WAY TO GO Italy!

As studies have continued to show that Roundup is MORE toxic than previously assumed, Italy just put massive restrictions on its use.

From the article:

“Italy’s Ministry of Health has banned the spraying of the main ingredient in RoundUp — glyphosate — in many public places that affect ‘vulnerable groups,’ including courtyards, gardens, roadways, sports fields, recreational areas, playgrounds, green areas outside of school buildings, and additional green spaces.

Additionally, pre-harvest desiccation, the process of spraying crops with glyphosate before harvesting, has also been banned, as has the non-agricultural use of glyphosate on soils composed of 80 percent or more of sand — a measure designed to protect groundwater from further agrichemical contamination.”

This is SUCH good new.

With this announcement, Italy has effectually just adopted one of the largest bans on glyphosate in the country’s history.

Monsanto relies on the sale of RoundUp to prop up their seed monopoly so this decision should be a warning sign to them about the rest of Europe (at least we hope). In fact, the Dutch have already banned glyphosate, and France and Brazil followed in their footsteps.

A recent and study, published in the journal Toxicology, by Professor Gilles-Eric Séralini, (which also proved to be controversial) found that RoundUp is more toxic than was previously suggested.

More from the article:

“… all the glyphosate-based herbicides tested are more toxic than glyphosate alone, and [this study] explains why. Thus their regulatory assessments and the maximum residue levels authorized in the environment, food, and feed, are erroneous. A drink (such as tap water contaminated by Roundup residues) or a food made with a Roundup tolerant GMO (like a transgenic soya or corn) were already demonstrated as toxic in the recent rat feeding study (2) from Prof. Séralini team. … These assessments are therefore neither neutral nor independent. They should as a first step make public on the Internet all the data that underpin the commercial release and positive opinions on the use of Roundup and similar products. The industry toxicological data must be legally made public.”

We will continue to follow this story and hope that the rest of Europe comes to the same conclusion that Italy and France have come to.


Source: The Mind Unleashed