If you’re a man, you might want to pay attention:

Vasalgel, anon-hormonal male contraceptive owned by the medical research organization the Parsemus Foundation, is set to become the first FDA-approved male contraceptive since the condom. Expected to hit the US market around 2018-2020, one injection would last for years. Research says that at least half of men would use it.

From the article:

“Vasalgel is essentially a polymer that’s injected under local anesthetic into the man’s sperm-carrying tubes, accessible through the scrotum — not in his penis or testicles as some authors have erred. It works by blocking sperm and is expected to be reversible through a second injection that dissolves the polymer.”

(While Vasalgel blocks sperm other fluid can still pass through which reduces any risk of pain due to back pressure, an occasional issue with vasectomies.)

Every year, millions of men choose vasectomies which are both more invasive and intended to be permanent. But, if it’s merely birth control that a man is seeking a vasectomie for, this is a better option.

And it’s not the only one:

“Gendarussa, another non-hormonal contraceptive, has gone through phase II human trials in Indonesia. The method is hypothesised to work by preventing the sperm’s ability to fertilise an egg.

Another method, this one from the US, is an anti-Eppin agent that targets sperm’s ability to swim. Both of these non-hormonal methods would involve the man taking a Pill.”




Needless to say, for women, it would be AMAZING to have men help out in the contraceptive department. Condoms won’t become a thing of the past because they still play an important role against sexually transmitted infections. But they aren’t enough to prevent pregnancy, just ask anyone who has gotten pregnant using them!

It’s an interesting thought and one that women have been begging for for ages! If you are a man, would you use one of these new products?

Source: Telegraph