Daniel Pellisier, a former adviser to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, was one of four (alleged) “johns” arrested by police in Citrus Heights, Calif., in January as part of a statewide human trafficking crackdown. The three-day “Operation Reclaim and Rebuild” sweep, led by LA County Regional Human Trafficking Task Force, led to more than 500 arrests, including 30 suspected traffickers and 178 alleged “johns.” 

Citrus Heights police department said,

“Our efforts were focused on identifying and arresting the ‘pimps’ (those who were coordinating the services of victims) and ‘johns’ (those seeking to take advantage of those victims) and rescuing the victims of human trafficking. The city of Citrus Heights and the community of Citrus Heights do not tolerate human trafficking and will continue to detect, deter, and hold those accountable for their involvement in prostitution and victimizing others.”1

According to his bio on UC Berkeley’s Institute of Government Studies, Pellisier, 57, “served as deputy secretary for energy and environment, where he advised Schwarzenegger and oversaw California’s Natural Resources and Environmental Protection agencies.”2 At one point he also served as the president of California Pension Reform (an advocacy group).

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