The Italian Health Minister, Giulia Grillo recently fired the country’s top panel of health advisors in a bid to give “space to the new.” Apparently, Minister Grillo is looking for fresh, new ideas in a segment of government that’s long been dominated by the same people. This mass firing sees 30 members of the Higher Health Council (the government’s main body of medical advisers who shape the country’s health policies) gone.

“Grillo said on Facebook: ‘We are the #governmentofchange and, as I have already done with the appointments of the various organs and committees of the ministry, I have chosen to open the door to other deserving personalities.”1

However, while her foes think this “controversial move” is driven by political motivation, we couldn’t be happier. You see, from every bit of research we’ve done, Grillo plans to vaccinate her child (she is pregnant). Apparently, she understands that everyone should have the right to make that personal choice. It’s high time that the people who are elected, on the platforms they run on, be celebrated for what they do; she promised to deal with the idea of required vaccinations in her country and she is. And she’s purposely opening a dialog about health. We salute her.


Former HHC president, Roberta Siliquini, isn’t thrilled about the removals because she’s concerned whoever is put in those thirty positions might not have the right experience and competencies…something she feels the others had. Siliquini believes there was no “legitimate or scientific reason to have removed these members from their seats.”2


But the heart of this matter is really vaccine laws and Italy’s health establishment “despises the Five Star Movement’s scrapping of the mandatory vaccine laws.”3 In fact, it’s accused the Five Star Movement of leaving “the health of the weakest and most defenseless children at risk.”4


Or, as we see it, allowing parents to make the best choice for their children and giving them a chance to live happy healthy lives.


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