Update: show already happened but you can still listen for FREE on the Soundcloud APP!

No matter what your politics, most of you agree we must get the truth out there! I’ll be on any network or affiliate to get the message out about the holistic doctor death series I’ve written.

So, as some of you know I was going on last month on the Kate Dalley show on Fox News Radio. The day before I was to be on – Kate’s show was suddenly canceled. She was as shocked as anyone!

I did a story on it (as did others) and the great news is she JUST got her show back!

People are asking what happened and basically – the  station responded to the demand of the audience in bring back the show and the show will soon be syndicated!

Health nuts, remember, these shows are so important to the truth being told. That the station bringing back the show and working with Kate to do so – is on everyone’s interest. The station recognized the importance of the show and the outcry was incredible. People are waking up. What a great thing!

I’m honored to be the guest today Friday, at 4pm EST and you can listen live here!

See you there!