When school started two weeks ago in Italy, children went to school vaccinated or unvaccinated without fear. Thanks to the Five Star Movement and its coalition partner, the League, a measure was passed allowing children to stay in school as long as their parents affirmed that they had been vaccinated (or will be by March), with no doctor’s note required. (Critics aren’t happy about the measure citing rising cases of measles. Which is nothing more than fear mongering.)


The prior Italian government required children to have 10 vaccinations before enrolling in school, something parents were furious about ( and rightly so given that vaccines come with serious risks, including death). And so, because of Italy’s vaccine policies, the choice movement has risen.


Mattia Marchi, a spokesman for the Veneto chapter of Corveleva, a freedom of choice umbrella group, said parents skeptical of vaccines still had little choice but to vaccinate, “No one ever said that a vaccine causes autism. But if a thousand people see a U.F.O., do we want to tell these people that they are crazy or do we want to find a solution?” 1

We couldn’t agree more.

Five Star senators plan to undo the vaccine law altogether. We wish them luck.

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