The reported (and prominent) Nashville attorney representing country music singer Jason Aldean and the Route 91 music festival, Orville Almon Jr., has passed away unexpectedly at the age of 66. 1 His death, which was listed as “natural causes,” marks the 5th unexpected death of someone connected to the festival. It is believed he died from an unexpected “seizure during sleep.”

What is going on?

Before his death, it’s reported that Almon Jr. was negotiating with record companies and drafting “issue-specific” agreements, as well as book deals.2

Almon Jr. had a reputation for being quite good at his job but according to his social media posts “his interactions and interviews with the FBI, MGM, and Las Vegas Police Department” were “incredibly strange and complex.” 3 His posts have recently been made private.
Since the Vegas shooting carried out by the SOLO 64-year-old, Stephen Paddock, those who claimed to have witnessed two shooters, have been found dead under very odd circumstances. And there was also the case of Jesus Campos, who disappeared before he was supposed to make his mainstream media rounds, only to end up giving Ellen an exclusive interview. His only interview to date.

Lastly was Danny Contreras (who we were unaware of until now). “Contreras was shot to death in a vacant Vegas-area home days after the shooting, and local police have attributed his death to gang or drug activity. Even so, before his loss of life, Las Vegas shooting survivor Danny Contreras had also claimed on social media that he’d been shot at by multiple shooters on October 1.”4

Here’s the deal, something is clearly going on. What that is, we have yet to figure out. However, if the feds or local police don’t want us to think something is going on, then they need to stop being so secretive. They need to get their story together. They need to address the multiple shooter issue. They need to be transparent and start answering some questions.
What do you think?

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