Rob Greenfield yearns to change the world and bring attention to our wasteful, first world lifestyles. As a self-described “adventurer, activist and dude making a difference,” he’s created Food Waste Fiasco that strives to open people’s eyes to our waste. He lived in a 50 square foot house in San Diego, which he auctioned to build 10 houses for the homeless and is the host of the Discovery Channel’s, “Free Ride.” Along with this and his book “Dude Making A Difference,” he donates all of his media earnings to non-profits. Now Greenfield is shouldering our collective burden of waste by literally shouldering that burden.

As a man who claims to have merely 111 possessions, Greenfield will now graduate to literally wearing the amount of trash that the average American produces every day (4.5 pounds) adding 4.5 pounds every day for a month until it amounts to 135 pounds after those 30 days. Each item of trash he creates, he’ll wear as a garment to highlight just how much of our rubbish the earth has to carry every day. He will be creating videos, Facebook live streams and blogs to document this process, which he plans to turn into a movie in order to raise awareness of just how careless we can be. This is an idea perhaps none of us should throw out.

*Article origially appeared at Minds.