lead in chocolate brands


Source: ABC7 News and As You Sow

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  • What’s the status of Dr. Mercola’s Pro Optimal Whey in regards to lead and cadmium? It’s not on the list.

  • Barbara Dunn

    What about Lindt & Sprungli’s 70% or 90% bars, do they not have any lead or cadmium in them, only the 85% one?

  • Vivien

    Is there any information about the AlterEco 85% dark chocolate?

  • exiledbaystater

    OK, but I think it would be more detrimental to stop eating. Lead is naturally occurring in Earth’s crust. It really would be helpful to know the concentrations.

  • John

    Sickening. You can’t convince me that it’s taken up naturally through soil, water and, air. Seems apparent to me it is somehow deliberate poisoning of consumers.

  • Helen


  • Dawn Canright

    Small amounts of lead/cadmium are found in most grains, rice, meats etc. It is a part of naturally occurring minerals and such that are found in all soils. You will not find a soil sample anywhere on earth that does not have trace amounts of these. Once again, the fear mongers have stepped in to peddle their “natural” wares…or those with whom they have “no affiliation” wink wink. Please people…don’t believe the first thing you read on either far end of the health spectrum. Who performs the test on the supposed lead-free products? Because if they contain natural substances, I guarantee you, they WILL contain trace amounts of lead or cadmium.

  • Lover of Truth

    Seems the amount of lead and or cadmium should be published as if they are in minuscule trace amounts it may indeed not be a huge deal. But then again what often happens like in
    Fukushima is to simply have the government raise the acceptable amount. Regardless we need to have the discussion of where the line needs to be drawn.

  • Lover of Truth

    Your right, to a degree. But instead of stating how much is too much or safe you stated fear mongering is the motive when indeed we need to be discussing to what degree is safe or unsafe as it may be.

  • Dawn Canright

    Yes, you are correct. I did overreact a bit :)…mostly because I find it unsettling to read blanket statements warning folks of things that may, in the end, not be harmful after all. The importance lies, as you say, in knowing what levels are safe. For if these naturally occurring metals (found in soil, air, plants and animals) are in so many things that we eat, we should know how much we can safely ingest. It is a known fact that vegetarians tend to have a higher level of this in their system, as it is found in most vegetables. The European Food Safety Panel has lowered the safe intake level to 2.5 micrograms per kilogram of body weight. But it’s hard to know just how much comes naturally in the fruits and vegetable that we ingest…unless we test everything before ingesting it. But there should be a way for a food company to test things such as chocolates for a content level.

  • lakotasue

    Will you be posting a list of “clean” chocolate? Why post something like this unless you do some research and include chocolate that is “safe”?

  • lakotasue

    Yes! There are very many people, who deprived of chocolate, would be very dangerous!

  • Heather Guidi

    Yes, we need to know if ANY chocolate is clear.


    Please state the amount that is dangerous to humans and then tell the amount in the chocolate. then the statement will make sense. That would good research and reporting.

  • Liz Ehret Re

    Me included

  • Carol Browning

    I too would like to know what chocolate products are safe these days.

  • This is from ABC news. I let the experts of chocolate provide that information which is why they’re on the list. I’ve also shared their list of good and bad brands. I guess you think ABC did bad reporting too which is fine. I’m just sharing the news of the list and I think no one amount of lead is fine in your chocolate.

  • If you read the article there is a link to click for the good list. The watchdog consumer company put that together and there’re a few brands that I would probably eat off there or at least one.

  • They have all been independently tested, but I don’t have the data. That is why I recommended the endangered species which I knew had been recommended.

  • Wow. What chocolate company do you work for? Suggesting that I have ties with the organic chocolate company I added to the article only after being asked countless times on my Facebook page which you can click on – and you suggesting I lied about it is pretty sick. That must be how you work, but not me.. If you actually did your research you would know I have been with Dr. Mercola for the last seven years. I purposely didn’t recommend OUR brand because obviously we are affiliated. Instead I recommended a brand that I have no affiliation with, but who was on the good list in the article. I felt it was the only one fit to consume on the list and it was organic. Shame on you for your false allegations and rather ugly attitude on my site. Perhaps you should stop eating all that chocolate:-)

  • The clean list is right in the article:-) you just have to click on the list that the watchdog group made of good companies.

  • Dawn Canright

    Lead is in everything you eat. It is in the air, the soil (all soil)…Your email to me was very unprofessional and truthfully quite rude. My reason for questioning the “safe” chocolate, was that there was only one brand listed. If you follow up on my next response to another persons comment, you will see why I mentioned the European EPA’s health levels of both of these metals. I do not represent a chocolate company…I do not eat chocolate or other sweets. I merely question why there is no mention that there are small levels of lead in all vegetables and meats that every one of us eats. It is in volcanic ash, rock, soil, air…and all plants and animals. Like zinc and magnesium, it is only dangerous if ingested in higher levels. Thankfully most foods contain very low levels, and so we are able to safely ingest, digest, and process these metals…and be fine. 🙂 I admitted to another reader that I had initially overreacted. My apologies for insinuating that you might be associated with the chocolate you listed as lead free. I do believe that sharing the full story…about the metals being in everything, and safe to eat at low levels, would be helpful. Keep sharing what you believe to be helpful to others…that is a good thing! Please don’t feel bad if others questions and share their thoughts as well, because that is the purpose a comment section, right 🙂 …Blessings…

  • Dawn Canright

    As the author of a health blog, being less sensitive to the comments would go a long way to giving credence to your articles.

  • I don’t mind people call me a conspiracy theorist over the dead doctor articles. Funny thing is I never said it’s a conspiracy or that they are linked. I don’t mind people call me a crazy health nut or say I’m nuts. But the one thing that bothers me if somebody says i’m affiliated with Endangered species or just have this site to make money. I’ve been asked to represent lines. I’ve been asked to have my own line. yet I don’t even promote Dr Mercola or his line nor has he ever promoted me. I just don’t like being accused of something that I don’t do. Call me nuts. Call me a crazy conspiracy theorist, Call me over reactive about mainstream articles on chocolate, but I work way too many hours with no promotion ever from my own better half and built up a network of over a half 1 million people on Facebook just to get the message out. I suppose I am crazy for not taking those contracts. So yes, I’m sensitive when somebody thinks I’m trying promoted company with which I don’t even have an affiliation. Best of luck to you and it is 4 AM here so forgive all mistakes

  • Good question Barbara. You might write the watchdog group and ask them as they did all the testing and probably know better than I did. I’m just sharing the information in this article 🙂 Best of luck!

  • Deathbychocolate

    Maybe it is related to the process of preparing dark chocolate because of the higher cacao content?…I would avoid/limit snacking on dark chocolate but then again this is the reputed “healthier option” chocolate.

  • Jill Kranitz

    Yes, that’s what I was hoping to see too!

  • bellabecka

    Anyone who is doing a study or involved in studies to better mankind in what we eat gets a thumbs up for me. In this world with poisoning our fruits, vegetables, like Monsanto is doing, as well as poisoning other foods should be made known to the public. The mere fact that for years, the FDA – a government based agency has known of poisons in our food and water, has passed it to the consumer as being safe while they keep the money in their pocket versus doing the research. It is getting to be in my opinion that only the very rich will get the good stuff that doesn’t contain the poisons in it and the rest will be passed to us to ingest. Look how the government doesn’t want to have to list whether it is a GMO food product or not. The government is slowly killing its citizens, because there simply too many of us on the planet to feed. Kudo’s to anyone like yourself who wants to make it known what is in our food! Food manufacturers for way too long have put in food toxins and less “real” ingredients of the actual food substance that don’t belong there to make a profit versus giving us a substantial healthy food product to ingest.

  • Piece Work

    Then WHY not just label it “CLEAN LIST”?

    OH NOW I SEE, cause your link is really to AMAZON so you can make a few pennies. Rather than to an actual CLEAN LIST.

  • fastlane

    Is there anything left we can eat without it having some problem.

  • Jeremy

    Why does your headline say CBS yet your link takes you to a local ABC news station in SF? Also in reading the original article, it reads like an advertisement for the “one chocolate that past the tests” and seems like horrible reporting. Health Nut News seems as shady and uncaring as the rest of the hack job websites pushing some “organic” or “all natural” product. I guess you got the memo that fear is a better motivator in sales than truth.

  • jenny mclellan

    Shes put out a warning…end of get over yourself


    I’m not sure I understand your comment “all the information provided”. There is none provided. You are just passing that there is lead and cadmium in certain brands. That’s like saying there are preservatives in food. How much? and so what, is that certain amount which we don’t know, bad for us. We know that lead and cadmium are bad, but how much? Passing this information without a foundation supporting your concern is useless to the person that does not know how to finds out like you do. And you apparently are just interested in passing information without checking it out to find out whether it is a valid concern or not. But you have made it clear where your concerns are…with yourself. Thanks, but no thanks. I will find the information myself. Sorry to have bothered you.


    I did not know that you just pass information. I am use to reading information from Dr. Mercola. He’s very thorough when he passes something. I would not have asked you such a question, since you are not qualified. But I would suggest that since you are just passing information, to get the information from someone who is qualified and provides the information to make a qualified decision, before just passing something that many just interpret as scare mongering. I eat a lot of chocolate 99 percent from Peru (TCHO) which I did not see addressed and sometimes dark chocolate of some of those brands you mentioned. And I like to know the facts, whether coming from you or CBS or whoever. At least, give a link to the facts. Tks. VR

  • PhilLC

    classic scaremongering to push expensive alternatives.

  • lakotasue

    Thanks! Guess I missed it.

  • Peter Langelaar

    just search for a organic chocolate made from wild beans … better is a non roasted non heated chocolate because when you roast it it will contain acrylamide ( neurotoxin ) i only use a chocolate with probiotics tat contains >800mg flavonoids at each 10gr

  • Tracey Dunn Williamson

    I eat the Lindt 85% dark. Guess I will drop them until I find out more, good thing I have back ups. They really should state amounts as I’m sure we are getting trace amounts from many sources. One thing I make sure to never purchase is chocolate with vile dairy products.

  • Rob

    Wow, only one brand is okay to consume? Geez

  • docbob

    Not to shoot the messenger. But the author’s own little blurb here mentions “a short documentary” on how she “overcame” amongst other things “vaccine injuries.” Come on now. An article from an “anti-vaxer” already raises my suspicions. I’d like to see the credentials of the “independent labs” who made these determinations. No I do not manufacture or sell chocolate. I do eat it on occasion.

  • ProtectrKids

    There is no safe amount of lead and these heavy metals accumulate in the body. I won’t completely stop eating chocolate ,it’s not something I eat every day, but I will watch what brand I choose to buy and cut down on how much I eat. I appreciate having this information so I can decide what I want to do .

  • Seng

    I think the point is – we are not safe from heavy metals, toxins etc. no matter what we buy. We have saturated the planet and will now suffer the consequences- at least our children will.

  • Philip Jay Matricardi

    Can you provide list of those chocolate brands likely to be using cacao beans harvested by slaves or children?

  • Light

    Why do you condemn a person for making a living when much work is done by them to bring forward health information to the public? YOU are the scammer, wanting to know important information at the expense of the person doing the research and writing.? I believe if you did work you would want to make a living doing it.

    Thank you Erin for all the work you do and for bringing TRUTH forward for us to know. ~L~

  • Light

    its like the big pharma’s doing “tests” on vaccines and claiming there is no adverse toxicity to their BILLION DOLLAR BABY. It is important to know who does the testing, as to the “result”.

  • xdrfox

    OMG, these people vote too !

  • William George

    Who decides where to draw your line, or better yet, who do you trust. Personally I don’t put any faith in the F rigging D umb A wholes, most of the entities are former employees, of those that they are suppose to guard us from.

  • William George

    Obama’s New head of FDA, is a former employee of Monsanto, You can bet that he’ll look out for who First, you or Monsanto

  • William George

    QAI is an organic accredited test label, and they play fast and lose with the rules for organic products.

  • William George

    What un organic products do you sell, it happens all the time that the media shares the same info, If I told you that fluoride from China, is not healthy in drinking water, do you think that fluoride from Canada is ? May be that’s the problem you’ve been drinking too much fluoride.

  • docbob

    you are nuts. Pure organic GMO free Macademia nuts.

  • docbob

    not “tests.” Tests. If you have any interest in science, vaccines and the history of contagious disease in human populations, read a basic college biology text. Then read The Great Influenza. And then a history of the development of vaccines. So you’ll know what you are talking about. Otherwise you are just behaving like a parrot.
    One last thing: understand that without vaccines many of your friends and relatives would not have lived to adulthood.

  • docbob

    Quack quack. Wait, did Dr Mercola just fly overhead or was that a flock of ducks?

  • noddy

    The panic I Your message made me smile sorry WHAAAAT no CHOCOLATE?☺

  • noddy

    Do you know why ie if it is just to kill us surely they will die too?

  • Dado Dudo

    How ungrateful!! This article provides you valuable information and you complain that it in the same time makes author’s activities sustainable. What have you done to help thy neighbors today for free?

  • Dado Dudo

    Go take a pill

  • Deanne Peplow

    I hope EWG does tests someday. I’m not sure about this group out of Oakland. My only complaint is the brand you linked to has Soy in it. Soy in chocolate is completely not necessary and used as a binder and filler. Some of the better tasting chocolates don’t use soy.

  • lakotasue

    Then you totally missed my point in the second sentence. I have no panic over the thought of no chocolate. Silly.

  • adobepro

    Hi — My 85% Green and Black bar purchased today from Stop and Shop was made in Poland. When these are imported into the USA, does the FDA sample the batches for lead/cadium content? Can the content be tracked to the FDA by batch number on the bar? I remember there was a lead issue with Dagoba and I got one of those higher elevated lead bars back in 2006.

  • sngbns

    I’m confused. The link for safe organic chocolate goes to endangered species, but they’re on the original full list for being high in lead. Am I missing something?

  • npcomplete

    People have been roasting foods since the discovery of fire. The longest lived people in modern times, such as in Japan, also eat roasted food. The fact is, small amounts of acrylamide that occur from the process will be taken care of by the liver. Just like caffeine and other substances.

    And there is a very, very good reason you SHOULD roast the beans. The natives in S. America ferment AND roast so it’s not a modern process. The excessive phytates in raw chocolate is bad for you (some is beneficial e.g. see benefits of IP6) but the large amounts in raw chocolate especially consumed in large amounts will hurt you much, much more than any acrylamide that naturally occurs from roasting. The roasting breaks down a large amount of the phytates, but not all, leaving some that can be beneficial espcially if consumed separately from certain minerals. There’s a reason why manufacturers of IP6 tell you to consume it on an empty stomach or between meals.

    In fact, I doubt if you’ll even absorb the flavanols with all the phytates in raw chocolate.

  • noddy

    i think you do

  • icare

    Maybe you could contact somebody at the Green&Black company. Of course, more than likely, they will claim there is no problem with their stuff.

  • icare

    Better tasting maybe, but do they contain lead and cadmium?