(Editor’s Note: I previously reported about federal officials going door to door collecting urine samples (while my readers in Miami were writing me confirming what I found CNN to be saying) here in this article and video. You can also read here about the same aerial spraying done over the city of New York.)

Today at dawn, just as I suspected and predicted, authorities began reigning down insecticides on the city of Miami and surrounding metropolitan areas. The plan to spray was recommend by the CDC and will cover a 10-mile area, part of which includes a one-mile-square area north of downtown Miami- health officials feel this is the hub of Zika transmission in the state. Pregnant women are urged to avoid travel to this area.

As you can imagine, people have written to us because they are scared for their children, pets, and even themselves. But Miami-Dade health officials have said that residents don’t need to take any special precautions, unless they have allergies or sensitivities. Those people should remain indoors.

What officials are calling a “Zika outbreak” first happened last year and has been linked to more than 1,700 cases of microcephaly. However, Zika has been around for decades, and in multiple countries, without ever causing a cause of microcephaly, and yet the virus is all anyone in the health community wants to focus on. Interesting.

From the article:

“In a conference call on Tuesday, CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden expressed concern that vector control efforts so far have not been as effective as hoped. A CDC expert is currently conducting tests in Miami to see if mosquitoes in the area have developed insecticide resistance.

Florida had been using two products in the pyrethroid class of insecticides. In its aerial campaign, the state will use a chemical called Naled that has been approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, according to Joseph Conlon, a spokesman for the American Mosquito Control Association.”

Interestingly, the CDC wanted to spray in Puerto Rico as well but their altruistic “recommendation” was met with protests from concerned residents who are worried about the potential impact on health, bees, agriculture, and their environment. An important question here is, why isn’t the CDC worried?

Does this sound like the Ebola scare to anyone else?

After all, there’s an awful lot of hullabaloo over Zika, which has never been the culprit before, even though we don’t have concrete proof that it’s to blame. There’s even a prominent conservative Science journal asking if Zika is really causing the birth defects.

SOURCE: Yahoo News