Some of you may remember me doing a video a month or so ago, where I unboxed my “Belly Armor” and I realized that some of you didn’t know about the technology so I thought I’d share some additional info with you.

Now, you can certainly go to the above website and buy yourself a blanket but I know some of you prefer to have as much info as you can- so please let me introduce Memon.

What is Memon Technology?

In 1982, researcher Winfried M. Dochow was comprehensively studying the interplay between man and nature. Initially focusing on natural and man-made electromagnetic fields and exploring their effect on people, he tailored his experiments to eliminate those harmful environmental influences. In doing so, Dochow developed an entirely new technology which neutralizes harmful substances on the basis of counter-vibration. After many thousands of experiments, the first “memonizer” was created.

From their website:

“As a competent partner for quality of life and prevention of illness, memon offers protective solutions for all areas of life. Many thousands of satisfied customers report better tap water, pleasant indoor air, and that they feel less troubled by electromagnetic fields.

The increase in vitality creates more well-being and harmony.
Live like before, only better.”

Check out this video which explains a bit more…

Whether environmental factors negatively affect our quality of life is a debate all over the world but those at memon believe they DO in fact negatively impact us; it is their experience and the opinion of renowned experts, that electromagnetic waves carry information that can change organisms. And THAT makes it all the more important to be fully protected.

Perhaps one of the most well-known issues they deal with is that of cell phone radiation. Mobile phones, wireless DECT telephones, and WiFi signals are sent and received using so-called pulsed microwave radiation. “The fact is that high-frequency electromagnetic fields are emitted by mobile phones, i.e. the phones work in a frequency range between 900 and 1,800 megahertz (MHz = 1 million vibrations per second). The insidious thing about this is that you do not see, smell or notice the radiation. This microwave radiation transports huge amounts of data such as images and films from one mobile device to another and shoots the microwave radiation through our brain and bodies in milliseconds. Neither walls nor windows stop mobile phone radiation, which makes it even more unpredictable and harder to protect yourself from the negative effects of mobile phone radiation. One of the greatest dangers within your own four walls, in addition to classic mobile phones, are DECT standard cordless phones. DECT means “Digital European Cordless Telecommunication” and signifies a special type of data transmission. All modern cordless phones use this technology. The DECT technology transmits using a pulsing high-frequency radiation and sends this radiation out 24 hours a day from a switched-on telephone. The persistent radiation is exclusively exuded from the base station, while the handset only gives out radiation when in use.”
The video below is in German but you’ll get the gist of how easy it is to use the technology. And just below that is a video from happy customers.

We have to start taking all these environmental influences seriously and deal with them, not just bury our heads in the sand. While this technology might be cost prohibitive for some, there are simple things we can do to protect ourselves: keep cell phones away from us while we sleep, use corded head phones to talk on the phone, get rid of our microwave, turn off our wifi whenever possible and ground ourselves often.

Hope this bit of information was helpful and informative.

XO- Erin

Source: Memon