Tune in and listen to Jenny McCarthy and me on her show just after 11 am EST today, Wednesday, Dec 4th!

I was invited to fly cross-country to be in the studio with her in LA, but I have another speaking engagement on the east coast. The good news is, this is radio so I was able to do the interview from home and you can in listen with us, on SIRIUS XM, Channel 109. Hope you can tune in! You can also try and click here (it worked for my editor) to listen for a free (it’s a trial).

I believe you can also sign up for a free account. I’ll try to get a replay link if that’s allowed (not sure yet)!

I’m so looking forward to this time; we even have some coincidental stories she doesn’t know yet… we were both born and grew up in Illinois at the same time and lived in Los Angeles for years, at the same time.

See you there!