In case you missed this story, it’s a must read. For many of us, we must continue to count on ourselves and our community of doctors, health care givers, and scientists to protect our children. Big Pharma’s poison has spread far and wide. 1

Not so long ago, a pediatrician called Dr. Mike Ginsberg posted a needlessly rude and harsh message onto his Facebook page saying:

“In my practice you will vaccinate and you will vaccinate on time. You will not get your own ‘spaced-out’ schedule that increases your child’s risk of illness or adverse event. I will not have measles-shedding children sitting in my waiting room. I will answer all your questions about vaccine and present you with facts, but if you will not vaccinate then you will leave my practice. I will file a CPS report (not that they will do anything) for medical neglect, too.

I have patients who are premature infants with weak lungs and hearts. I have kids with complex congenital heart disease. I have kids who are on chemotherapy for acute lymphoblastic leukemia who cannot get all of their vaccines. In short, I have patients who have true special needs and true health issues who could suffer severe injury or death because of your magical belief that your kid is somehow more special than other children and that what’s good for other children is not good for yours. This pediatrician is not putting up with it.

Never have, never will.” 2


Those of us who are pro-science and don’t vaccinate appreciate his honesty and transparency- too bad all doctors don’t let you know up front that you probably don’t want to work with them (or that you aren’t safe from CPS if you don’t do what they want)!

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