Ask Your Doctor About Cannabis chewing Gum

We here at Health Nut News are so thankful that the word on cannabinoids is spreading. And now it looks like those who are in the most pain in our populace, may have access to it via chewing gum. AXIM Biotechnology has created marijuana gum and it expects both the FDA and the European Medicines Agency to approve this product for use, by prescription. Called “MedChew Rx” the gum contains 5 mg of cannabidiol (CBD) and 5 mg of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Cannabidiol is one of a 100 cannabinoid properties found in marijuana and doesn’t give people the “high” people think of when they hear the word. It also has a number of health benefits, which we have written on many times.

Dr. George E. Anastassoy, MD, DDS, MBA, the chief executive officer of AXIM Biotechnology, explains the gum has a, “precise, controlled release mechanism to the oral mucosal capillary circulation”, which means it will bypass the liver. By chewing, it also avoids irritating someone’s lungs and is associated with fewer side effects- as well as being more socially acceptable.

We look forward to this product coming out on the market and for perhaps a more realistic and wise FDA, one who isn’t willing to look solely at profits but what’s best for people and health.

SOURCE: Home Healthy Habits