(Note from Erin: Some of the holistic doctors did use or talk about GcMAF in our unintended series of over 60 dead in just over a year. Now films and tv shows (even just this week) are talking about the doctors and some are discussing GcMAF.)

Just last week, eyewitnesses watched as officers raided Immuno Biotech, the company behind the product GcMaf, based on a suspected money laundering offense. The operation continued well into the evening.

From the article:

“‘Law Enforcement Officers have executed a search warrant at a business address in St Peter Port in connection with suspected money laundering offences. A number of items have been taken away for further examination. Two individuals have been arrested, a female who was at the business premises, and a male who was arrested at a second local address. The female has been released on bail pending further enquiries, and the male remains in custody awaiting questioning.’”

The investigation was led by Guernsey’s Economic Crime Division, which is part of a joint Law Enforcement unit. It can be assumed they raided because they were able to get this warrant to stick, unlike the one from last year. On January 28, 2016, the former Health and Social Services Department carried out searches at Immuno Biotech’s Lower Pollet premises and a residential property as part of an investigation into the alleged “selling of unlicensed medicines,” only problem was, the execution of that warrant was unlawful.

Guernsey Authorities in Guernsey are bound and determined to prevent GcMaf importation, claiming they want proof from a producer that it’s being manufactured in an environment “licensed to European standards for medicine production and that it was able to meet the required standards for raw materials in process and end product testing.” Currently, Guernsey remains the only jurisdiction in the world to ban the import of GcMaf.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency has said that GcMAF products ‘may pose a significant risk to people’s health,’ but others would wholeheartedly disagree.

Source: Guernsey Press