(This story isn’t brand new but not knowing if you’d all seen it or not, I just HAD to post it.)

Officer James Givens was sitting in his car in a parking lot when a goose came up and started pecking the side of his car. He thought perhaps she was hungry so he threw some food to her, but she didn’t take it, continuing to peck and quack instead. And then, all of a sudden, she walked away- stopped- and looked back at him.

When he didn’t get the message she came back and pecked again and this time Officer Givens followed her.

From the article:

“The goose led him 100 yards away to a grassy area near a creek. Sitting there was one of her babies, tangled up in a balloon string. He was kicking his feet, desperate for help. He was wary of helping the baby on his own, worried that the goose might attack him, so he called for help from the SPCA, but no wildlife rescuers were available at the moment.”


It was then that Officer Givens called his colleague, Officer Cecilia Charron, to help. As she started to untangle the baby, the mama goose stood there and watched, AND quacked. However, she wasn’t aggressive, she just let Officer Charron do what she had to do to set her baby free- like she knew they were helping.

After Charron was able to free the baby and saw them reunited, she teared up and said it was the highlight of her 24 years on the force. Officer Givens also says that after 26 years with the Cincinnati Police Department, he’d never experienced anything like that.

Givens says, “It seems like something made up. It was just incredible. I honestly don’t know why I decided to follower her, but I did. It makes me wonder – do they know to turn to humans when they need help?”

Well done to the Mama goose for asking for help AND to the two hero cops who helped her little family. Heart strings tugged.

Source: The Rain Forest Site Blog