If you’ve been in a school cafeteria, you’ve no doubt seen the huge and very sad waste that takes place. The truth is that so much of the food served doesn’t get taken or touched and ends up in the garbage. In fact, every day in the LA Unified School District, students throw out at least $100,000 worth of food.


And many people in this country are legitimately hurting for food.

Thankfully, a new law will allow schools to collect unopened food items and untouched fruit for donation to food banks- including from share tables (tables where students leave unopened food and untouched fruit for their hungrier classmates).


It’s about time.

“Students pass up school food for a lot of reasons. At L.A. Unified, some complain that entrees lose flavor because they’re cooked in a central kitchen and then reheated on campuses. Then, too, federal law makes students take food they might not want because the food trays have to meet nutritional guidelines. If the guidelines aren’t met, school districts don’t get reimbursed for free meals provided to students from low-income families.” 1

In California, about 2.3 million children face food insecurity and L.A. County’s homeless population, one of the largest in the nation, is often reliant on donated food, as well. Hopefully, this will help.


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