List of Monsanto Owned “Food” Producers

(Editor’s note: While the title in this re-posted article says that Monsanto “owns” certain “food” companies, we know that our friends at Herbal House 365 were intentionally being controversial to grab attention. We chose to do that as well, with the full understanding that these companies aren’t owned by Monsanto. Love you Health Nuts!)

In light of the public anger over the Monsanto Protection Act, here’s a simple, list of companies that use Monsanto products.

By avoiding products made by companies on this list, you can help ensure your money isn’t going to Monsanto and also watch out for the health of your family and yourself. See photo and text below!


Here is the List (also notice photo above for brands like Crest, TIDE, Ivory, DOVE, Kellogs, Gerbers, Oil of Olay, (P&G) Tampax etc.  We recommending shopping at the health food store, waiting for sales or the organic section of your grocery store.

1. Aunt Jemima
2. Aurora Foods
3. Banquet
4. Best foods
5. Betty Crocker
6. Bisquick
7. Cadbury
8. Campbells
9. Capri Sun
10. Carnation
11. Chef Boyardee
12. Coca Cola
13. ConAgra
14. Delicious Brand Cookies
15. Duncan Hines
16. Famous Amos
17. Frito Lay
18. General Mills (tons of cereal brands)
19. Green Giant
20. Healthy Choice
21. Heinz
22. Hellmans
23. Hershey’s Nestle (Nestle owns a ton of food products too- avoid them like the plague)
24. Holsum
25. Hormel
26. Hungry Jack
27. Hunts
28. Interstate Bakeries
29. Jiffy
30. KC Masterpiece
31. Keebler/Flowers Industries
32. Kellogs
33. Kid Cuisine
34. Knorr

35. Kool-Aid
36. Kraft/Phillip Morris (Kraft owns nearly everything)
37. Lean Cuisine
38. Lipton
39. Loma Linda
40. Marie Callenders
41. Minute Made
42. Morningstar
43. MS. Butterworths
44. Nabisco
45. Nature Valley
46. Ocean Spray
47. Ore-Ida
48. Orville Redenbacher
49. Pasta-Roni
50. Pepperidge Farms
51. Pepsi (seems like half the food people buy is owned by them- look at chart above)
52. Pillsbury
53. Pop Secret
54. Post Cereals
55. Power Bar Brand
56. Prego Pasta Sauce
57. Pringles
58. Procter and Gamble (Charmin, TIDE, countless other products we would NOT use)
59. Quaker
60. Ragu Sauce
61. Rice A Roni
62. Smart Ones
63. Stouffers
64. Sweppes
65. Tombstone Pizza
66. Totinos
67. Uncle Ben’s
68. Unilever (like Dove Soap- bad bad news)
69. V8

*Article originally appeared at Herbal House 365.