It is with heavy hearts that we announce the death of the beloved Jay Kordich, aka the Juiceman. Less than an hour ago his Facebook page (listed below) posted about his death at the age of 93. I bought my first Juiceman Jr at age 21 and was so inspired by him. He was truly a big part of my road to natural health.

The following is from his Facebook page (please note the end of the post with a link to a memorial fund if you are so inclined):

JAY KORDICH, DEAD AT 93 – Please share!

Our Beloved Juiceman….Jay Kordich has died.

I am drowning in tears. I have been highly reluctant to share this news with you, hoping that this was just a nightmare …but he is gone. I know this sounds crazy, but I never ever thought he would leave this world…his love for life and passion for life and teaching juicing was bigger than LIFE itself!

Here’s how it Happened:

Saturday night at 8:30pm he awoke to some breathing problems and then he just laid his head down and died….

He was not suffering. The day he died, he was in such a state of bliss, smiling so beautifully as he hugged our son, Jayson who came for a week to visit us.

I remember saying to him earlier that day, “Hello my darling, how are you? He said to me….”Still Loving You.”

This is the kind of man he was! Passionate about teaching as well as being powerfully effective as a teacher and leader, yet at home he was incredibly tender, soft, gentle, kind, spiritual and ever so loving.

How will I ever recover from losing him? He has been my ‘everything’ for 36 years. He lived an incredibly ‘juicy’ life…full of joy and passion for what he felt he came to Earth to do. He squeezed every drop of life out of life…..Now my world is void of this magical, beautiful man.

I have decided to publicly create a beautiful Celebration of Life/Memorial for Jay in Los Angeles on his (would be) 94th birthday: August 26th, 2017. EVERYONE welcome to come.

If you can’t come, or can’t contribute to his memorial, please know that Jay and I would like to give away our most valuable book, “Jay Kordich’s A/Z Remedy Book.” It contains the most important juice therapy recipes he garnered over the 65 years he taught juicing. These recipes came from the late great Dr. Kirschner, Dr. Walker and Dr. Gerson. Just write to me and I’ll make sure to send you our digital version.

In lieu of flowers, please consider contributing to this:

You will be missed by millions. See you on the other side Juiceman- you were one of a kind.