Thank you, Leo, for doing the right thing.  We also have an update – shockingly the government just stepped in and asked that the pipeline be halted for the time being. Wow! The Tribes are calling it a “game changer”

leo-dicaprio-pipelineYesterday, Leonardo DiCaprio used his Twitter account to help support the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, as well as around 200 other Native Americans tribes, to stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (we wrote this story when it first broke). The $3.8 BILLION pipeline will destroy burial sites as well as other sacred areas and poses a substantial danger to the cleanliness of the water in the Dakotas (we know it can happen, it already did in the Amazon). We have already stolen enough. We have already destroyed enough land.


We have agreements in place with these sovereign nations that should prevent this.


Leo, a noted environmental activist, sent out this Tweet in support of the protesters:


You’ve GOT to check out the video below too.

Thankfully, the protesters won a small, but temporary victory last night, when Judge James Boasberg granted them part of a restraining order- perhaps because contractor Energy Transfer Partners had already started desecrating their land even though they weren’t legally allowed to.

That’s correct. From the article:

“The company had sneakily begun bulldozing ancient Sioux burial grounds over the weekend after corporate security thugs unleashed attack dogs on the peaceful protesters. Their dogs bit several people including a small child. Using the distraction of the holiday, the construction company began work before the complaints filed by the Standing Rock Sioux were heard in a legal hearing that is set to take place on September 9th.”

Thank you to the tribes who didn’t allow this miscarriage of justice to remain hidden, thank you to people like Leo and Occupy Democrats for standing up for what’s right, and thank YOU- all my Health Nuts- for reading and forwarding this. These protests must continue to spark a national movement and conversation about how we treat people. We must be better than this and we must demand better from our elected leaders.

Source: Occupy Democrats