Kim Thien Le, a Bay Area woman, has been accused of posing as a pharmacist and handing out some 745,000 prescriptions before she was caught. On Wednesday the California Board of Pharmacy confirmed that records revealed Le had attended Creighton University but never graduated and the pharmacist license number she’d used was from two pharmacists with similar names.


“According to documents filed by the board, Le handled 745,355 prescriptions in the course of a decade as a pharmacist and pharmacy manager. She worked at Walgreens in San Jose, Milpitas and Fremont.

Le isn’t the only one in trouble. The board is looking at revoking Walgreens’ pharmacy licenses for the stores where she worked.

Walgreens couldn’t tell the board if it had requested or reviewed Le’s pharmacist license and couldn’t furnish her employment application during the agency’s investigation.”1

A Walgreens spokesperson confirmed that Le stopped working for the company in 2017 and that at that time the company “undertook a re-verification of the licenses of all our pharmacists nationwide to ensure that this was an isolated incident.”1


The case is open and remains under investigation.


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