While most plastic surgeons would dispute “breast implant illness,” there are just as many women who have had them removed because they were making them ill.

From the article:

“Former Playboy playmate Karen McDougal from Phoenix recently got her implants removed, because she thought they caused her to have blackouts and dizzy spells, severe allergies, and vision problems.

She says she noticed an immediate improvement and is sharing her story to help educate other women.”

Dr Prichard is one of those unbelieving doctors. “Studies have shown… there has been no causal effect of these type of illnesses,” he said. “I’m not saying that they are lying about symptoms. It’s important to know what’s the cause of these symptoms. Sometimes we don’t know.”

Because there are a number of things that can cause symptoms (like leaking and the reaction/infections that accompany it), he’s unwilling to look at the implants themselves. Although he is comfortable pointing the finger at women themselves; because perhaps they are just suffering from psychosomatic disorder. “You can actually think of symptoms and they start to occur in your own body,” he said.

Though Prichard says the likelihood of allergic reaction is low and that it is unlikely the implant that is causing the symptoms, listen to your body. You alone can do that.

I took my implants out and feel better than ever. Check out my video here.


Source: NBC 12 News