Breaking: Law Enforcement Raid Offices of GcMaf Firm


(Note from Erin: Some of the holistic doctors did use or talk about GcMAF in our unintended series of over 60 dead in just over a year. Now films and tv shows (even just this week) are talking about the doctors and some are discussing GcMAF.)

Just last week, eyewitnesses watched as officers raided Immuno Biotech, the company behind the product GcMaf, based on a suspected money laundering offense. The operation continued well into the evening.

From the article:

“‘Law Enforcement Officers have executed a search warrant at a business address in St Peter Port in connection with suspected money laundering offences. A number of items have been taken away for further examination. Two individuals have been arrested, a female who was at the business premises, and a male who was arrested at a second local address. The female has been released on bail pending further enquiries, and the male remains in custody awaiting questioning.’”

The investigation was led by Guernsey’s Economic Crime Division, which is part of a joint Law Enforcement unit. It can be assumed they raided because they were able to get this warrant to stick, unlike the one from last year. On January 28, 2016, the former Health and Social Services Department carried out searches at Immuno Biotech’s Lower Pollet premises and a residential property as part of an investigation into the alleged “selling of unlicensed medicines,” only problem was, the execution of that warrant was unlawful.

Guernsey Authorities in Guernsey are bound and determined to prevent GcMaf importation, claiming they want proof from a producer that it’s being manufactured in an environment “licensed to European standards for medicine production and that it was able to meet the required standards for raw materials in process and end product testing.” Currently, Guernsey remains the only jurisdiction in the world to ban the import of GcMaf.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency has said that GcMAF products ‘may pose a significant risk to people’s health,’ but others would wholeheartedly disagree.

Source: Guernsey Press

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Erin Elizabeth


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • Julie Berry Clark


  • James Peters


  • Julie Berry Clark

    I don’t remember what I was hmmm-ing. But this is very fishy. It would seem to me that they would have bigger fish to fry, what, with all the REAL crime going on, like hillary’s numerous alleged crimes, pizzagate and such.
    I wonder if they (f b i) knows anything about Bradstreet and all the others?

  • James Peters

    Dr. Nobuto Yamamoto discovered and characterised this. I know his main hypothesis is that the production of nagalase by cancer cells blocks GcMAF and this mechanism helps tumours evade the immune system. But other independent researchers have found no differences in the level of this in people who are healthy or have cancer (PMCID: PMC2786967). Also the NAGA gene codes for nagalase, but it is rarely mutated in any type of cancer.

    He sold all his patents to an Israeli company called Efranat who are conducting a Phase I trial (NCT02052492) They have published some early data from it[1].

    First Immune/Immuno Biotech which are based in Guernsey were founded by Dr. Marco Ruggiero and David Noakes. I know Dr. Bradstreet purchased from them. When Efranat brought a vial that allegedly contained the molecule they couldn’t find any when it was tested[2]. Far more worrying is the fact that when the MHRA raided another of First Immune’s facilities they found it wasn’t up to GMP standards and was unlicensed. The blood plasma starting material being used to make this stated: ”Not to be administered to humans or used in any drug products”[3].

    As links are moderated then search for the following:

    [1]. Abstract B30: A phase 1 open label, dose-escalation trial evaluating the safety and tolerability of EF-022, macrophage activator, in subjects with advanced solid malignancies

    [2]. Cancer treatment developer Efranat raises $4.5m

    [3]. Regulator warns against GcMAF made in unlicensed facility in Cambridgeshire

  • AmandaTrebiano

    I am a terminal cancer patient and a medical cancer patient. I have High-grade serous cell ovarian carcinoma as I am a BRCA1+ (like Angelina Jolie). My sister died from the same cancer I was diagnosed with 90 days after her death. She died from the chemo, not the cancer. There are NO KNOWN SURVIVORS of my cancer when it recurs as peritoneal carcinomatosis. NONE. I refused chemo every time they offered it as it can’t help me according to all the medical articles I read. When High-grade serous carcinoma of the ovaries recurs, it is called peritoneal carcinomatosis, long words that mean “TERMINAL” in the English that ordinary people without God complexes use. So, I am terminal according to all of my doctors. First Immune is a biotech company that sells GcMAF which uses your body’s immune system to kill the cancer. I have a highly aggressive cancer. It is the most virulent, most malignant and most deadly of all the gynecological cancers, discovered during a preventative hysterectomy–to PREVENT the cancer it revealed.
    The cancer I have DOUBLES in size every 5-6 weeks. I have been following First Immune’s stage 4 cancer protocol to the LETTER with the GcMAF injections and dietary and vitamin protocols. I’ve had ZERO side effects–NONE!! I also have a November 2016 MRI that shows that my larger tumor has NOT progressed AND the smaller one has shrunk by almost 3/4 of a centimeter and the scattered miliary tumors are gone. This cancer NEVER SHRINKS. NEVER. It is 100% fatal and is considered an incurable cancer–that the oncologists wanted to treat with a 40 year old protocol. I am writing a book about this experience and it has been a real eye-opener about the total corruption of the FDA which is owned and run by Big Pharma.
    I have MRIs that PROVE GcMAF works, and that I am ALIVE makes me LIVING proof it works.
    I owe my life to First Immune’s GcMAF, I have no doubt of that. I am not 100% cured yet, but I am confident I would have been when I finish the treatment. It takes 6-18 months depending on your cancer type,and it may take me another year to beat this–however, it’s not like I’m being poisoned by chemo, bald, vomiting and eaten down to the bone. You would never know I have cancer by looking at me. I look healthy and feel fine. If GcMAF cures HGSC peritoneal carcinoma, in my opinion it will cure ANY cancer.​
    Researchers testing GcMAF stated it, “works 100% of the time to eradicate cancer completely, and cancer does not recur even years later.” The weekly injection GcMAF, a harmless glycoprotein activates the human immune system which then can kill the growing cancer. Studies among breast cancer and colon cancer patients produced complete remissions lasting4 and 7 years respectively. This glycoprotein cure is totally without side effects but currently goes unused and completely ignored by cancer doctors. Why? Maybe it is because there is little money to be made in selling it. For less than $20,000 US Dollars a cancer patient can obtain an adequate amount of GcMAF to cure most cancers. In the USA, Chemo is 3/4 of a million dollars for a round–big moneymaker for them!
    I have an incurable cancer. I had been given 6 months to live in July of 2016 and told I would die around November 2016. It’s September 2017 as I am typing this and I am NOT PRESENTING ANY SYMPTOMS OF CANCER. I feel fine, plenty of energy and I DO NOT have so much as a swollen lymph node anywhere. No ascites, no pain, NO NOTHING. I am
    totally asymptomatic and my doctors are BAFFLED. They don’t know I am going after my own cure since chemotherapy has zero chance of curing me. Cancer is an immunodeficiency disease and chemo kills the cancer cells but destroys the ALREADY COMPROMISED immune system so when it comes BACK the body has no way to fight it off.
    I OWE MY LIFE TO DAVID NOAKES AND FIRST IMMUNE. I have attached the MRI reports–documented legal medical records that PROVE that GcMAF works. However, I have not completed my cure, and now I will very likely DIE becauseof this smear campaign by Big Pharma or whatever the UK version is of Big Pharma. I will be coming to England to testify
    in behalf of David Noakes. He is a visionary and a hero and has cured thousands of people with his immunotherapy drugs and I am going to reach out to all of them and should this proceed to a trial, you can expect thousands of sworn affidavits from grateful patients. I’m probably going to die because of what the handmaidens of Big Pharma have done to David
    Noakes–but I will die praising him for giving me at least an extra year of high-quality life because of GcMAF. He is a medical hero and my doctor here in the USA (I am in the United States) is also sending an affidavit that GcMAF works. She wasn’t a believer at first but she can’t argue with my tumors disappearing and my cancer symptoms resolving. Big Pharma with thissmear and raid has signed my death warrant–but I will die cursing them and trying to help David Noakes continue to bringhis CURE–NOT A REMISSION–A CURE for cancer AND MANY OTHER THINGS to suffering and dying people.My medical records will document that I have an unsurvivable cancer that never shrinks–yet with First Immune’s GcMAF theywere shrinking and disappearing. I would have become the first known survivor of a terrible cancer that kills everyone and now I am going to die because of Big Pharma–but I will not be silent and I am NOT dead yet. I’ve never had chemo. Documented. I was told I’d die in November 2016. 10 months later I’m still here with a new MRI this week that shows continued progress. I am hoping that the supply of GcMAF I have in my freezer will be enough to complete my cure, but I
    am certain that I would have died–just like my sister did–had I allowed Big Pharma’s doctors to poison me with chemo.

  • AmandaTrebiano

    Gee–I’d be dead if it wasn’t for GcMAF which makes you a big pharma lying shill.