpartanKing

    does anything indicate he was a holistic doc like the other ones? bad things happen to all people including doctors, if we start saying all doctors death across the country are part of a concerted effort to kill them we might lose credibility at some point

  • Lisa Chamberlin Rangel

    Coincidence, my ass.

  • dc

    I think is related to cannabis legalization and the cartels opposing to this It can be big pharma too

  • Jennifer

    Seems this Doctor was a product of Robbery according to this site:

  • Jennifer Michelle Caldwell

    Has anyone called the crime tip line to let them know about this possible link to the other Dr’s murdered?

  • Pro-choicers aren’t known for any political violence. The other side, though…

  • I see the authorities in the missing doctors case said they are looking at my stories in case they have information to help find them (I broke all 6 and they referred to each of them) But not sure about the murder cases. My stories and pic were featured on a few network affiliates so I’d think the authorities already all knew but not for certain. :-/

  • JB

    I’m worried for YOU safety now Erin. Be safe. Be very sure you are not publicly listed anywhere on any profile.

  • Sylvain Raymond

    You be safe… this is so scary!!!

  • Anne

    Except the 56 million babies they insist need to be murdered oops, I mean aborted.

  • BaliHai84

    What about Monsanto?

  • cathijay

    Maybe like soldiers at recruiting stations, doctors need to start arming themselves. This many doctors in so short a period of time seems more than flooky to me.

  • Belgian Girl

    this seems to be kept kind of under wraps. I’ll bet there are task forces working on this.

  • onetree

    This is very disturbing! How many young-ish doctors would one expect to die in one state during a month?

  • Don Thomas

    If anyone from the FDA, AMA, or big Pharma heard of these doctors trying to take money out of their pocket, I’m sure they would fund others to “take care of business” It should be reported to the NCIS since it’s more than three murders. This is just in Florida. Has any other states had any killings that you know of?

  • TimothyVick

    By what measure do you figure we are “civilized”? Because lately…I don’t see it!

  • Mary Kretzmann

    This needs to get out there. Thank you for considering doing the interviews at this time. They may insist that Dr. Bradstreet was a suicide due to recent controversies in his practice. Just be informed. The “story” is that there are so many in one month, So that reflects back on Dr. Bradstreet”s case as also being under very suspicious circumstances.

  • efmc

    Someone with terminal disease looking for someone who promises a cure? If they give the wrong answer they are killed? Just a thought….

  • beach

    While there have been six deaths, only two have been officially ruled as homicides. Your headline is misleading.

  • Betty Rehberg

    Dr. Riley was murdered by her husband. He had been in prison for trying to kill his girlfriend five years ago. Her murder happened in my town. The husband is in jail and charged with shooting her. He had also been arrested for shooting at people near his boat dock a few weeks ago.

  • Betty Rehberg

    People get a grip. They are not all related. Riley was murdered by her husband, to be honest he was such a thug she was crazy to marry him.

  • sumdude

    Exactly what I thought.

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  • Chris

    What Dr. Holt was killed? I cant find any related articles.

  • Ron B

    dc your right probably is, just follow the money.

  • Elisha

    Big Pharma or one pissed off serial killer.

  • Lorraine Murphy

    Big Pharma iz ebil..People forget that doctors are people and people die. I wonder how many mainstream doctors or scientists have unfortunately passed away recently. But no headlines saying they have been murdered by Big Herba. Keep it real people!

  • Chris

    nvermnd i found it

  • Mellifluous

    And the other 5?! Plus the other 5 that are missing?! Something is completely weird here.

  • Lesly Weiner

    was dr. shwartz considerd to be a holistic dr.?

  • DP

    Looks like we have a serial killer on the lose. This person is highly pissed. Maybe lost a loved one due to withholding prescription medications ? Natural medicine it not always a cure for some things. He or she only seems to have it in for doctor’s practicing natural healing. Staying in a confined area Florida , South Georgia.

  • LC

    Looks like the Florida region got themselves a serial killler. Sounds like a criminal minds case. Time to call in the BAU.

  • Greg Perez

    Maybe they wouldn’t except obummercare…

  • First of all, Mr Riley was not found guilty of murdering his ex and in fact, there was evidence that she did it to herself which is why he never was found guilty nor was there a trial. Some experts say he was framed and called him the victim. Secondly, I’m glad you don’t run the justice system because he was only charged a matter of hours ago and we do not know if he is guilty or not. Thirdly I erased your multiple posts were you called him a thug and other names. If you want to post here – please post the facts and not blatant lies like he murdered his ex-wife and was jailed for when charges were dismissed. I don’t know if he did it or not but I believe in the justice system finding out. Well I don’t always believe in the justice system but we will see what happens. It doesn’t explain the other murders and I cannot stand non-factual information or worse – lies- on my page thank you.

  • Lori Smith

    Erin, my son is a grammar Nazi and I had him look over your “edited” article. He said, “This is horrendous”. Hope you find another one soon and this one didn’t charge you very much.

  • Rachel
  • Elisha

    It’s so hard not to suspect people of power here. I’m not usually a conspiracy theorist, but this is unavoidable. I’m inclined to believe these docs were all anti-vax, probably making deep impacts in using natural thyroid instead of Big Pharma synthroid. I can’t say I’m confident these murderes will be formally solved. As somrone who had to seek alternative care to finally obtain answers and proper treatment, this is a hard blow to the true heros of the medical community. Does anyone know if Dr. Schwartz was anti-vax or non-conventional in some of his previous practices?

  • Terrylee Warren

    it’s funny you say that, because I was going to say the same thing! I love Criminal Minds and that’s who they need to call the BAU

  • Betty Rehberg

    Read the story.

  • Betty Rehberg

    He did time in prison for that crime.

  • Betty Rehberg

    I did not say he murdered the ex I said he tried to. The murder in my home town is his wife Dr. Riley.

  • Betty Rehberg

    I will leave this site. You want to post silly speculation and conspiracy theories, you delete my comments that were fact.

  • Betty Rehberg

    He was arrested here for shooting at teenagers. A really nice guy, sorry I called him a thug.

  • Betty Rehberg

    Oh and he was also arrested here for domestic violence. I think YOU are the one that is not informed.

  • Bob Smith

    Perhaps he was into curing people instead of giving them a lifetime drug habit that only got rid of the symptoms, while the disease was allowed to continue its destruction.

  • Roxene Kimes

    We need to find the commonality among these and this need to go viral.. the obvious is that they(likely) had the inside track to studies that would put the kibosh on immunization.

  • Catrina van Soolen

    I would actually start looking at the FDA, they are getting mad with holistic care and start making companies say that they do not cure anything. Lets face it plants and treesa have been around for a very long time and the FDA has been losing money cause people are trying other forms of remedies before buying expensive man made drugs.

  • DC

    What fields of medicine did the other murdered doctors specialize in, please?

  • Raymond Irrer

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  • Kristen Ruder

    Shit, I would watch my back if I was the author of this article.

  • jaguar

    It probably is the government… They have a long history of getting rid of people that have resources to help people… They don’t want us to be healthy or have the resources to treat ourselves.

  • SunnyFlaSnotress

    It’s Florida.. and doctors usually have money. Florida has a lot of rough people and con men.. just the way it is.
    I never saw myself getting a gun, but you hear of enough break-ins and you start thinking a gun is the thing to have.

  • Janie

    I think it’s probably the lizard people.

  • jaguar

    It’s more than a coincidence!!!

  • jaguar

    It’s more than a coincidence that it is Holistic doctors that are being murdered… It’s a planned assassination…

  • SunnyFlaSnotress

    fetuses fetuses fetuses.. and it’s about choice. You know so many more people.. and I mean formed truly living people.. are dying all the time of starvation than the number of abortions. Americans live such a limited understanding life.

  • SunnyFlaSnotress

    could be.. could be..

  • Mary Nicholson

    Erin hon, you be careful out there, the world is going nuts. Also: cover your ass little one, you make sure that you have all of your evidence, files and information tripled copied and in the hands of your lawyer, family, and another lawyer. If something were to happen burn there asses. Be safe…..

  • Michelle Nix

    Is this the same area where they are cracking down on Oxy mills? If these doctors had DNA licenses that could have been Hijacked or willingly rented out for cash flow…..

  • Jen McLeod

    This is nearly unreadable because of all the inappropriate commas.

  • Rebecca Feyas Westra

    SERIAL KILLER. First thing that comes to my mind is a patient that had all these same doctors at some point and feels the need to get revenge on them for whatever reason. Hopefully they are checking these doctors databases to see what similarities they can find.

  • Lex loathar

    That’s a fact. There’s a lot of those Gruber types floating around like feces in a toilet.

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  • beach

    Only two out of the 6 have been confirmed homicides; of those two only one is a confirmed holistic doctor and you’re calling this a planned assassination?

    In another article today on Dr. Ronald Schwartz it was stated:”This homicide marks the 46th in Palm Beach County in 2015.” That’s a large number of murders for a small area. I think SunnyFlaSnotress may be on to something…

  • Anni Mock

    Time for Physicians to bug out~
    ESPECIALLY if you treat with Holistic practices~
    Luke 21:16 King James Version

    16 And ye shall be betrayed both by parents, and brethren, and kinsfolks, and friends; and some of you shall they cause to be put to death.

  • David

    very good!

  • Frank

    People in Florida will believe absolutely anything.

  • Mario

    pharmacy (n.) late 14c., “a medicine,” from Old French farmacie “a purgative” (13c.), from Medieval Latin pharmacia, from Greek pharmakeia “use of drugs, medicines, potions, or spells; poisoning, witchcraft; remedy, cure,” from pharmakeus (fem. pharmakis) “preparer of drugs, poisoner, sorcerer” from pharmakon
    “drug, poison, philter, charm, spell, enchantment.” Meaning “use or
    administration of drugs” is attested from c. 1400; that of “place where
    drugs are prepared and dispensed” is first recorded 1833. The ph- was restored 16c. in French, 17c. in English (see ph).

  • Dude

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not to their own facts.

    Even when facts do not support my political opinion, they have to come first.

    Thanks for standing up for reason.

  • James

    Maybe some tin foil treatments next.

  • Prophetess Lori Merschdorf

    Father God, you know what has happened and is happening with these doctors. I ask that you expose the ones who have done these murders. I ask for those hiding in darkness would now be revealed. I ask for assistance for the police and anyone involved in looking for answers and bring answers to them quickly. Send your angels out to do your will today and be glorified for the answers, amen!

  • Chemicalfree

    Oh come on!! Keep trying and you will eventually figure it out!!!

  • Dude

    There are over 24,000 doctors in Florida. To date, 4 are dead. Assuming they are all homicides, and that is not proven, the odds that you are next is still pretty slim.

    If you do not own a gun, the odds of someone, even you, being killed by your gun are zero. As soon as you buy a gun, those odds go up.

    If you have never saw yourself getting a gun, you have probably not taken a safety course or spent any time practicing.

    Before you run out and get a gun based on fear, consider the real risks of both having and not having one. Also, take a safety class and spend some time target practicing. A gun is useless if you cannot hit the broad side of a barn.

    People who own guns are more likely to be robbed than those who don’t. One reason is that people in bad neighborhoods who are already more likely to be robbed are more likely to own guns. Unless you move to a better neighborhood, there isn’t much you can do about that. The other reason is that stolen guns cannot be traced back to the person who has it, so guns are a primary target of thieves. So, don’t put “Occupant is armed” signs on your house, they actually makes you a bigger target.

    I am by no means against private firearms. But, just be smart about it.

  • brendagirl

    More than likely mu’slime’s replacing our USA Doctor’s with REAL Degrees that actually CARE about US!!

  • Bbakes

    It probably had to do with pain pills and that mess

  • michael james

    Benghazi!! or is it Email!! nowdays?

  • Glenn Adams

    The first step to gun ownership is purchasing a gun..

    Russel and Shirley Dermond, both in their late 80s, and he a WWII veteran, were both murdered in GA 05/02/2014. They lived in a gated community; Reynolds Plantation/Great Waters. Almost 15 months later their case remains unsolved. Imo, there should be a task force formed to investigate whether these homicides and missing persons are related before there are other innocent victims. In 2006 the FBI lowered the number of victims defined as serial to allow the FBI/BAU to enter an investigation in the initial stages;
    FBI SERIAL MURDER: The unlawful killing of two or more victims by the same offender(s), in separate events.
    National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime

    The National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC) is a component of the FBI’s Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG), located at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. The primary mission of the NCAVC is to provide behaviorally-based, operational support to federal, state, local, and international law enforcement agencies involved in the investigation of unusual or repetitive violent crimes, communicated threats, terrorism, and other matters of interest to law enforcement.


  • Brad Dueringer

    They join a long list of intellectuals that are taken out because they are not Zionists/psychopaths/”company men”. The psychopaths that run this world will kill anyone that they consider a threat to their plans/agenda. And they poison the rest of us through a broad spectrum of air, water, food and the electromagnetic spectrum. I’m still waiting for true men in the system (military or govern) , benevolent aliens or divine beings to step in……. But of course most if not all stories of said saviors are made up by tptb as disinformation for the sheep.

    They got this thing locked up folks and all I see on the other side are sheep through and through… makes me look forward to death, as that seems to be my only escape from planet Demon (this fallen world)

  • Politically Incorrect

    So what is the common denominator?

  • Chris Sky

    If I had to guess I think they are eliminating opposition to their new mandatory vaccines campaigns….

  • Rose

    All doctors who die they was trying to found cure for autism, I am guessing some one kids die from they cure and piss off and he or she taking revenge.!!

  • Rose

    And I hope cop catch killer soon before he/her kill.!!

  • Flippah


  • Teach2020

    Dr. Riley’s husband is under arrest for her murder. His previous gf was shot in the head just like Dr. Riley. He is a volatile ex boxer with a temper and a record of abuse to women.

  • Diane Kruse

    Too many coincidences to be anything but a hit put on their heads

  • Alleged Comment

    NONE of the really big names haven’t been hit yet. But when they do I’ll be officially PUT on notice that this administration has given the clear signal that the Demoncraps are out to get you – FOR GOOD!

    FORCED vaccination is already coming.

  • Ron Angell

    THE AMA -AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION MAFIA, AMA and Big Pharma: What the Term “Medical Mafia” Means …
    In case your wondering why the term “Medical Mafia” is used occasionally to describe the unholy trinity of AMA (American Medical Association),

  • Ron


  • parker50

    Apparently this is a fact: “WALB News 10 also obtained an incident report from June 14th when Riley was arrested for aggravated assault. Lisa Riley told Lee County deputies her husband made her get on her knees and held a .44 magnum to her head and accused her of cheating. She said he held a different gun to her head two other times that night and squeezed her neck with his legs for
    several minutes.”


    I also believe it is incorrect to identify Dr. Riley as an alternative or holistic doctor. She was an emergency room doctor and it would likely be practicing traditional medicine. She was a Doctor of Osteopathic medicine but every D.O. I’ve known has been indistinguishable from your average M.D. If you don’t approve my comment I guess I’ll know you aren’t really interested in all the facts.

  • Toondrawer*35

    If she continues to run for the Prez… it is ALL of it… How can she remain married to the likes of Bill Cosby.??? Voted to go to war in Iraq… due to WMDs? Remains silent on illegal migrants. Saudi women getting oppressed…no mention of it.

  • Toondrawer*35

    Steve Quayle has a longer lists of deaths of Drs and microbioligists… cream of the cream…top scientists.

  • waterfall90

    Dr. Schwartz was a gynecologist who wasn’t licensed to practice medicine in Florida where he was killed. He may have been retired. No connection to holistic medicine. Dr. Lisa Riley was an emergency room doctor; no known connection to holistic medicine. Dr. Holt was a chiropractor who died unexpectedly while in Florida seeking a spinal adjustment according to his family. They said he was having some health problems but didn’t think it was anything very serious. An autopsy was being performed. Apparently he integrated diet, exercise and aromatherapy into his practice but that doesn’t sound very radical. He went to London in 2012 with the Olympic team as a care provider. Doesn’t exactly sound like an enemy of the state does it?

  • goneinsane

    The federal death assassins..

  • SunnyFlaSnotress

    I already own a gun, but thank you for the sermon.

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  • m rapp

    I decided to check on ALL of the murders in the last month in that area and found that the same number of deaths of AUTO MECHANICS……….shocking !! just saying……! shouldn’t we look at all the info. and why do we single out an MDs death as more important ??

  • you have someone better?

  • mikrat

    While i think most Doctors are pompous ass’s, This should be happening to Politicians and Judges. – That would be good news then.

  • Tom Tchikofski

    Nothing you can do even if “the Police” find them.
    Father did expose them on 911 over building seven but no investigation.
    Sandy Hook was also found to be a hoax but I can assure you no one will be in jail or hanged.
    The only way the authority can fight for crime like this or other is when we all lose. take for example 911, we lost liberty, The recent shooting of the SC church, we lost the Confederate flag.

  • Stevo Bradley

    Why doesn’t anyone ever pray to Mother God?

  • Mish

    Has anyone contacted the FBI???????

  • adam

    they could use corrupt Navy Seals or Green/Black Berets

  • Snufy

    Mainly because there is no ‘Mother’ God, unless your god is a pagan god.

  • Stevo Bradley

    Gotcha. That sounds like a religion that started in a culture where men dominated and women were considered second class. I wonder if that could be true?

  • Snufy

    Haven’t you ever had the rude to read the Holy Bible? In it, God says to call no man father, because I am the Father. Jesus talks about The Father. The Holy Trinity is the Father, son, and Holy Spirit.

  • Toondrawer*35

    79 dead scientists in all now. The list keeps expanding.

  • Stevo Bradley

    Please clarify “had the rude to”. Thx.

  • Glenn McBride

    This hit was either cleared through the local police department (bribery) by the interested party, or actually perpetrated by a local cop as a side job.

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  • bccrn

    Actually, you didn’t lose the Confederate flag; it was moved from the Capital building to a museum.

  • bccrn

    I would remind everyone that the bible that we use in America today is the King James VERSION of the original bible. It was written by men, not God.

  • bccrn

    I get your point, but consider this: “Big Herba” is not big money, but Big Pharma is. Food for thought.

  • bccrn

    Not this Floridian.

  • whodowetrust

    When peoples deaths are ruled suicide from repeated nail gunning to the head or several jumping from very tall buildings then one has to wonder. The curiosity factor goes up when planes full of top scientists are shot from the sky like Seal Team Six. If you really study the list of dead scientists and now doctors, it gets very interesting. All I have to say is that everything hidden will be exposed one day and everyone will give an account of their conduct while on Earth. Many of the dead were young, healthy and in a good mental frame of mind when they died or vanished.

  • Ruby

    I think she is talking about the author of the article contacting them

  • Snufy

    There are several different versions of the Holy Bible. They ALL say the same thing, but are written in different ways so they can be understood in modern times. The KJV language is harder to understand. I have heard of a version or two that were purposely rewritten in a way that pandered to pagen groups, but the Holy Bible was written by chosen men under the inspiration of God. Absolutely nothing in the Bible has ever been proven wrong, nor will it ever be.

  • beach

    Some more info on one of the missing, Jeffery Whiteside, a a pulmonary doctor from Wisconsin:

    According to the article, Whiteside walked away after having an argument with his wife while on vacation. His wife then drove home (180 miles) leaving Whiteside without a car. His family didn’t report him missing til 2 days later. The family is refusing to allow the police to search their home, and all contact with the police has to go through their lawyer.

  • Clifford Michael

    “That sounds like a religion that started in a culture where men dominated and women were considered second class. I wonder if that could be true?”

    and that sounds like someone who has been thoroughly indoctrinated by the Illuminati driven popular culture and ideology whose attack on the nuclear family has seen much success – particularly amongst those who naively go along with it.

    How the Rockefellers re-engineered women.
    “By Henry Makow Ph.D.

    Feminism is an excellent example of how the Rockefeller mega cartel uses the awesome power of the mass media (i.e. propaganda.) to control society.

    In 40 short years, many women have lost touch with their natural loving instincts. Consequently, the family is in disarray, sexual depravity is rampant and birth rates have plummeted. – ”

  • Jon Boyd

    Please read Genesis, (you know, the first chapter of the bible?) and explain the two different creation stories contained therein. The bible proves itself wrong thousands of times in it’s specific contradictions.

    Of course you won’t read this because nobody ever reads articles that prove their positions wrong. Just like Christians never actually read the bible.

  • Michelle Lee

    Oh, you think………geez!

  • SinnerInNeedofTheSavior

    I was misled by the “word of faith” teachers for about 25 years of my life. I thank God for a faithful orthodox Presbyterian sister who was courageous enough to warn me of their false-teaching. I will never embrace her beliefs wholesale because they are Calvinist, but I discovered she was right about “weird of faith ; ).” From a sincere heart and with a pure motive I urge you to take a listen to Steve Gregg at “the narrow path. com” and consider his view point on the personhood of God. I’ve found none as well equipped to teach. You may discover that you’ve been misled. We should be unafraid of and open-minded enough to listen to a credible opposing view-point presented in a respectful manner be it by debate, lecture, Q&A etc.

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  • JGC

    Snufy, you’re speaking as if the bible were known to possess some inherent authority, or at the least be more likely to represent an accurate depiction of a god’s or gods’ identity, nature and relationship to man than any other oral or scriptural religious tradition human societies have embraced.

  • JGC

    have any of these deaths been ruled a suicide as the result of repeated nail gunning to the head or jumping from a very tall building?
    If not, one has to ask–what’s your point?

  • JGC

    All of her evidence of what, Mary? As far as I can tell all the information she’s posted regarding these deaths is freely available from other sources.

  • JGC

    ‘Big Herba’ not big money? In 1995, in the United States, annual sales of non-prescription herbal remedies generated more than $5 billion dollars. (Herbal Medicine: Biomolecular and Clinical Aspects. 2nd edition)

  • JGC

    What link would that be, other than “Another Doctor was also murdered recently”?

  • JGC

    Why do you think that, Ron?

  • JGC

    I haven’t seen any evidence that Dr. Riley was engaged in trying to find a cure for autism, Rose–what evidence are you aware of that suggests this?

  • JGC

    And you know that this was a hit, cleared through the police or actually commited by a police officer–well, how?

  • JGC

    Yes, plants and trees have been around for a very long time, as have herbal ‘medicines’, etc.
    Yet for some reason the human race still found it necessary to devote a whole lot of time, effort and captial to the development of science based medical interventions for acute and chronic illnesses and injuries to replace those herbal interventions.
    I think there was a reason for this…

  • JGC

    There’s no evidence I’m aware of that Dr. Holt was killed–i.e., that his death was a homicide

  • Snufy

    Yahweh is the name of The Lord in Heaven. He created the Earth and everything in it in 6 days, and saw that it was good. This is found in Genisis. The fool says in his heart that there is no God. Psalms 4:1. Look around you. How do you explain the beauty and perfection? Why do you think it all just ‘happened’?
    Jesus said that we must have belief. Without faith, we will never see the House of Yahweh.
    The first commandment says, ” Tho shall have no other gods before me.” He is the only living God, other than those who make Satan a god.
    Our battle is spiritual. The devil is trying to get people to disbelieve. Don’t fall into that trap.

  • JGC

    Again: you’re speaking as if the text of Genesis is known to possess some inherent authority, or to be an accurate depiction of actual events–why?
    If someone countered your claim with “No, Brahma is the name of the entity that created the earth and everything. This is found in the Hindu Veda’s.” would you consider their claim proven?

  • JGC

    Dr Schwartz was a gynecologist, Don–how do gynecologists “take money out of the pockets” of the FDA, AMA, or ‘Big Pharma’?

  • JGC

    ‘Youngish’ apparently covers a lot of ground–Dr. Schwartz was 64, Dr.Hedendal 67.

  • JGC

    What pending legislation mandates forcible vaccination, alleged?

  • michael james

    She’s not running for office in Saudi, far as I know. And Bush had everyone fooled about the search for WMDs, as I recall. He was the biggest fool, but others obviously followed the suit of patriotic imbeciles. Married to Cosby? Lay off the booze.

  • onetree

    Okay, well maybe not so youngish. But were these both still working doctors?

    This was the first I’d heard about the story.

  • whodowetrust

    As a matter of fact they have. Just try and kill yourself with repeatedly firing a nail into your skull and get back to me.

  • Don Thomas

    JGC, 4 out of 6 of the doctors are either holistic/naturalist doctors. By the way you talk, you are programmed to believe everything you hear from your doctor. If you came down with cancer, you would probably do as the doctor tells you. I, unfortunately did, in the most part, but after research, since they told me my cancer was treatable but not curable, I found out about alternative ways of treating cancer. Also found out that the cures from the past cost some doctors their practice or life. If you are old enough to remember back in the late 60’s and into the 70’s they had medicine called Laetrile which consist of Vitamin B17. The FDA, AMA and big Pharm pulled it off the market for it was helping people with cancer. You can get this through apricot kernels or any health store that carries it. The cyanide in the kernels kills the cancer cells without destroying good cells.
    Ask yourself this. Why do you think they have made cannaboid oil legal now? Or marijuana in some states? It’s because they have known, all along the benefits of THC and cannabis, but wanted people to pay through there noses for treatments and pills.
    Open you eyes, and I pray you don’t get cancer, for knowing you, the way you talk, you would prefer poisoning your body before doing the right thing. If you go the conventional way, your chances of surviving is about 2%. Cancer don’t kill, Chemo does. Ask any doctor if they would take chemo 70-75% will say NO God Bless You

  • JGC

    Dr. Hedendal was a chiropractor, not a physician. No cause of death has yet been assigned, and there’s no evidence I ‘m aware suggesting it was a homicide.

    Dr. Schwartz was a gynecologist, and as such it’s difficult to envision how his practice could have represented a threat to the interests of pharmaceutical companies, the FDA , CDC, etc., such that a covert ‘hit’ on him would be ordered. The most recent reports I’ve seen support his death as being committed in the course of a home invasion/robbery (apparently he was known to keep large amounts of cash on hand at his home).

    Dr. Riley was a DO (Doctor of Osteopathy), and not only is there no evidence she embraced alt-med or anti-vax beliefs but as of Monday her husband Yathomas Riley has been charged with her murder and held without bond. He’d previously been arrested and charged with aggravated assault and battery against her, involving a handgun, during an altercation on June 14th.

  • JGC

    Which of these six health care providers were killed by repeated nail gunning to their head, only to have their death ruled a suicide–Dr. Schwartz? Dr. Hedendal? Lisa Sievers?
    Be specific.

  • onetree

    So possibly a coincidence. Of course, I don’t know how we’d discover what would be a typical or normal number of doctors and/or chiropractors to be found murdered in such a short period in a particular state or locality. And I’m not familiar with the area and don’t know where these murdered doctors lived in relation to one another, but all things considered, it still seems like the probability exists for this being more than a coincidence.

  • Debora Lee Meehan

    Yes, Mario, I’ve written books over 30 yrs. of private practice in Colon hygiene, I have the Biogenic information and the Greek info you are sharing in my books. History contains all the answers right in front of our noses!

  • JGC

    “JGC, 4 out of 6 of the doctors are either holistic/naturalist doctors.”
    And of the six only three are being investigated as homicides, of those three only one was a holistic/naturalist doctor (Teresa Siever). Dr Schwartz was a gynecologist, and Dr. Riley a DO (and as of Monday Dr’ Riley’s husband had been arrested and held without bail for her murder.)

    “ By the way you talk, you are programmed to believe everything you hear from your doctor.”
    I’m not programmed to believe anything on the basis of anyone’s claimed authority. Fortunately I don’t have to, given there’s this little thing we scientists like to call ‘evidence’.

    “If you came down with cancer, you would probably do as the doctor tells you.”
    If the available evidence supported their suggested course of evidence, what rational reason would I have to reject his advice?

    “I, unfortunately did, in the most part, but after research, since they told me my cancer was treatable but not curable, I found out about alternative ways of treating cancer.”

    May I ask which alternative method of treating cancer you found, and what evidence demonstrates it is as safe and effective as a treatment for cancer as standard-of-care science-based medical interventions?

    “ If you are old enough to remember back in the late 60’s and into the 70’s they had medicine called Laetrile which consist of Vitamin B17.”
    Yes—it’s a toxic compound that has never been shown to be a safe or effective as a treatment for cancer.

    “The FDA, AMA and big Pharm pulled it off the market for it was helping people with cancer.”
    Your evidence that laetrile’ helps people with cancer’ (i.e., produces better outcomes than are seen in untreated cancer patients or cancer patients receiving standard of care surgery, chemotherapy or radiation) would be what, exactly? Be specific.

    “ The cyanide in the kernels kills the cancer cells without destroying good cells.”
    The evidence that laetrile is capable of distinguishing between cancerous and non-cancerous cells, killing only the cancerous cell, would be what, exactly? Again: be specific.

    “ Why do you think they have made cannaboid oil legal now?”
    Because there’s no evidence of cannabis oil efficacy, there’s no regulation of cannabis oil production, no pre-release quality control standards in place to ensure product safety and lot-to-lot consistency, etc.

    “It’s because they have known, all along the benefits of THC and cannabis, but wanted people to pay through there noses for treatments and pills.”
    No, it’s for the reason I listed above. if there were actual evidence it was both safe and effective the drug companies that already have systems in place to ensure safe and consistent production, etc., would be producing and selling it themselves.

    “Open you eyes, and I pray you don’t get cancer, for knowing you, the way you talk, you would prefer poisoning your body before doing the right thing.”
    My eyes are open, and to my mind the ‘right thing’ to do is to pursue those courses of treatment for which there’s robust clinical evidence supporting efficacy.

    “ If you go the conventional way, your chances of surviving is about 2%.”
    This statement quite simply isn’t true-you’ve fallen for an alt-med myth.
    That 2% figure comes from a seriously biased study (“The contribution of cytotoxic chemotherapy to 5-year survival in adult malignancies”, Moritz et al) which created a false impression of 2% effectiveness by excluding from the data set the survival rates for the types of cancers for which chemotherapy is most effective—all leukemias, T-cell lymphomas, Burkitt’s Lymphoma, etc.; by focusing solely only on 5 year survival rates as the metric for efficacy; and by failing to distinguish between outcomes for chemotherapy administered with the intent to cure and chemotherapy administered as palliation. I’d offer a link to a detailed discussion of how this paper fails but it appears that including URL’s prevents my posts from appearing.

    “ Ask any doctor if they would take chemo 70-75% will say NO”
    This also is another alt-med falsehood.
    The “75% of doctors would refuse chemo” comes from a study that’s 30 years old, and which addressed about a specific type of chemotherapy (cisplatin for non-small cell lung cancer for palliation, not chemo in general for other indications and as anything other than palliation) that at the time was newly introduced.
    Details matter.

    Note a follow-up study in 1997 found that the 64.5% of the respondents would elect to be treated with cisplatin as palliation for that indication.

    And a study in 1991 (“Oncologists vary in their willingness to undertake anti-cancer therapies”S.E. Lind, et al) that looked at willingness to take chemotherapy for many kinds of cancer and cancer stages, from early stage to terminal, as well as to experimental therapies, found percentages as high as 98% of doctors willing to undergo chemotherapy, with the remaining 2% undecided or unsure—none indicated they’d be unwilling to take chemotherapy.

  • Alleged Comment

    In California so goes the nation.

  • waterfall90

    Your statements about Dr Riley are correct. She reported to the police that her husband had pointed a .44 magnum at her head and threatened her in June. He is now charged with her murder. She was an emergency room doctor with no connection to holistic medicine.

    Dr. Schwartz also had no connection with holistic medicine; he wasn’t even licensed to practice in Florida where he lived and it’s possible he was retired. He was the 46th homicide victim this year in the county where he lived.

    Dr Baron Holt (one of the six) was a chiropractor who traveled to Florida to seek a spinal adjustment, according to his family. He died unexpectedly while he was there. They said he had struggled with some health issues lately but didn’t think they were anything too serious. An autopsy was being performed but there’s nothing to indicate that it was anything but a natural death. He was described in a newspaper article as being a down-to-earth well-respected chiropractor who went to London in 2012 to provide care for the U.S. Olympic team. Doesn’t sound like someone who held controversial views or was considered
    “out there”

    Dr. Teresa Sievers was found dead in her Florida home and her death was ruled a homicide. She was an internist who practiced integrative medicine. It appears that she took a special interest in women’s health issues. I found nothing at her website to indicate that she had any radical views that would make her a target. A local sheriff working the case said that there was a lot of evidence and he expected the case to be solved. He has said some vague things about the case being fascinating and worthy of books and movies. Conspiracy theorists are interpreting that as meaning something nefarious was going on – or maybe it means it has the makings of your standard Lifetime movie (usually involving more mundane things like infidelity). I guess we’ll all find out soon enough.

    Dr. Bruce Hedendal (67) was a Florida chiropractor who was found dead in his car after a day of activity at a sporting event. He did support alternative treatments. It is not considered a suspicious death by law enforcement nor has his family expressed any concerns at this time.

    The last doctor is Dr. Bradstreet, who was a controversial autism doctor. It’s easy to see why the conspiracy theorists would believe that his reported suicide was something darker. I’m sure there’s no shortage of information out there from those folks. There is a pretty balanced article about him in the Washington Post July 16. It mentions the fact that he died the day a Swiss paper reported five people had died at a Swiss clinic he was associated with. I’m sure objective sources can be found if you look for them. Or you could just assume he was killed by Big Pharma. You choose.

  • JGC

    SB277 doesn’t mandate forced vaccination, Alleged

  • Gaia

    It’s Mother Goddess. If God is “all things” then He is absolutely also a She.

  • Gaia

    Mind washed dogma. God, Goddess, All That Is. The Holy Trinity of the Divine Feminine is Maiden, Mother, Crone. And just because this Truth wasn’t washed into your programmed mind from an early age – doe not make it any less true. Wake up.

  • Gaia

    The fool says in his heart that there is only one way – and that “truth” is applicable only to what he understands – or is willing to understand.

  • Deb

    Don Thomas– Trust me when I say that you can’t help people who think they know everything. There are many who know you are right, but don’t be caught up in the distraction. It is a waste of precious time and energy. Help those who have ears to hear.

  • Snufy

    You have no idea what you’re talking about. Where do you get those foolish ideas? Read the Bible while you still can. The truth is in it. One second after death is too late. Jesus said that He will come as a thief in the night, meaning when you least expect it. Accept Jesus, the son of God, or forever regret it.

  • Gaia

    Please allow this visual to speak for me.

  • Snufy

    And if you’re wrong? We all will face judgement from the holy angels, someday.
    Enjoy your life while you can. Forever is a long time. You’re gambling your very soul away.

  • Robin

    Sad news for our
    patients and friends

    Dear Patients, Family,
    Friends, and Colleagues:

    It is with great sadness
    that the office of Nicholas J. Gonzalez, M.D. relays news of his untimely death
    on Tuesday, July 21, 2015. The cause of death was cardiac related, it
    appears, as he suddenly collapsed and was unable to be revived. Dr.
    Gonzalez was in excellent health otherwise so his passing is quite unexpected.

    Currently, his family is
    taking care of funeral arrangements and Dr. Linda Isaacs and his office staff
    are tending to patients. In the interim, please know Dr. Gonzalez’ office will
    keep you posted on plans by way of this announcement list. Moving forward, his
    team will do their best to navigate tasks and transitions seamlessly and we
    thank you in advance for your kind consideration. If you are a patient and have
    an upcoming appointment, please call the office to let us know if you wish to
    reschedule with Dr. Isaacs.

    Dr. Gonzalez leaves his
    beloved wife, Mary Beth, a legacy of Christian faith, healing, and genuine love
    for people and the pursuit of medicine.

    This is a deeply
    distressing time for all of us. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

    Nicholas J. Gonzalez, MD

    Linda L. Isaacs, MD

    36 E 36th Street, Suite 204

    New York, NY, USA

    (212) 213-3337

  • Gaia

    In all seriousness, it is challenging for me to believe that people can be such ignorant sheeple in today’s Information Age. Just following the non-thinking clunky, awkward teachings of mindless minutia. This is the Age of Enlightenment… the Age of Love and Compassionate Understanding. Such out-dated patriarchal bull is offensive to our humanity. To our very souls. Can’t you see outside your box even for one blessed moment – that God is Within Us? Within. Not without. God, Goddess, All That Is, surrounds Us. We *are* God, experiencing Herself. Own your Divinity darling. Stop giving it away. Read some Neale Donald Walsch. And know… if you’re following the dogma of your parents’ parents’ parents’… you’ve got God all wrong.

  • Snufy

    As an ordained Christian minister, I must tell you that you have been deceived by the devil, aka The Father of Lies. The Lord never changes. He is love.
    Satan is hatred, deceit and death.
    You have a hardened heart that doesn’t want to know truth. Ask Jesus to open your eyes to the truth. What have you got to lose?

  • Gaia

    What a convenient notion to apply to anyone that sees past these lies that have held humanity down for thousands of years. What a neat little tidy answer that is. “You have been deceived by the devil”. A terribly weak minded response for the brain and soul-washed. My heart is open wide. The truth is all I see. It is you, my friend – and all of your kind – who are unable to grasp the concept that God is so much more than your little mind can conceive. To see through the tiny pin-hole from which you perceive would be to close myself off to the wonders of Love. The wonders of Truth. The wonders of Allowing all of humanity to be who and what they are. These boxes – these labels – they are nothing but shadows meant to confuse us and keep us small – and fear-filled. Open your eyes. ALL is Love my friend. As a minister – I would think you would have that understanding.

  • Snufy

    I thought about labeling you as a stone hearted idiot, but I won’t.
    Have a nice life.

  • Gaia

    ^^ Another poignant “Christian” example of love and compassion. Fabulously illustrating my point. Thank you <3

  • Snufy

    You have no point, other than declaring yourself foolish. If you are not for God, you are against Him. He will turn His face away from you, so says The Lord in Heaven.

  • Lyncmar

    That’s not the only bible we use in America. In fact I would be very leery of using that translation. Many errors.

  • Carolyn Steele Key

    Don, I had 32 rounds of chemo. I opted out of my last trial after I was laying in my hospital bed eyes closed, when the drug co. rep (my second trial drug) and my Oncologist (both females) came in talking. The drug rep asked,”Why did you admit her? You know, if she dies in the hospital, it will go against our drug. Why didn’t you just give her some fluids and sent her home?” The doctor said I admitted myself the night before through the emergency room. Once out of the hospital I opted out of the trial. The doctor said I had 3-6 months to live. Well I found out about Laetrile (Apricot seeds) and here i am 10 years later! NO Cancer!!! There are 27 people I personally know that has the same type testimony I have, and we all had different types of cancer. I think Big Pharma is involved! Blessings all!

  • Carol

    Gaia, I am 63. When I was 7, I died. I saw Heaven and experienced God. When you die, you will know you have been mislead. If you are not afraid, seek the real God. I say that in all sincerity, because all that is evil will try to prevent you from crossing over. I know (from experience) the war for your soul is real. You only know what you have been told.

  • Lurker


  • Gaia

    Carol. I think it all comes down to semantics. Trust that I am a believer in Love and Truth. In kindness and goodness. In allowing others their path to enlightenment – whatever that may be. I am not here to judge or label. I think that when we die, we will all find that there’s much more to the story than we could ever have conceived in our life. I am ever open to learning more in this life – as that journey never ends. At 63, I would hope you feel the same. Just realize – you don’t know my experiences. You don’t know what I’ve seen. So let us just suffice it to say – to each his own, go forth and do good in the world, and Blessed Be )O(

  • Tom Tchikofski

    Your are so right. Just like the constitutions. they are using it like toilette paper rather than land law. but they are using it in a deferent places.

    Constitution was created as land law and flags are created to flown.

  • kathy p

    Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez died of a heart attack in his home yesterday. I don’t believe this was a real heart attack. I believe he was killed by the medical mafia.

  • Dr. C

    Will you please, for the love of God, PLEASE learn basic grammar? Your irratatic and incorrect use of commas is so annoying, it completely distracts the reader from the content of this article.

  • ned kelly

    John 3:16, The ONLY thing you need to believe to be saved. God is a god of love + immeasurable compassion + forgiveness.

  • axeecutioner .

    I could use a job. I’m usually the go to guy for editing amongst my colleagues and am in a graduate degree program.
    …Lol, It doesn’t hurt to try.

    The article isn’t too badly written. However, the first two paragraphs could use some work–the repetitious propositions and wording seem to obstruct flow.

    Thoroughly reading many of the articles you have posted, It doesn’t seem like editing is hampering your credibility at all. I actually kind of like the down to earth presentation of them.

    On another note, this is my first time posting, I want to thank you for being an advocate for truth as it concerns personal health and wellness. There really aren’t many people out there who have the audacity and courage to do so.

  • stephen

    if anyone one is familiar with coast to coast radio one of the guys on the show the other night suspected that the the doctors are being killed by the drug cartel because they are prescribing medical marijuana.

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  • Lurkerseekyou3


  • Lilly Luna

    Were you aware that the word Elohim is actually feminine? Apparently the ancient Hebrews worshipped god in both masculine and feminine form. Who knew? Hahaha

  • Snufy

    Apparently you have no idea what you’re talking about. Yahweh and His only begotten Son always refer to themselves as male. To say differently is blasphemy. Tread lightly when you listen to others.

  • Iris Byrne

    Why not find the things they are writing? They might be exposing toxins in the water that some international organisation want’s covered up. Check out Kevin Galalae’s books and facebook page. They keep arresting him and charging him with trumped up accusations.

  • Andreas_J

    And at the end of the day, if you buy into the BuyBull, God created Satan. God is to blame for EVERYTHING because he lets Satan reign free.

  • Anonymous

    Another doctor has died. Dr. Gonzales in NY. He has been helping people beat cancer for the past 30 years. His death is attributed to a cardiac event which could be true, but he was a healthy guy.

  • Becky Hastings

    In light of these events it seems more imperative than ever to have an excellent understanding of eternity. The evil events in the world can cause fear or push us towards truth. The reality is there is spiritual warfare taking place in a manner more obvious than ever and our souls are the prize. Perhaps the most significant part of our thoughts is what we believe about God and eternity.

  • JGC

    “The truth is in it.”
    Snufy, how exactly have you established that ‘the truth’ you believe is found in the bbile actually is true–or at the least, is more likely to an accurate account of god’s existence, nature and relationshipt to man than any other oral or written religious tradition human cultures ahve embraced throughout history?
    I trust it’s on some basis other than perosnal faith–after all, no degree of faith, no matter how sincerely held, is capable of establishing what one believes to be true actually is true. If it were, we’d logically have to conclude that each and every religious traditions. living or dead, that humans have embraced throughout history were simultaneously and equally true,, no matter how mutually contradictory, were by virtue of their adherent’s faith.
    No god, one god, multiple gods–all equally and simultaneously true. Salvation by works, salvation by faith—simultaneously true..etc.

  • JGC

    Snufy, your evidence that some entity commonly termed a ‘soul’ exists, and that humans possess them, would be what, exactly? Once you establish they exist we discuss whether there’s reason to believe they are placed at risk by a lack of faith in any particular religious tradition.

  • JGC

    You’re speaking as if some malevolent supernatural entity commonly termed ‘the devil’ exists–whatever for?

  • JGC

    ” If you are not for God, you are against Him. He will turn His face away from you, so says The Lord in Heaven”
    Uhh–actually, it was a number of human authors, from a primitive nomadic culture, who asserted that a lord in heaven says that.
    You do realize that isn’t the same thing?

  • JGC

    Or even better, cloned alien-human hybrids incorporating DNA from Elvis Presley and Bruce Lee.

    Even Chuck Norris couldn’t stop one of those.

  • Snufy

    Primative Nomadic cultures…Isn’t that quaint…
    It is a direct quote from Jesus. You Athiests believe what you want. I am tired of arguing with idiots.

  • JGC

    Perhaps many who believe he’s right, but there’s a very real difference between knowledge and belief–and it’s not trivial.
    Recall Don is demonstrably that chemotherapy is seen to be effective in only 2% of patients who receive it, and demonstrably wrong that 75% of physicians would refuse chemotherapy should they develop cancer.

    “There are 27 people I personally know that has the same type testimony I have, and we all had different types of cancer.”
    The plural of anecdote isn’t, I’m afraid, evidence.

  • JGC

    If that’s dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, of the infamous “Gonzalez protocol” for pancreatic cancer, far from helping patients beat cancer for 30 years it appears his protocol has been actively harming them.

    A clinical trial of his protocol in pancreatic cancer patients was begun in 1999 (“Prospective Cohort Study of Gemcitabine Versus Intensive Pancreatic Proteolytic Enzyme Therapy With Ancillary Nutritional Support (Gonzalez Regimen) in Patients With Stage II, III, or IV Adenocarcinoma of the Pancreas”) but was terminated early–before patient recruiting had even been completed–when it was determined patients following the Gonzalez protocol were faring worse than the patients in the comparison arm who were receiving standard-of -care chemotherapy (gemicitabine).

    And not just a little worse—really, really worse: the median survival of patients in the Gonzalez therapy group was three times worse than the patients in the gemicitabine group: at one year 56% of the chemotherapy patients were alive versus only 16% of the Gonzalez protocol patients. Not only did Gonzalez therapy patients do worse than those receiving standard therapy, but they did worse than predicted for an “average” pancreatic cancer patient as determined by survival curves derived from data in the National Cancer Institute’s SEER Database.

  • JGC

    No. Dr. Schwarz was a gynecologist, who although living in Florida was not licensed to practice in that state. There’s no evidence he practiced anything other than standard of care science based medicine when he was in active practice.

  • shadowydog

    She is married to Bill Cosby???????

  • JGC

    Why do you believe he was killed by anyone at all, kathy?

  • JGC

    1) Nothing in the bible represents a direct quote.

    2) There is no real evidence that the depiction of Jesus in the gospels is either accurate or that of an actual historic person. Certainly
    we know that other elements included in the bible’s text are either inaccurate, fictitious or intended by the authors as allegory or metaphor (the Noachian flood, the Jewish exodus, the Roman census depicted in Luke, etc.)

    3) I’m not an atheist.

  • whodowetrust

    It was a banker.I should have added bankers to my initial comment.Mr. Richard Talley ,age 57 died of a “suicide” via nail gun (7 to torso and one to his head). Several bankers also “jumped” from tall buildings.
    By the way, the number of dead Doctors is now 7, after the recent murder in California.
    Perhaps nothing to worry about but isn’t it interesting that they want to push vaccine legislation in California and Florida?
    I’m done with this whole discussion with you now, thank as you please.Perhaps it will be your plane shot down next, with some Doctors or scientists or bankers.
    It doesn’t much matter since our whole country is dying.

  • JGC

    So taht’s “No, none of these deaths were labeled as suicides by means of repeated nail-gunning to the head or falling from a high building, which brings us back to “Did you have a point?”

    Surely it isn’t “Because some deaths have suspiciously been labeled as suicide
    when suicide does not seem to be consistent with the manner of death, it’s therefore suspicious that Dr. Bradstreet’s death, where the manner IS consistent with suicide, was labeled as such.”

  • Snufy

    Go to psychology It
    Explains more thoroughly than I have room here to explain it to you.

  • Rommel Scalf

    Triple Arc Training Group in Central Florida; run by a former Paramedic/Police Officer; holds self-defense firearm safety classes for medical personnel.

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  • JGC

    And how exactly have you factually established that the reason why you’re here 10 years later with no cancer was due to the laetrile, and has nothing whatever to do with anything else (like. perhaps, having had 32 prior rounds of chemo)?

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  • Alleged Comment

    Reports say the opposite.

  • JGC

    Please quote the actual text in the bill where forced vaccination is mandated, alleged. It’s not as if it isn’t publicly available, after all.

  • Barbara Yurich


  • Connie Latham

    Just so you know, when listing a doctor’s name, you either say “Dr. John Smith” or “John Smith, M.D. “(D.O., etc.) You don’t say “Dr. John Smith, M.D.”


    Try the Shroud of Turin,,,

  • JGC

    The shroud of Turin is a work of art by a human artist, which was in fact determined very shortly after the time it was created in 14th century).
    There is no record of the shroud’s existence prior to the mid fourteenth century: the earliest written record of the shroud is in fact a report by Bishop Pierre D’Arcis, an official report dated 1389 delivered to Pope Clement VII, debunking its authenticity. The report states the shroud originated as part of a to attract and profit from pilgrimage, and details the efforts of D’Arcis’ predecessor’s (Bishop Henri de Poitiers) to investigate of the shroud, stating Poitiers succeeded in identifying and obtaining a confession of forgery from the artist responsible.

    No known examples of the herringbone twill weave the fabric of the shroud consists of date from the first century: burial cloths which do date fro the first century instead tend to be of plain woven. The image itself is made up of pigments commonly used by artists at that time (red ocher and vermilion tempera paint have been positively identified).

    Note that there were about 40 similar “True Shrouds” circulating throughout Europe at the time—pilgrimage attracted by relics was big business–although the Turin shroud is unique in that the apparent imprint of a man appears on it.
    Note also that the Turin shroud contradicts the account of Jesus’s burial given in the Gospel of John, which describes the body being wrapped multiple cloths and including a separate cloth placed over the face, as well as the inclusion of “an hundred pound weight” of burial spices, not a trace of which appears on the cloth.

  • Rose Pursley

    This could be worth looking into…
    If Dr Bradstreet was truly working with this and there is a connection with the other Doctors then we can assume that the corporate government hitmen were at it again.

  • Rose Pursley

    I guess you better do a little more reading. There is a plethora of recent scientific evidence which is compelling as to its authenticity..

  • ArmchairMike

    If God was a woman we would have to put 23% less in the collection plates.

  • Frank Emkey

    Gaia, hilarious comments! I’m so with you. Humans seem to enjoy being mind controlled. Ludicrous nonsense is everywhere.

  • Ann

    The shroud of Turin has been proven to be authentic! The image was not made up of pigments, sorry! A hundred pounds of burial spices? How would you know that? Ha Ha!

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  • gene cass

    God help the person who invents a free, clean energy source.

  • Murray

    Satan is hatred, yet you thought about labeling someone as a stone hearted idiot. Hmmm i can sense some deep hatred within.

  • Love

    Idiots? Sounds like hate

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  • Jennifer

    Snufy, this isn’t about arguing, this is about stating the facts and I would like to point out that the Bible is not factual. In fact, speaking from a historical sense, when Jesus actually spoke, no one wrote anything down right then and there. It wasn’t until a while after his death that his “quotes” were written down. Back then people didn’t write anything down, they told stories orally, so when men actually decided to write things down it was more than likely fictionalized and perpetrating patriarchy.

    Also, before the judeo-christian religion came about there were a number of creation myths. Spirituality was used to explain things they could not understand. For example, some people even thought that rain was something that occurred out of the wrath of god. Since the beginning of the humanities there have been countless creationism stories told, but like all the other ones, the Adam & Eve story is simply just a myth.

    One more thing.. what do you think is more detrimental to society, not having faith in mythological stories but being a kind hearted, respectful human being or deliberately displaying hatred and hurting others but having faith in mythological stories?

    Think about it for a second, I mean really think about it. At the end of the day, I don’t care what people believe in, they could worship a cow for all I care but it all comes down to this.. Don’t be a narcissistic asshole, because the point of religion is to set rules so people like you who did not grasp how to treat others could have a guideline to follow by. But the paradox is that religion has done more damage than good, and you are setting the perfect example of that. You christians pay attention to the wrong thing and overlook the main message in the bible and that is to love and be kind to others..

  • Snufy

    There is not one thing in the Holy Bible that ever has been proven wrong. Give me an example of what you think is that way.
    The ways that seem right to man lead to death. Psalms.

  • Moon Doggey

    Another new-ager who is going in the crapper. Minds are like playdough Gaia, so you go ahead and do your ‘ascension’ with your demon guide. If you are lucky when you release your khundalini snake you won’t become completely possessed.

  • Jon Boyd

    Stop. Go back and read what I wrote in my first post. Then go read Genesis (you apparently have not read it, I have) Explain two creation stories. Now go to the link I posted. Read the information there. Explain the inconsistencies therein.

    ” Give me an example of what you think is that way.” << I did give a very specific example in the very first book of the Bible. I then directed you to a link that describes thousands of other examples. Go read those. Explain.

    If you do not do that, then you cannot claim to know anything about the Bible. If you refuse to look at your own source material with a logical eye, then you cannot use it as a logical "source" to support or attack any argument. In that case I suggest you stop posting things online that have anything to do with religion or the Bible since you are not qualified to do so.

  • Snufy

    Well, Jon, as a ordained Christian minister, I feel as I am qualified to know what the Holy Bible says. “In the beginning, God created Heaven and Earth.” Sounds pretty plain to me.
    I’m not interested in reading what anti-Christians have to say. I know the truth, which is the Word of Yahweh. Jesus says that He is the way, the truth and the light. To know the truth, all you have to do is read His word. In order for anyone to understand the Bible, they must have the Holy Spirit of God.

  • Abrahamlet Kovler

    If you are so tired, why not get some sleep.
    What I wonder is why all the churches that are filled with church dogma that preach the same damn narrow stuff that you espouse and feed people who are poor invariably feed them utter junk food with no real traditional value that sickens them.
    It also seems to me that if God were really guiding their lives, the Christian Churches would have more sense and plant gardens with organic food.
    That would give me the idea that Christians are being led to at least common sense, but on the contrary, like you and your ilk mainly bully people to “believe” like you evidently do in a style that shows me so obviously that you are all strangely only strangely only able to parrot with the same stilted irritating language and are not capable of any creative way to express themselves. To me proof is in the pudding but this pudding is loaded with GMO hi-fructose corn syrup, cruelty very un-“christian gmo-fed cows and chickens. WHy, why???

  • Abrahamlet Kovler

    And to that, I say, ah men! Ah men! With pun intended.

  • Abrahamlet Kovler

    And such a paucity of common sense like informing their people about the corporatists so obviously trying to kill off 95% of the people with their poisoned food and vaccines. I see nothing but abject ignorance in the churches fed on this garbage, literally…. And figuratively… But where are the organic gardens. Now that would show me some proof that your catty dogma has real validity, instead of this ruff ruff barking at the unbelievers.
    Do you mean with all their money to build their fancy churches, they don’t have room to grow real food where there are these extensive lawns only having Miracle Grow poison grass.l?

  • Abrahamlet Kovler

    Hey pal, why don’t you try to get a little more up to date, rather than depend on what has been supposedly proved wrong earlier in the last century where the cloth radio carbon-dated proved to be to prepare the shroud, partly burned in a fire.
    Not that I’m any kind of Christian believer, I’m not.
    Those people need to show me more intelligence, a better manner of speaking and behavior than barking dogma…and..,oh yeah, feeding people and espousing healthy food, rather than the poisoned food they invariably feed their bodies.
    It all appears so wrong- headed and stupid.

  • Abrahamlet Kovler

    Room? Where, in your head? Sorry, no vacancy.

  • Jon Boyd

    If you are an “Ordained Christian minister” then you should be ashamed that you have never read Genesis, since it is of course, the first book of the Bible. I am well aware that it requires very little to become “ordained” (approximately $35 online) and it’s even cheaper to lie on a website (100% free). That being said, you still haven’t read Genesis, and have proven your lack of Biblical knowledge so anything you say here should be taken with a grain of sand until you start backing up your comments with real knowledge (not quoting some random scripture).

    1. Go read Genesis.
    2. Explain the fact that there are two creation stories therein.

    “I’m not interested in reading what anti-Christians have to say.” << I grew up very Christian (regardless of my current beliefs, since I'm a member of a polytheistic church now and quite happy). If you refuse to acknowledge critical thinking then you are not deserving of the title "ordained Christian minister". If the Pope pointed out the fact that there are two conflicting creation stories in the first book of the Bible then would you go read it? What about the minister at your church? Do you even go to a church? Who would have to point this out to you for you to acknowledge that it is very real? Jesus Himself?

    The point is this: you claim to know everything about a certain book that you haven't actually read. I know this because you haven't even read the first book of the Bible. Stop finding some random scripture to support whatever it is you are trying to prove because your beliefs are skewed by a complete misunderstanding of the Bible which you continue to quote. The book is extremely vague and you can find some sentence or passage taken out of context to support *any* argument, so nothing you say is relevant until you face the facts. The truth is that the Bible is not infallible, there are thousands of factual contradictions within the Bible, yet it is claimed to be "absolute truth" by millions of people around the world. It does not matter who points out the thousands of factual inconsistencies in the Bible, they are there, whether you "believe" it or not. All you have to do is go read it and take notes.

    Over and out.

  • Snufy

    Gee, you mean Springfield Baptist College overcharged me ?
    There are NOT two different creation all stories in Genesis. Where you get your information is obviously a false doctrine. You say there are ‘thousands’ of false things in the Bible. However, you cannot prove a single one. You cannot understand the Bible without having the Holy Spirit, which you do not have. To explain to nonbeliever a like you is an exercise in futility, as you refuse to hear the truth. The fool says in his heart there is no God. We all must accept Jesus as our savior, or never see the House of Yahweh. Once you do that, you begin to see the light.
    The ways that seem right to man leads to death.

  • Snufy

    Where did you come up with that stupidity? Do you go to the church of Satan?

  • george noory

    Someone is trying to take our eyes off of the ball by changing the topic to religion

  • Snufy

    It totally amazes me how so many people like you insist on following the lust of their heart rather than hearing the truth. To highway to Hell is a wide freeway.

  • Jon Boyd

    Go. Read. Genesis. There are absolutely TWO creation stories. If you had ever read the Bible you would know that.

    Genesis 1:1-2:3

    Then read:
    Genesis 2:4-25

    So tell me, did God create mankind “in our image” or did God create mankind from dust?

    Did God create man first, or animals first? Because the two accounts show the creation in a different order. I could go on and on but I won’t bother. You haven’t even read the first two chapters of the first book of the Bible, so obviously you won’t be able to argue this in a rational way, lol.

  • Snufy

    Well, knucklehead, it says that God created man in His image. He formed man out of the dust in the ground and breathed life into him.
    Animals were created first, as it says God brought them to Adam to see what he would name them.
    You aren’t nearly as smart as you think you are.

  • James

    This is not even a “giant coincidence”. There are approx 50,000 licensed physicians in Florida. The mortality rate in Florida is 701 per 100,000. So we would expect to find 29 dead doctors every month. That you have to include Georgia to come up with your “giant coincidence” just makes this whole line of reporting even more ridiculous.

  • Jon Boyd

    In the first creation story God creates animals first, then man. In the second creation story God creates man first, then animals. It’s not that much to read, it takes place in the first two chapters of the book. But your inability to read apparently makes me a “knucklehead”. Nice resorting to name calling when you are wrong. Very typical of someone who presumes that everything in the Bible is fact. Obviously it isn’t.

  • James. 99% of doctors are pro vaccine. 5 doctors from here in Florida died within a few weeks- a few murdered. They were outspoken on vaccines (for the most part) and conventional medicine. That is very rare. I appreciate your trolling though 😉

  • ah i see you have a history of people complaining about your trolling as well. NO surprise.

  • SixFootThree

    Well, Jon, as an ordained Quack minister, I think the Bible is 100% true but I offer no proof other than what the Christian Quack minister before me told me and what I read in the Bible.

  • SixFootThree

    You are so special that you have the Holy Spirit in you but JON BOYD doesnt. Typical narcissistic Christian who has all the answers but in actuality has none.

  • Snufy

    Yes it is very special to have the Spirit of God in me. People with your attitude could too, if you want. It opens up a whole new world. It’s a free offering from Jesus, who gave his life that whoever accepts him as their savior will have everlasting life.

  • SixFootThree

    There is not one thing that has been proven absolutely true either! Thats why its called “faith” because none of the bible can be proven so its up to the individual to rely on his faith to believe. I know you have convinced yourself that the holy spirit is inside you and you can feel him but that is your own brainwashing at work.

  • james

    yahweh is an alien anannuki as told in the Sumerian creation story 5000 year old babalonia tablets written long before the bible and all its versions even existed.
    Zecharia Sitchin was right all along.if your going to believe in the written word than belive in the oldest written words from mesopotamia. also the location of the garden of eden.

  • Gaia

    We all see through our own perceptions – our perceptions become our thoughts.. our thoughts, our beliefs… our beliefs our words, actions and deeds. Not understanding this.. you live by default and go through a lot of suffering. Ego is oppressive.

    Your words are quite revealing of your perceptions my friend. Get brave and own your own divinity, love. It takes just a bit of courage though.

  • Moon Doggey

    You can keep your new age existential-isms.

  • Gaia

    Truth needs no label. It simply is.

  • Moon Doggey

    New Agers worship a false god Missy.

  • keith

    Thanks for the link! It was very good reading.

  • Channa Kaye Graham

    You’re welcome! 🙂

  • Allison Ranels

    Non-Believer? A person can believe in God and not be a Christian!

  • Snufy

    More accurately, you believe there is a God. To be a true Christian, you of your sins, follow the commands of The Lord in Heaven, take Jesus Christ as your personal savior, and get baptized. There are many gods, but only one living God. The First Commandment says,” Thou shall have no other gods before me. If you don’t do those things, your future is in grave danger. God loves you, and does not wish for anyone to perish.

  • Snufy

    The Lord Jesus never came to dwell among us and spread the Gospel until about 2 thousand years ago. Our Heavenly Father used to demand that blood of sacrificial animals cleanse us of our violations of His law. He sent His only begotten Son to take our sins upon us, so that we might live in His House for eternity. It’s a free gift. All we have to do is accept it. No man comes to Yahweh except by Jesus Christ. He loves you, personally. Accept Jesus as your savior while there is still time. One second after death is too late.
    Jesus said that he came not to change the laws, but to remove our sins from us for the asking.

  • Snufy

    Satan is known by Jesus as the Great Deceiver. He wants for you to believe he is a nice guy and there is no Hell. Hell is the eternal firey pit where all those whose names are not written in Heaven will be cast. It’s where the worm never dies and the smoke of torment rises forever. Do not go there, at ALL costs.

  • Snufy

    Different religions have different names for The Father in Heaven. For instance, Muslims call their god, Allah, which is the worship of the satanic moon god.
    Also, thank you for pointing out my typo. It must was supposed to read, “Desire.”
    I need to do a better job of proof reading.
    God bless you.

  • Allison Ranels

    There are no other Gods!? I don’t buy into Religion…….You don’t have to be Christian to go to Heaven!

  • Phil M Stilliard

    Are any more doctors at risk of sudden death? They should install CCTV and catch the murderers who do this, this might deter the murderer from pulling the trigger.


    as per my research, although there are 110 versions of txt in publication, in many languages, all “biblical” scriptures were NOT created by Homo Sapiens but by Sphere Beings (our Gods aka other Races as we were never alone)…today, they are mixed with Humans to create Hybrids (today’s Royals, 13 Main bloodlines that rule earth) one of the first verses expresses we were designed in “their image” b/c we were “spliced” genetically by 22-44 various Races to create the lower level Human as we are newbies and not as advanced as other Races are being that they use similar apple IPADs- Prj LOOKINGGLASS, black plasma aka TV mind prog devices, energy weapons, laser, fibre optic, downloading/memory/telepathy, energy healing/shifting, cellular/micro waves, HAARP, anti grav propulsion systems, levitation, “demonic” possession capability, etc- all our technology comes from various ETs tht work in D.U.M.B.S, on the Mars Project and who have always warned us about NUK technology……and not from our own Intelligence. Bible is engineered, later altered b/fore the 1510 printing press (hand written by scribes off the Original ET language) although not important, to BE CONTROVERSIAL so as to keep the Deception current; it’s actually a Road Map. Millions of years ago, when Homo Sapien was genetically designed by a race, we were later “tweeked” (theory of evolution was put out there in FREE gov EDU- to create Confusion, Debate thus keeping the Deception ongoing). Jesus is 7ft tall thus he is a hybrid and was created via Invitro- a million year old technology…Was he benign? and Who/Why was he sent in this physical dimension? Is he returning? Deception is a constant Weapon used so as to continually to suppress us so as to CONTROL Humanity. We are controlled via engineered concepts: Social Class systems steming from Financial structures, then relig, political especially, legal, Pharma…Modern AMA medicine is designed to control, regulate and suppress natural cures. we know drugs don’t cure any disease but only Manages disease- AMA is a profitable disease mgmt Concept.

  • I like what you said, but I regretthat ths whole discussiongot so side-tracked.