Victory! M44 Cyanide Bombs Banned in Idaho Thanks in Part To You! (and RIP Little Casey)

This is Canyon with his Dog Casey (Rest in Peace) and because of his death from a cyanide bomb now they are banned in their state of Idaho

UPDATE: GREAT NEWS! The state of Idaho has banned these bombs from the entire state, BUT it’s not a permanent ban. They’ve halted the use and a temporary ban is great but we need this put into law forever.

I’m not into banning things, but bombs put on peoples’ properties (yes it was on their property) blowing up their dog and almost their son? This needs to stop now. The government needs to stop killing things.

(Editor’s Note: PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO AND SHARE. Keep in mind YOUR GOVERNMENT has been planting M44 devices, which spray CYANIDE when touched, to control animal populations but they HAVE NOT TOLD US ABOUT IT. This poor family learned the hard way- with the death of their beloved family pet. And, the device was on their property line.) This just killed two dogs this week in Wyoming too (news article below on that and we have emails coming in it’s happening all over!) Oh and cyanide ‘traps’ (um, no bombs!) were removed after a sweet gray wolf was accidentally killed in Oregon a few days ago. We’ve now read of people losing eyes, one killed and countless pets lose their lives like Casey below.

Just last week, 14-year-old Canyon Mansfield went for a walk with his family’s 3-year-old yellow Labrador, Casey, on a hill behind their home. It would be the last walk Canyon took with his dog.

Upon noticing a small pipe sticking out of the ground, 300 yards from the family swing set and on the property where the family had lived for 10 years, was an M44 device that had been planted by the USDA without their knowledge. When the orange gas, which was cyanide, blew into the wind it sprayed into Canyon’s left eye and on his clothing. It also sprayed on Casey.

Canyon said, “I look over and see him having a seizure. I ran over and he had these glassy eyes. He couldn’t see me, and he had this red stuff coming out of his mouth.”

By the time Mark Mansfield, a doctor, started trying to resuscitate Casey, he was gone.

On Friday, the US Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services said this was the first unintentional discharge of an M-44 in Idaho. Since 2014. That’s right, this has happened before. Perhaps because they hadn’t warned the public then either.

A spokesman for the USDA said,

“Wildlife Services understands the close bonds between people and their pets and sincerely regrets such losses. Wildlife Services has removed M-44s in that immediate area … and is completing a thorough review of the circumstances of this incident … to determine whether improvements can be made to reduce the likelihood of similar occurrences happening in the future.”

Too little, too late.

Here is another case just last week!!!!

Source: Fox 59 AND Wolfe accidentally killed this week, bombs now being removed.

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  • Maggy B

    USDA is out of control! Why are they using this in the first place? What are they targeting??

  • Ellen Gagliano

    Improvements? STOP KILLING WILDLIFE!!! How barbaric you bunch of morons.

  • Diane

    The governments answer to everything is to KILL it!

  • Jackie Clinansmith

    They are using this all over. With bait to kill predators.

  • Michael Roxbury

    Shit makes me sick.Poor kids and dogs.WTF was our fucked up goverment thinking ??

  • bkungl

    Why is this allowed in the first place? Absolutely disgusting. The USDA should be charged!

  • Jordan Zolor

    WTF Imbecile Government “servants” without a brain! Go out DEEP IN THE WILD if they really want to control wild creatures, AND put a sign next to the trap announcing it, wild animals can’t read, and domesticated dogs would not venture there, we need thinking people not idiots!!!!!

  • Mike Smith

    How in the heck is the FDA allowed to put this on any surface of the planet, every living creature is in jeopardy of death. Defund the FDA and all of Obama’s insider hacks!!

  • John Newbury


  • Jack Green

    Hey moron…do you even know the difference between FDA and USDA?…FDA has nothing to do with this.

  • Suzanne Davis

    Why is this allowed? They are killing unintended animals, putting people at risk, and poisoning the environment. Whoever came up with this plan must have accidentally ingested a bit too much cyanide for his/her brain to function appropriately.

  • Aaron-Kelly Catt

    Wow…angry much…dude made a mistake.

  • Ronnie Wrenchbiscuit

    The people at the USDA who have approved this evil are the lowest form of animal.

  • Dee

    So true. Besides, the FDA is not much better.

  • Mike Clark

    Totally illegal!!! What’s really goin on here Uncle Scam?

  • John Lee

    The FDA is one of 80 Federal Departments NOT authorized by the Constitution.

  • Mary

    “…..close bonds between people and their pets and sincerely regrets such losses….. ”
    Only regrets such losses…. and what about the people being injured and killed in their own property or community??

    “….determine whether improvements can be made to reduce the likelihood of similar occurrences happening in the future….”

    ONLY to REDUCE??? the likelihood??……….LIKELIHOOD!!!?????? …REDUCE!!?????

    They plant them where pets and people have common everyday access!!!
    WHAT intelligence or logic is necessary to understand that you do not plant such known killers where people or pets and animals would have access – PARTICULARLY someone’s BACKYARD and PLAYGROUND no less!!!????

    THAT is an example of the stupidity that goes on with our trusted official regulators…

    Now what more shit is going on in their laboratories – unleashed or to be unleashed upon us??????

  • Mary

    The USDA, the FDA, and the EPA work in partnership.

    But what difference the WHO??

    what matters is WHAT …WHY…HOW …WHEN and ..WHERE!!

    And the FDA has everything to do with it – they APPROVE it first.

  • Darcy Sarafian

    If you are blaming this on Obama, then you need to read further. This has been going on for YEARS. It is inhumane and a horrid thing to happen but STOP blaming it on Obama. The gas is supposed to target overpopulation, however, it is too close to actual humans who like walking with their dogs in remote areas. I believe it is akin to land mines. This practice needs to stop.

  • dot

    Bring whoever is behind this outrageous crime into daylight to face the people of this country. Enough of shadow, secret government filled with evil psychos. Somebody is behind this. Some person is behind this. Who? Force them into the light of day and make them pay for their crimes.

  • Deplorably Optimistic.

    And Sid Miller (texas ag commissioner) trier to allow more poison into the environment. So tired of these know it all political appointees/experts.

  • Deplorably Optimistic.

    The government is out of control.

  • Deplorably Optimistic.

    Why? Who said it was the governments role to kill predators for Farmers and Ranchers? Whether its wolves or wild horses the government needs to stay out of it. The FDA and USDA need to ban the use of such products period — not just make some yahoo take a class before they can put it out.

  • Luhgnut

    Okay why was this planted in that spot? What does the EPA have anything to do with proximity, cyanide mines?

  • Butch Schexnayder

    Put them on the Border keep them animals out!!

  • David Marinsik

    Monsanto moron murderers found another way to murder Americans.

  • Kevin Wirth

    Yeah I’ll tell you how to prevent it from happening again you stupid USDA. Stop planting any more of these cyanide bombs! You should not be planting them ANYWHERE!

  • Justice4AllNow

    You are a total MORON for saying this. FOOL. ANY alphabet agency of the despicable ZOG is corrupt as hell.

  • StevenRobert

    Cyanide guns or traps are just about the same thing as planting land mines. They need to have highly visible warning signs posted prominantly around the area where they are utilized.
    There may be some limited, legitimate use of cyanide guns, however, probably they shouldn’t be used at all, and I think the public would agree there should be some other method of wildlife control.
    I lived on a farm in a rural area as a boy in Kansas, and my father told me never to go near our neighbors land since he had cyanide guns. I would much prefer they be outlawed, and only be allowed with a judges permission, similarly to a search warrant, since there probably is some legitimate use, but their use needs to be highly controlled, and if any cyanide guns are used for any reason, by anyone, there needs to be adequate warning of any such use, including signs and public notice, such as newspaper announcements prior to their use so the public can be warned.

  • DLHay

    This beyond careless and inhumane!! This must be banned now!! This is why Trump is downsizing these agencies!! They are out of control and answer to no one!!

  • Justice4AllNow

    The coming revolution will FIX this and a few other things the ZOG has done for around 150 years.

  • Dez Williams

    I can’t believe this is happening! Why? What’s wrong with wildlife? They are necessary for maintaining an ecological balance in the environment. Are our governments totally moronic and brain dead? Here in Australia they shoot the wild horse and camel population from a helicopter and call it culling!! Morons!

  • Laurie Matson

    They are targeting Coyotees and Wolves, which is terrible to begin with. They die a horrible painful death. The reason they are killing these wolves and Coyotees I believe is to keep The Cattle Ranchers appeased. But seems to me the cattle would also be killed by the Cyanide.

  • cratewasher

    Force feed Dick and Liz Cheney some….

  • Tesh

    America is batshit crazy

  • Tesh

    Can I state the obvious “this” is far from being normal.. Or OK .. God help the people of the USA

  • Tony Barone

    Should be abolished.

  • Tony Barone

    Cattle ranchers don’t need or want help from the USDA. They are fully capable of defending they’re own herds as they have for hundreds of years.

  • Tony Barone

    They’re not doing ranchers any favors. Ranchers would never approve of these methods and are fully capable of protecting they’re own herds. Abolish these alphabet soup agencies and let congress do they’re jobs.

  • Puller9

    Welcome to public lands and programs paid for by YOUR tax dollars. Check out the USDA’s Predator Program. An insidious program that was started ages ago and keeps on running despite – DESPITE – all gov’t cutbacks. Why? These devices have killed several humans hiking on public lands and far more pets hiking with owners on public lands. I truly wouldn’t mind seeing this program cut. There are many groups dedicated to eliminating these devices and this program…but miraculously, the program is always funded.

  • Deb Wach

    Wow, you mean spirited person. No need for name calling.

  • HypocrisyEndofWorld

    Its murder if you kill them, but citizens oops its an accident

  • Chester Mersman


  • Pamela

    that family appear to be acting. Who was that “news” reporter? What “news” station? I believe the government is trying to limit the population but I’m not convinced about this story

  • Christine Spinola

    My dog was killed in a neck snare set by US Wildlife Services, on my property, in my fence line. The aim was to kill coyotes for the benefit of my neighbor, a sheep farmer. I have to jump thru hoops and spend alot of time getting together my claim for damages.

  • ITSa341

    If I see them planting those on my property I will consider it a direct attack on myself and my family and will respond with force.

  • Ryan

    Insanity has no boundaries. Who came up with this brilliant idea? Why are they worried about animal wildlife populations in the first place? Nature can take care of itself one way or another. So poisoning harmless creatures benefits you somehow? Wtf! Wtf did they ever do to you? If there is a God; I can’t understand why it would allow crazy shit to continue on and on and on like this.

  • Ryan

    It’s ruthless. It’s not even imaginable how ruthless this is. I wouldn’t wish this on my worse enemy as a way to die. Fuck them. But I do wish a worse way for those who were involved in this to die.

  • Sue Lester

    You are right they ban drugs that heal and approve the shot that will kill you

  • Sue Lester

    It. Is time for the people to be clean house if Trump doesnt

  • Ruby

    Yep including people.

  • Dontbea Hypocrite

    “No need for name calling”… while you name-call someone a mean spirited person?

    I name you a hypocrite!

    Oh wait, it’s okay cuz he dun it furst

  • Notmy Realname

    “we need thinking people not idiots”

    That’s where you’re wrong, citizen.

  • Aaron

    Leave it to the inbred jerk to insult someone for a less-than critical acronym mistake. How else would we know when someone is making such a fatal error in their ways? Thank God for you, sir. Thank God.

  • Orphan

    The government has a vested interest in protecting cattle. There is no benefit in preserving wildlife. The death of animals or people is collateral damage. This is YOUR government. How long are you prepared to allow this to continue?

  • Deplorably Optimistic.

    at all levels

  • Johnathan Brugges

    If this device was placed on “BLM” land, the family and or community has a right to sue the USDA.

    This is OUTRAGEOUS!

  • Ed Wade

    Hey dickhead, ever made an error in your miserable life?

  • tim_klinz

    population control of animal and humans that is what is going on, they say its for predators but if they take out some civilians the just collateral damage hence population control

  • tim_klinz

    here is a thought if USDA wants predator control put a bounty on the predators and let the citizens make a difference and the USDA are the ones that introduced the coyotes into most areas to cut down one deer/car collisions but they really don’t have an effect on the deer population

  • It’s on the front of Washington Post FOX, MSNBC. just do a search. they are not acting and their dog is dead as the son almost was too and dad is an MD. not everything is a conspiracy : ) ,

  • Deplorable CNJG American

    Un-freaking-believable! I had no idea! I have a coyote pair that dens on my property every Spring. No one better mess with my property! This is not just sad; it is tragic! AND, it must be a program that is eliminated ASAP! Why in the world with a protection agency kill animals with Cyanide? This is insane!

  • Lisa Murr

    Seriously?! I’m just shocked anyone believe this bs.