LEGO is ditching plastic in favor of sustainable materials


LEGO is ditching plastic in favor of sustainable materials

In a recent announcement, LEGO said they plan to move away from plastic to more sustainable manufacturing materials.

The Denmark based company plans to invest around $150 million over the next 15 years creating a ‘Sustainable Materials Center’, which will have over 100 employees researching and developing for those colorful little blocks we all love.  They are confident they will have an alternative by 2030.

The CEO and President of the LEGO Group, Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, states that, “This is a major step for the LEGO Group on our way towards achieving our 2030 ambition on sustainable materials,”

He continues, “We have already taken important steps to reduce our carbon footprint and leave a positive impact on the planet by reducing the packaging size, by introducing FSC certified packaging and through our investment in an offshore wind farm. Now we are accelerating our focus on materials.”

As a company that reportedly uses over 6 billion tons of plastic each year, this is great news and hopefully inspiration for other companies involved in plastics production.  They say the Sustainable Materials Center will be up and running this year.

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  • Michael Luckenbach

    Hemp, duh!

  • toddyo1935

    6 BILLION tons? That may be more than the whole industry produces. When designing a product like this with so-called renewables, they will encounter problems with porosity and flammability. They might have to use some pretty nasty binders to hold the things together. With porosity comes little crevices to collect germs. Good thing they’re giving themselves to 2030. Worries about carbon footprint equates to less plant growth was plants require carbon dioxide to survive. With fewer plants, the source of renewable deteriorates. One thing they should keep their eyes open for is an unplanned or unexpected discovery. That’s how Teflon was developed and the microwave oven discovered. In the meantime, enjoy your nice plastic, long starting, washable Legos.