Lyme Cryme: How it all Went Down

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I’m so thankful to have found this blog post on Lyme and want to share it with you. For those of you who don’t know, Lyme disease was originally known as a “relapsing fever” or borreliosis because of the taxonomy and nature of the organism that causes the disease. To date, Lyme is difficult to diagnose and many people live with the disease for a long time before they figure out what’s happened.

From the article:

“Spirochetes are their own phylum, and they shed their outer surface in a mechanism called blebbing. Through “antigenic variation,” or the ability to modify their outer surface proteins (Osps), the organism causes “relapsing fever” because the host immune response must constantly address the variable antigens. For this reason, it is not possible to vaccinate against borrelia.

These shed layers, or “blebs” are covered with Osps, referred to as OspA, OspB, etc. OspA is a toxic, fungal-type (TLR2/1 agonist) antigen that causes sepsis and subsequent post-sepsis immunosuppression in 85% of the population. This is another reason a vaccine is not possible. Examples of parallel failed fungal vaccines include tuberculosis and HIV.”

To read more of this amazing story (find a quiet place to concentrate- this is good info) and learn about the CDC cover-up, click here.


Source: BLAB

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