Editor’s note: video above says it all, but the article too is worth a read, with some great quotes from an actual chiropractor.

Playboy Model, Katie May’s Death

On Feb. 4, Playboy model Katie  May, 34, died at Cedars Sinai Hospital after her parents decided to withdraw life support after she was declared brain dead following a stroke that occurred three days earlier.

More than a week prior to her death she had been at photo shoot where initial reports in mainstream talk about a “nasty horrible fall” that she had.

Yet now, in later reports, all traces of her horrific fall have conveniently vanished (except one  on Fox News that I have clearly  put in my video above) Initial reports also stated that she had sought medical help prior to going to the chiropractor where she had a few adjustments.

This from Katie May’s twitter account:

“Pinched a nerve in my neck on a photoshoot and got adjusted this morning. It really hurts! Any home remedy suggestions loves? XOXO,” she posted on her Instagram account that day.

But by later that night she had begun feeling numbness in a hand and dizzy and called her parents to tell them she thought she was going to pass out.

Her family persuaded her to Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, and a few hours later she seemed to be doing fine. A couple of hours after that, though, a friend called her parents and told them they’d better fly out to Los Angeles because their daughter was not doing well.

“She was not conscious when we got to finally see her the next day,” Mr. May said. “We never got to talk to her again.”

For those interested in the truth, this should make a lot of sense. Chiropractors are human beings and enter the profession to help people. They are truth seekers and for the most part, deeply invested in their patient’s outcomes. So, those who are quick to judge on the subject of Katie May should consider this: chiropractors have malpractice insurance just like medical doctors- insurance companies use math to assess risk on all (issues- not sure if this word is necessary) policies. But, Chiropractor’s pay 1/10th the fees that medical doctors pay for their malpractice policies which unequivocally demonstrates the safety of chiropractic care when compared to medical intervention.

This fact and many others related to the discrimination of chiropractors are well documented in the filmed “Doctored” by Jeff Hays.

As a side note, with regard to the LA coroner report on the matter of Katie May, the LA county corner- for many years- has been under deep scrutiny by countless sources. Issues have ranged from being understaffed and underfunded to having severe backlogs (as the “bodies pile up”) and in all cases, dominating the news regarding their practices. These facts just scratch the surface of a very long history of poor conditions and poor work performance at this public institution.

The County corner of LA is an appointed position that some state requires little to no training as reported in a documentary by National Public Radio (NPR- see below) In fact, at times the county corner exercises the power to overrule the forensic pathologist’s scientific findings. This ridiculous policy can lead to bias and nonscientific reporting to the public.

So sad for this woman, model and mother, Katie May. She sought help form someone she trusted and the media sensationalized her death for their own agenda (see video for proof)  This piece will end up being a story about bias and the state of LA coroners office in the end. The chief, who recently resigned in disgust, said that the LA county coroner’s office was “nuts” and talked about the never ending stories of corruption, and malfeasance.