Breaking: Largest medical fraud takedown in American history as more than 400 doctors, nurses and pharmacists are arrested for healthcare and opioid scams worth $1.3B in false billing


On Thursday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that federal prosecutors charged more than 400 people (doctors, nurses and pharmacists) for taking part in medical fraud and opioid scams that totaled $1.3 BILLION in fraudulent billing.

In total, 412 individuals will be prosecuted by his office in what’s been called the “largest health care fraud takedown operation in American history.”


“Among those charged are six Michigan doctors accused of a scheme to prescribe unnecessary opioids. A Florida rehab facility is alleged to have recruited addicts with gift cards and visits to strip clubs, leading to $58 million in false treatments and tests.

Officials said those charged in the schemes include more than 120 people involved in illegally prescribing and distributing narcotic painkillers.” 1

In 2015, more than 52,000 Americans died of overdoses. In 2016, that number rose to 59,000 Americans. Thanks to pharmaceutical companies who convinced physicians and other pharmacists that they had created drugs (like Oxycontin and Vicodin) that could treat pain but not be addictive, we are in the middle of a crisis.

And the other half of that crisis falls in the lap of the dishonest and greedy doctors, nurses and pharmacists who took part in the scheme. By overprescribing meds to the poor and elderly (and billing the federal government), targeting hospitals in disadvantages areas, and conducting self-seeking research projects in order to distribute inaccurate data to doctors and researchers,2 thousands of people have died or become addicted. (In West Virginia alone, between the years of 2007 and 2012, 780,000,000 hydrocodone and oxycodone pills were sold.)

“While there are rules which require drug distributors and pharmacists to report abnormal orders of controlled medications, regulators didn’t detect this loophole in their system.

In fact, this opioid scam, which has been in effect for at least ten years, didn’t come to light until disadvantaged and middle-class whites began dying in their numbers.” 3

This isn’t going to solve the problem but it’s a good start. We will continue to monitor this story and update you as we have more information.


Opioid Abuse Plummets in States with Legal Marijuana

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Erin Elizabeth


Erin Elizabeth is a long time activist with a passion for the healing arts, working in that arena for a quarter century. Her site is barely 4 years old, but cracked the top 20 Natural Health sites worldwide. She is an author, public speaker, and has recently done some TV and film programs for some of her original work which have attracted international media coverage. Erin was the recipient for the Doctors Who Rock "Truth in Journalism award for 2017. You can get Erin’s free e-book here and also watch a short documentary on how she overcame vaccine injuries, Lyme disease, significant weight gain, and more. Follow Erin on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • Delores Liesner

    Will the names be listed somewhere so people know who not to trust?

  • Lorelei Vision

    When I saw this headline, I KNEW Florida would somehow be on this list! Not a native, but I’ve been here for a few years and I must say that this is an odd state. A hodgepodge of sophisticated development and cracker shack (their words, not mine) sprawl; blue-hair alerts (again, their words, not mine) and kids playing in the streets because sidewalks aren’t a part of the township or city plan; New England carpet baggers seeking a sunny retirement and swamp locals living a quasi – Jimmy Buffet existence. The state is a melting pot of contrasts and contradictions where the adult playground of Miami is rife with beautiful people and deadly to marriage; many people in ports and cities along the east and west coasts for all seeking the pleasures and chemical concoctions to bolster their experience in the Floridian paradise. The pill mills in this state are legendary (not in a good way, imho), beckoning, enticing, calling the addict from far and wide to come! and buy their illicit wares.

    Yes, humans everywhere are capable of illegal acts, but Florida (like Las Vegas) seems to be a magnet for those that seek the hedonistic, lustful pleasures of this secular world. In this well-written article, it is all about the human sin of Greed. Evil-minded individuals worshipping at the altar of mammon whilst fleecing the pockets of the American Taxpayer (once again!). It is never-ending, the machinations and chicanery of those we hold in esteem, trusting them with our health and well-being. Is it no wonder WHY our medical care costs are so expensive…

  • James Stamulis

    These are the people that ruin it for the people who don’t abuse opiods which are a God send when nothing else works for chronic pain. I emphasize when nothing else works. It is so obvious Trump is doing exactly what he promised and is draining the swamp of criminals from lowlifes to the elites and the fact that MSM keeps attacking Trump shows exactly what they are.

  • JJ

    Even the Trump hating commies that I work for are praising him for draining 500 dead weights from the VA.

  • JJ

    About time!

  • usaok59

    Cannabis works well or better than opioids and is not addictive. Too bad bad big pharma and the government don’t want us to be treated with natural plants. Not enough money for them.

  • Jay

    Lots of people use that excuse to stay drunk.
    “Oh, my rheumatism just hurts so bad and this here jug is the only thing that’ll fix it.” Then they have another excuse when they cross the yellow line and kill a load of people in the oncoming lane of traffic.

  • Anni Mock

    Luke 12:2 King James Version (KJV)

    2 For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.

  • Tin Foil Hat

    Notice how McCabe, still holds his position, even as mueller appoints Hillary email interviewer and investigator of her emails to lead the Russia investigation. Comey leaked admittedly for the purpose of getting a special counsel. The proof of hacking doesn’t exist yet our government is 30% compromised pedos and criminals. I give up, I no longer have any hope of our criminal gov. being turned around. Only GOD can turn this situation around. Repent, it will not be pretty when it goes down…

  • Country Codger

    Now, if he will just go after Hillary and the pedophiles.

  • Kris Jones

    Clearly you could use a bit of education on the subject…

  • Iva

    Pray tell what cancer patients are supposed to use for extreme pain?

  • Sgt. Killgood

    Are you out of your mind ?

  • Sgt. Killgood

    Amen & Amen

  • jafo

    Nothing will happen … no serious jail time… what should happen is all there assets be seized … to pay back the government. Just goes to show you … its not a tax revenue problem .. it’s a waste of those revenues … by criminals of all sorts… across the board.

  • Margaret Evans

    What about the Companies who “encouraged” this fraud ??

  • barbarakelly


  • New Yorker

    Didn’t hear much about this on the local news…This is so great, I hope they post a list of names.

  • Josie

    Jeff Sessions is a good man, I pray for him every night too along with Trump…

  • Josie

    They don’t want competition if you get my drift..

  • TeamDoctorsClinic

    According to a report from the Institute of Medicine (IOM), more than 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain – a number greater than those are affected by heart disease, diabetes, and cancer combined – yet very little is spent on research to find better ways to manage pain.

    An IOM committee commissioned by congress concluded that pain is not managed appropriately in the U.S. and that effective treatment of chronic pain will require a coordinated national effort to transform how the public, policy makers, and health care providers view conditions.

    They also say, patients should use public health communication strategies to become informed on how to manage their own pain. You are reading this blog to learn how to manage your own pain.

    What do most people do for their chronic pain?

    Most surveys say they take a pain pill.

    In 2001, Congress declared the start of the Decade of Pain Control and Research. Medical boards across the country encouraged physicians to assess and treat pain in all patients, but they did not encourage them to assess and treat the cause of pain. That may be why the use of painkillers quadrupled between 1999 and 2010.

    Prescription drug overdoses now claim more lives than meth, heroin and cocaine combined.

    Prescription drug overdoses now claim more lives than heroin and cocaine combined. Drug overdose was the leading cause of injury death in 2011. Among people aged 25 to 64, drug overdose caused more deaths than fatal motor vehicle accidents.

    I don’t know what you think of my patient, Kevin Trudeau. I know you saw all the infomercials with him accusing big pharma and the government for covering up easy to use natural cures in favor of expensive dangerous drugs.

    Kevin was trying to help people. Kevin’s message on those late night infomercials made people think twice about taking another pill before bedtime. The government eventually found a way to shut Kevin up by putting him in jail for ten years for contempt of court. Since then more people have died than ever.

    Bruce Lee died from cerebral edema after taking painkillers, which his doctor had prescribed him. Are you as tough as Bruce Lee?

    Did you ever think the simple act of taking just one more pill than yesterday could cause your heart to slow to a complete stop? Neither did the other 50,000 that died last year from taking these innocent looking little pills.

    I can’t tell you how many lives I have saved where I noticed patients slurring speech from their brains shutting down. It scares me to think how many would have gone to sleep that night and never woke up had I not intervened.

  • TeamDoctorsClinic

    No, the government will ask for refunds and they will do jail time. The government funds Medicare with these fines so they will get their money.

  • Mark L

    I know of a doctor and a nurse practitioner that lost their licenses to practice medicine for medical fraud. The same action may be taken against the 400+.

  • Abundantz

    Thank you, Erin, for being on top of this! Good job!

  • Abundantz

    I’ve read in several places it’s 30% are the clean govt; 70% pedos, or pedo set up, and criminals. Severe!

  • MelissaW

    I didn’t hear anything about this at all either. This is the first time hearing about it. I really hope names are listed somewhere also.

  • Nancy Kay Vocals

    Tried to post on twitter. URL is too many characters. I think Florida is teeming with these kind of doctors. Factor in all the fatal motor vehicle accidents and they point back to opiods and to abuse of benzos. There are a lot of pill mills – I have no doubt some of the doctors I fired are caught in this dragnet.

  • Coy Garcia


  • alldemsrloony

    We need the same thing done with our Politicians next.


    And this is why people like me, honest people who DO NOT abuse their medicine and actually need it for chronic pain relief have to be treated like criminals everytime we go to the pain doctor and have to be drug tested every six weeks to make sure we are only taking our pain meds and not anything else, I am sick of paying for the governments and higher ups abuses

  • 1555

    Vitamin C actually takes the edge off. I discovered it accidentally when I had a fractured wrist. My body wanted over a 1,000 vit C daily, and yes, it is needed for healing the bone.
    Yet as everyone warned me about the pain from my uncomplicated fracture, the only time
    I felt an ache was when I was about to do something with the wrist that I should not.
    Several friends have used the vit. C when in pain, and it is non-toxic, and takes the edge off pain. It will not knock you out, but pain will be dull, and quite easy to live with.

    Another bit – for those who eat a lot of starchy food, and sugar. Sugar makes nerve endings extremely sensitive. My chiropractor learned it in her training. Having some protein instead of bread, major difference in pain levels. The stabbing pain is related to sugar making nerve endings stripped of their coating.

  • 1555

    And as my post above says, sugar makes the pain worse, and alcohol breaks down into sugar in the body. Bad idea if one wants less pain. Better for the family too !

  • Jennie Cissell Thompson

    Monsanto is trying to take over the cannabis Industry, it will soon be another GMO product since most states have approved medical marijuana. I have Neuropathy and can’t get any relief. The pain is horrific, 24/7 and pain relief is not illegal for the one’s who really need the help.

  • Jennie Cissell Thompson

    I think you don’t know what you’re talking about. That is awfully cruel when you’re on my side of the fence. Nver mind that your health is pain free, just get down on everyone BUT just walk across the house, let alone anywhere else. You talk like someone with a paper asshole.

  • Jennie Cissell Thompson

    I don’t drink and living day to day makes my pain worse a little more each day. I555, you need to take a hike.

  • Jennie Cissell Thompson


  • Jennie Cissell Thompson

    I know, it’s sick

  • Josie

    My husband has Neuropathy also. I was not aware that marijuana was a good pain relief, not that he would use it. I would if it helped…

  • Mildrid J

    I nvr get/got any. I go to the ER in serious pain and return the same way. Then I recieve reports from the insurance company that the hospital gave me/and charged them for morphine. I call shenanigans! Had I been given morphine I would not have went home with the same pain that took me to the ER in the first place. There are a lot of shady doings going on in the medical community.

  • 1555

    Actually Jennie, Hiking helps…forgive my tongue in cheek. But it is hard to start hiking when one is in pain. Yuck !- My best wishes to you for improving your health and finding some joy in your life.

    I have been in a lot of pain for about 25 years, on and off, so I can relate. My offer of some ideas was from compassion. As a professional health person I share various ideas, and get feedback on them. – The drinking part of my post related to someone who posted “some drink all day long, blaming their pain for it”. And according to the formula that sugar, which alcohol turns into as well, is a real part of the equation.

  • Ron Peterson

    Don’t hold your breath,if you expect god to do something …He should not have let this happen in the first place!

  • fjfhggjgljhl

    I think it’s nice that you always uncover and publish these things, but don’t you think that there is more behind it? When will you ever start digging deeper to get to the root cause of all that or do you think that is normal in the history of people?

  • Tina Rhodes

    Its called Free Will.

  • Light

    It isn’t only these few. DIG DEEPER AND MUCH BROADER.

  • Danielle Marin

    Sorry if this story is a repeat for those of you here. It is worth it if even one person who was not aware of this story reads it. I personally wasn’t aware of this story. i have been compiling data for well over a year now on the many various factors of criminality in this country & only just recently have started focusing my concentration & attention on BigPharma and vaccines. As a result, I was blessed to come across Ms. Elizabeth’s incredible website where i voraciously read all I could about these 2015-2016 holistic murders.
    Below is a very pertinent & related story. Again, my sincere apologies if this is a rerun for you. I self-admittedly am definitely not up to speed with a lot regarding health & medicine since i am not in the business, and unfortunately when i WAS in the Pharmaceutical industry (one big & one small pharma), I got so sick & disgusted by so much of what i read that I ignored much after a while & just tried to robotically “do my job” on autopilot, which was easy enough since it was very boring & repetitive as a Regulatory Operations Documentation Specialist, doing such exciting things as content editing/proofreading & hyperlinking for web-enabling Toxicology reports needing to be included for electronic submissions to the FDA….often tox reports were up to 1200 pages & it could really do a number on a person….i had to sign a waiver saying i basically didn’t have a problem with their testing on animals which sickened me to no end, but after being out of work for 10 months & finding this job, which offered excellent pay & generous benefits including healthy stock options & 6% 401K match, I was not in a position to be picky.

  • WOrkingTaxpayer

    USERs of AFDC, Welfare plus Medicaid to Medicare on and on: should have to receive a BILL and certify that they have indeed received those services and produce a LEGITIMATE VERIFIED…PHOTO ID…sick of the FRAUD Welcomed…because the recipients think ITS FREE: the illegals line up..with their illegitimates everywhere for all UNIVISION is their sources…24/7…NOTHING IS FREE: BLOOD, sweat and tears and the loss of loved ones since the inception of the idea of a nation of Liberty, Freedom…to date…has gone beyond…to PENALIZE REAL AMERICANs as diminishing working taxpayers!